Spring Supercouple Showdown Results: Round 4

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The results from round 4 of TVSource Magazine’s Spring Supercouple Showdown are in! Which 8 couples are one step closer to being named the winner of TVSource’s inaugural Spring Supercouple Showdown? Find out inside!

Our staff compiled a list of every couple that was available for voting in our weekly Pulse Poll from January 1 to May 1 from The Bold and the BeautifulDays of our LivesGeneral Hospital and The Young and the Restless. Your round 1 votes determined the 32 couples that would make up the participants for the Spring Supercouple Showdown. Your round 2 votes determined the 16 couples that would advance on. Your round 3 votes determined the 8 couples that would advance to round 4. After three days of round 4 voting and over 250,000 votes cast, your votes have determined the four couples that will advance to the final round.

Starting tomorrow morning, round 5 will begin and your votes will crown the winner of TVSource Magazine’s first annual Spring Supercouple Showdown!

Total Round Four Votes: 273,982 | Round One Results | Round Two Results | Round Three Results

[textblock style=”9″]UPCOMING SCHEDULE:

  • Round 5 (Determines Winner): Thursday, June 6 at 8:00AM to Sunday, June 9 at 5:00PM
    • Round 5 Results: Sunday, June 9 at 9:00PM[/textblock]

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Editor’s Note: We want to thank everyone who’s shown such great support for their favorite couples over the course of this feature. The purpose of this is to have fun. The fighting among some of you that went down in the comment section was unacceptable. Don’t cheapen the fun simply because you think the person you want to win isn’t going to. Don’t be a poor sport. 

Liam Spencer & Hope Logan
Liam Spencer & Steffy Forrester Spencer

EJ DiMera & Sami Brady
Will Horton & Sonny Kiriakis

Nikolas Cassadine & Elizabeth Webber
AJ Quartermaine & Elizabeth Webber

Billy Abbott & Victoria Newman Abbott
Adam Newman & Chelsea Newman
TV Source Magazine Staff
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  1. Give Elizabeth story for 2014 fan&viewer been wait see her in major storyline.

  2. And don’t be a sore winner!

  3. ummm…likes on a fan page do not equate to followers..some people join a page just to hate on a character.Hope has a large base as proven by the numbers here.Steam is dead as no one likes Liam .Steam was cheated…hahahaha…dont be a sore loser!

  4. HOpe has a big following, but STEAMERS have 2x the fan base. Check out the #teamsteffy facebook page, 11,500 likers and counting. Another STEAM page. 5,500 likers and counting. ANOTHER STEAM page. 1,200 likes and counting …. sorry but I haven’t seen HOpe fan facebook page get that much yet!

  5. Thank you for this fun and to the writers of Days for such awesome super couples! We love Ejami and Wilson!

  6. Obviously not true. Hope has a huge following whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

  7. I actually am super happy at Days results. I am a Ejami fan and Wilson is my second favorite couple. It was great seeing they were so close. I love the respect from both sides From Ejami fans and Wilson fans. I also love that many Ejamis are Wilson fans and vice versa. Good choices on some of the other soaps as well.

  8. Steam fans were cheated! If you follow 99.99999% of the B&
    B bolgs and message boards NO ONE likes HOEpe!!!

  9. Steamers let’s vote for my other fave couple Ejami now! #DOOL We have stopped watching B&B anyways!!

  10. There is no show without HOPE! Liam and Hope do belong together, but Liam needs a whole new adjustment. He should make Hope feel she is the ONLY one…..not this torn between two lovers storyline. Still believeing.

  11. Thanks for giving your readers something fun for the Spring/Summer! This is great!

  12. Just wanted to say thanks to TVSource for holding this. It’s a fun idea! :)

  13. Yay EJami! And wow, that was a close race with Wilson. Give them a few years and they will reach Supercouple status too! Love EJami!! And Wilson. ;)

  14. Wow, all the other results were so close except for Y &R!!! With over 20,000 votes ahead, Villy is the clear favourite among viewers. Since falling in love 3 yrs ago, after 3 weddings, miscarriage, and other tremendous losses, Billy & Victoria are still each’s one true love. Villy FTW!

  15. I agree. They are definitely the best couples on DOOL as far as I am concerned.

  16. I love Hope, but sadly I am no longer Team Lope!

  17. So close Wilson fans. :(

  18. WilSon Fans can you please help make Sonny Kiriakis wiki page and make a Will and Sonny wiki page this proves that these characters deserve a page and that they are a supercouple and other sites have said it too. With sonny page we need to make it better cause nobody know these characters and this couple like Wilson Fans.

  19. WOO HOO, EJami. So happy.

    Great job, WilSon fans. I would rather have lost to Will and Sonny than some of the other couples on that list! They are my 2nd fave couple on the show after E.J. and Sami. I am hoping for more scenes with E.J., Sami, Sonny and Will on the show. I just love those 4 together. Justin and Adrienne can join the party too.

