CW Superhero Update: Latest on ‘Arrow’s’ Black Canary’s True Identity, The Flash and Wonder Woman

At Tuesday morning’s TCA panel, The CW’s president Mark Pedowitz had a lot to say about the network’s future with superheroes and he surprised reporters by letting out a major Arrow spoiler.

First up was the announcement that the network was potentially developing a new series based on the DC Comics’ character the Flash. Like Arrow and Smallville before it, the new show would be an origin story. While the Flash has many different alter egos in comic lore, The CW will be working with Dr. Barry Allen.

The doctor will be introduced as a recurring character during Arrow’s upcoming second season. Casting is underway, but there are no names being thrown around yet. Pedowitz reminded reporters that he thinks it’s great if they get a name actor and if they don’t, the actor will become a name.

Since this is an origin story, it’s (probably) safe to assume that Arrow viewers will meet Barry Allen before he discovers his powers since the producers have been adamant about keeping the show grounded in reality.

Update: Barry will appear in episodes 8 and 9 and again in episode 20, which will serve as a backdoor pilot for the potential spinoff.

Now for that big SPOILER – turn away if you don’t want to know. After much speculation about the new character being played by Caity Lutz, Pedowitz confirmed that she will be Laurel’s sister – the presumed dead Sara Lance. (In season one flashbacks, Sara was played by The Bold and the Beautiful’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). He would not confirm that she will be Black Canary, but we’ve all seen the Comic Con trailer.

Finally, Pedowitz addressed the network’s other potential superhero origin story, Amazon, which is the Wonder Woman pilot. He told reporters it was still in contention, but it is on pause because the script is not where they want it.

What do you think superhero fans? Are you excited for The Flash to come to Arrow? Who would you cast in the role? What about the Arrow reveal? Do you think we’ll ever get to see Laurel Lance become Black Canary?



  1. I agree with you, aside from the casting. I never cared much for the first version of Sara. But I’m really upset that it seems like they’re just going to tell Oliver’s story all over again with Black Canary and Katie Cassidy will end up being sidelined.

  2. SIgh, I get having to change things because if not we would get bored but I am not thrilled with the casting change of Sara nor that she will be the Black Canary or the impending love triangle. If anything I feel it makes the show jump the shark and makes me significantly less interested in watching.

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