‘Suits’ Summer Finale Preview: Ava Hessington makes life difficult for Harvey and Jessica

Photo Credit: Ian Watson/USA Network

Ava Hessington is once again causing upheaval for Harvey, Jessica and everyone else we know and (mostly) love in the summer finale of Suits. Last week, we learned that Ms. Hessington plans to sue the firm for malpractice. Guess who is representing her?

None other than one of our least favorite recurring characters: Travis Tanner. In the video sneak peek below, Harvey accuses him of taking the case purely to try and beat him. Tanner doesn’t deny that’s the reason and he seems as cocky as ever in his determination to one up Harvey.

Good luck with that, Tanner.

Tanner is not the only character returning for the summer finale. Girl Louis (aka Sheila) is back to spend some quality alone time with Louis. She also has a new associate candidate that she’s been saving and shares with him as a token of her admiration. Check out the clip below.

What else can we expect from the finale? Jessica learns the truth about Mike and Rachel just as Mike gives her an ultimatum over Stamford. Donna heads to prison to get answers from Stephen Huntley (worst) and Scottie wants to know who’s idea the deal was: Harvey’s or Jessica’s?

Suits airs its summer finale Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 10/9c on USA Network.