Supercouple Showdown: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ Edition: Round 1 Results

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The results from Round 1 of TV Source Magazine’s Supercouple Showdown: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals Edition are in! Which 16 couples made it to Round 2 and what does the current Top 5 look like?

On Thursday, Oct. 3, The CW will give viewers a night of vampires (and witches, werewolves, hybrids) starting with the season five premiere of The Vampire Diaries, followed by the series premiere of The Originals. In honor of that (and because we’re unbelievably excited), we decided to a shipper war was in order.

After the first round of voting, the following couples have been eliminated:

Meredith and Alaric

Vicki and Jeremy

Katherine and Mason

Katherine and Elijah

Katherine and Klaus

Bonnie and Luka

Bonnie and Jaime

Caroline and Damon

Were you guys surprised by the results? We thought Katherine and Elijah had more fans…

On Sunday, Sept. 15, we will post the official ballot for Round 2, but we thought we’d give you a little preview of who is in the lead so far. Spoiler alert: There are only 36 votes separating couples 1 and 2.

#1 tvd-originals-couple-showdown-klaroline #2 tvd-originals-couple-showdown-delena #3 tvd-originals-couple-showdown-stelena #4 tvd-originals-couple-showdown-klayley #5 tvd-originals-couple-showdown-maroline


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  1. Geez not Klayley….I don’t want to see more awkward sex.

  2. KLAYLEY FTW! I love this couple! They shall overrun klaroline in a couple of seasons.

  3. Klayley forever and always!!!

  4. Klayley should have won!!!!

  5. Delena!!!

  6. Klayley Fans, i don’t get it, Klamille fans ok, but klayley fans, it’s a joke

  7. Klayley!!!♥

  8. Klayley forever! Now that fandom really has been growing fast and it sure has a dedicated fanbase, especially on TVD wikia page-Klaus and Hayley. Long live the future King and Queen of New Orleans!!!

  9. Klayley FTW<3

  10. Seriously? Klayley in number 4 hahaha anyway Klaroline is the best <3

  11. Klayley<3

  12. WTF Klayley, N° 4, LOL, No Thanks

  13. Klaroline 4Ever

  14. Damon and Elena <333

  15. Klayley should be number1!!!

  16. Klaroline power!!!

  17. Klaroline is the Best ;) <3

  18. Klaroline <3 ;)

  19. Klaus and Caroline <3

  20. #3 stelena

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