The CW Changes Premiere Dates for ‘The Originals’, ‘TVD’ and More

On Monday, The CW made some changes to the premiere dates that the network originally announced just over a month ago. While fans of vampires and demon hunters can rejoice over getting their shows back earlier than expected, we can’t help shaking our heads at what could be a confusing situation.

The Vampire Diaries” will now premiere its fifth season on Thursday, Oct. 3 at its regularly scheduled time (8/7c). That will be followed at 9/8c by the series premiere of its spinoff, “The Originals.”

Here’s where things start to get tricky. “The Originals” will air its second episode on Tuesday, Oct. 8 at its regularly scheduled time (8/7c). This will be followed by the season nine premiere of “Supernatural” at 9/8c.

Then, on Thursday, Oct. 10 after “TVD” airs its second episode of the new season, The CW will be airing an encore broadcast of “The Originals” second episode (Are you with us so far? There will be two chances to catch episode 1×02 of “The Originals” this particular week).

Reign”, which was previously scheduled to debut on Oct. 10, will now claim its timeslot on Thursday, Oct. 17, following the third episode of “TVD” for season five.

The rest of The CW’s lineup will debut on the dates previously announced, which can be found here.

Our take: It seems a little strange to be shuffling new shows around before they air. We have to assume that the network wants to test which night is better for “The Originals.” The show will face some heavy competition on Tuesday, but two hours of vampires is a lot to process in one night, especially for those of us super fans, who do nothing but talk about “TVD” for hours (days) after it airs. If the network does decide to leave “The Originals” on Thursdays, we can’t help worrying about “Reign.” As the dearly departed “Emily Owens, M.D.” can attest, Tuesday night timeslots can be an instant death sentence to a new show.

Which night would you prefer to watch “The Originals?” And are you planning to give “Reign” a try (You should!)? Hit the comments below and let us know!