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Days of our Lives Preview: September 30 Edition

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) loses her cool with JJ (Casey Moss) and makes a slip of the tongue. Photo Credit: NBC

This week on Days of our Lives, JJ’s world is shattered when he learns the truth about his father. Also: Sami learns the lengths EJ went to secure her freedom, and later has it out with Stefano as a result. Will Nicole tell Eric her true feelings? Get a sneak peek at what happens in Salem our Days of our Lives preview for the week of September 30, 2013!

Days of our Lives Preview: The Sins of the Father (Will Wreck the Son)

An off-hand remark from Kayla about Jack unintentionally JJ on a mission to uncover information about his father, but what he discovers could send him careening down an even darker path. Determined to find out the source of Kayla’s anger, JJ first turns to his sister for answers, but when Abigail is cagey, he knows there’s more to this than anyone is willing to tell him. He later sets his sights on Adrienne, Jack’s sister, for answers, but takes a slightly different approach. Adrienne unwittingly falls for JJ’s ruse and mentions when Jack was on trial. By the time Adrienne realizes she’s been had, JJ takes off in search for more answers. It’s at home that he discovers what he’s been looking for, and what he wishes he could unsee. What will JJ do when the image of his father is shattered with the truth that Jack is a rapist? Find out by watching Days of our Lives — weekdays on NBC, weeknights on SOAPnet and anytime on and Hulu.

Also This Week

Will and Sonny’s fight escalates as the two unleash pent up frustration. Will the lovers say some things that they can’t take back?

Nicole’s decision to focus on herself (for a change) puts her at odds with Eric. Will she reveal her (true) reasons for leaving the church?

Theresa and Anne form and unholy alliance with the sole purpose of destroying Jennifer Horton. Their plan kicks into overdrive when Theresa sets out to convince Jennifer that she’s having an affair with Daniel!

Sami is overwhelmed when she learns just how much EJ sacrificed for her, but she has no plans to follow Stefano’s orders. The lovers end have a huge blowup before making up, and Sami channels directs her anger at the person who really deserves it — Stefano! Don’t miss Sami putting Stefano on notice!

Kristen realizes Marlena poses a greater threat to her happiness than she ever imagined.

Nick continues to plan his future with Gabi, unaware that she’s planning to break things off.

DVR Alerts
Monday—Eric is stunned by Nicole’s unexpected news
Tuesday—Jordan comes to Rafe’s rescue

Source Look Ahead: October 7, 2013 Edition
An emotionally unstable JJ lashes out in a bad way. EJ and Sami stand united as they have an UGLY confrontation with Marge Bernardi.

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  1. Hope need a storyline really.

  2. Go Ejami !!!

  3. Watch out Stefano, Sami is back and out to save the love of her life!

  4. Woo hoo…. go Sami! This Sami vs Stefano, Ejami vs Stefano is going to be good! I reckon we can get years of good drama and story lines out of this trio. Bring it on!

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