‘Under the Dome’ Season 1 Finale Preview: Will it be ‘Curtains’ for Chester’s Mill?

The first season of Under the Dome has been picking up speed the last few episodes as it barrels toward the finale. Will “Curtains” answer all the questions viewers have been asked to ponder? Will Big Jim finally get what’s coming to him?

We certainly hope so because Big Jim has done nothing but terrorize the town since the dome came down and he started murdering people. Now he’s pinned all of his crimes on Barbie and is prepared to hang him in the town square. Of course, we don’t see the dome letting that happen.

In the video preview, one of the townspeople compares what’s happening to the Book of Revelations and it does seem possible that the dome is ready to end things since it’s not getting what it wants. Angie, Norrie and Joe still need to figure out who the monarch is so he or she can be crowned and perhaps stop the end of days.

Check out the video below and hit the comments with your best theories and speculations. Will Big Jim survive the finale? Who is the monarch? Will the dome actually come down and if it does, what is going to happen in season two?

Under the Dome airs its season one finale on Monday, Sept. 16 at 10/9c on CBS.