  20. Way to go LOPE fans!!

  21. Well atleast they cant argue WilSon fans were cheating. I love WilSon but Great job for Ejami.

  22. 49% to 50% wow Wilson fans nice job!
    I’ll always love my Wilson but congrats Ejami fans.
    But can they beat out Billy and Victoria in the next?

  23. how are these results correct when people were bragging about voting 95 times before being stopped?

  24. Yay go EJami! Have to say the Wilson FANBASE gave us a ran for our money! Wilson fans are so of the nicest shippers out there unlike some who hate on EJami.

  25. Congrats to all participants and favorite couples! all of the couples are great we all one because each and every couple bring us laughter, sorrow, passion, and most importantly LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON! WHO SAID SOAP OPERA DAYS ARE NUMBERED?!

  26. Thanks it nice to know that their are some people arent mad that WilSon is a power couple. I hope Ejami wins cause they are a power couple too. Ejami is a great couple, but WilSon has just grab my heart. Now lets go #TeamDays

  27. So Proud of my WILSON to be honest i didnt think we had a chance to beat a couple like Ejami until last round im just happy we have got this far at least some people dont have anything to argue about now. WilSon you better shape up for the summer showdown cause we are going to comeback with new WilSon Momemts that are going to give this supercouple even more depth and show their love like no other. So proud of Ejami too i will be rooting for you. Ejami may be a great couple but WilSon has grab my heart from the moment they were together. #TeamDays

  28. So proud of us WILSON fans!! They have only been together for nine months and we almost beat a power house like EJami! Think what this fan base will be like in 6months, a year.. lets hope Chandler and Freddie stay on #DOOL so we can continue to LOVE them!!

  29. Very sweet of you to mention us WILSON fans! I love EJami and have loved them since their start but WILSON has taken my heart… But now we need to come together and beat the other soaps!!! :=) #DOOL

  30. We did it TEAM HOPE!!!!!! WE ARE AWESOME!!!!!

    ☆ ·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥♥❤ღ…ℒℴνℯ TEAM HOPE…ℒℴνℯღ❤♥♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠· ☆

  31. I couldn’t agree more! They are the best couples on Days! I love EJami and Wilson.

  32. Thanks Ryan! For me this WAS very fun! :D

  33. GO Niz! we did it. I am so very proud that we came out strong to support our fantastic couples known as Nicholas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber on GH, EJ Dimera and Sami Brady of Days on our lives, Liam Spencer and Hope Logan on Bold and Beautiful, and Billy Abbott &and Victoria Newman Abbott because when they are on screen it is MAGIC.

  34. I’m so GLAD that EJami won, but want to give MAJOR kudos to the WilSon fanbase because your passion for your couple made us EJami fans take notice and embrace the spirit of friendly (for the most part, anyway) competition! Much respect to you all because while EJami is my OTP, I do love WilSon too!

  35. Congratulations to ALL the fanbases. You guys voted your asses off this entire contest. To finish in the top 2 for your show is a big feat. No one should feel disappointed or discouraged. We did this because of YOU. You guys told us you wanted more fun featured and we tried to deliver. Xoxo – Ryan

  36. So happy to see my favorite soap couples, NIZ and EJAMi, ranked as number 1 for their respective shows! Awesome!

  37. WOO HOO, EJami!!!!

  38. Congratulations to all the winners! Good luck in Round 5!

  39. YAY, Villy kicked some butt

  40. Thank you :) And the important thing is that both sides of this stay classy and remember that our common denominator is a good story for Elizabeth :) She deserves it…we deserve it and most importantly Becky deserves it.

  41. Wow! Go Villy!

  42. It was a good fight, Quizzers. Till the very end! Kudos to you, Lacey and your team on organizing a good fight. From what I understand, you made a great Campaign for the duration of the contest for the Quizzers. This isn’t the first battle we’ll have and you guys will win your fair share of polls. Y’all did kick our butts the first two rounds.

  43. Yay ejami won and congrats to hope and Liam

  44. Wow Im not mad about WilSon losing but im in awe that the fanbase of Days was split in two that is an indication that these are the best couples on Days. They were 1 percent away that is amazing these two couples are going to go far. Wilson maybe in the summer I cant wait to see what ahead for Wilson bye next year your going to be even amazing Wilson.

  45. TeamQuiz fan checking in to say that even though my perference lost….Elizabeth has my votes :)

  46. #TEAMNIZ We have some work to do, but the biggest thing is that we advanced!!! So pumped that my favorite couples Niz and Ejami advanced to the FINAL FOUR!!!

  47. Damn, WilSon was so close!! Good job to EJami fans. Glad that Hope/Liam made it through!!

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