Supercouple Showdown: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ Edition: Round 2

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In less than one month, The CW will kick off a Thursday night filled with vampires, witches, werewolves, hybrids and the occasional human thrown in for good measure.

The Vampire Diaries returns for its fifth season and its spinoff The Originals debuts a brand new premiere episode. To say we’re excited would be a severe understatement.

Here at TVSource Magazine we’ve decided the best way to celebrate the upcoming premieres is with a good, old-fashioned shipper war. Let’s face it; it wouldn’t be TVD universe without people battling to the death on the internet to declare their favorite couple the best.

We’ve compiled a list of 24 pairings based on the following criteria: the two have dated, kissed, had sex, or one/both people involved have expressed romantic interest in the other. We love fangirl/boy pairings as much as the next person, but if it didn’t happen onscreen, it’s not part of the poll. And sure some of these ‘couples’ lasted for an episode or even a scene, but that just means they’re included, not that you have to vote for them.

Voting takes place Sunday-Friday, beginning Sept. 8. Polls will close Fridays at 8 p.m. EST and results will be announced Saturdays with the new poll available on Sunday morning.

Your votes will narrow the pairings to 16 (round one), 8 (round two), 4 (round 3) and then the final 2 (round 4) to declare a winner.

Rules: You are allowed to vote multiple times and comments are encouraged. Tell us why your chosen pairing is the best. But remember: be nice to each other. This is not life and death; these are fictional TV characters. Mean comments and personal attacks on other people or actors will be deleted.

Have fun, vampire fans! And don’t forget to catch new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals beginning Thursday, Oct. 3 on The CW.

Round 2 – Voting closes Friday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. EST.


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  1. I love Caroline more than Hayley too(practically what all Forwood & Klaroline fans have in common),but don’t call her a slut just because you don’t like her.Caroline slept with Damon without knowing anything about him and she’s slept with Matt & Tyler who are best friends.just because you’re a Klaroline fan and Hayley slept with Klaus doesn’t mean she’s a slut.Elena,Rebekah & Katherine might as well be considered sluts too since they’ve slept with both Stefan & Damon….especially Katherine who dated both of them at the same time behind the other one’s back

  2. Delena is the Way, the Key and the Answer.

    We’ll see who’s gonna “suck it” in the end…

  3. KLAROLINE IS THE SEXIEST SHIP EVER! Everyone else can suck it (Except for Kennett, Kalijah, and Stebekah. You guys are awesome. But everyone else can just suck it)

  4. stelena is endgame


  6. always Klaroline!!!

  7. Klaus and Caroline motherfuckaassssss!!!!


  9. Caroline and Klaus have the best chemistry out of all of the pairs listed in my opinion so I vote for them

  10. well…pleasure is all mine..honey….

  11. “You’re all of out your minds if you think Some liquored fueled one night stand (No offense, sweetheart) means a thing to me.” -Klaus…

    lol…it was the most epic line of ”the originals” episode…

    For Klaus….Caroline(MY QUEEN) is ”queen material,beautiful,strong,full of light,so much more than a pretty face and he intend to be her last love”

    For Klaus….Hayley (the wereslut) is ”werewolf,whore and liquor filled one night stand”…..haha….klaus treated hayley like a whore…..so hayley stans …how can you ship such a disgusting ship???

  12. lol thx ;)

  13. hey..huda…i often saw your comments on ”the originals” page….you are freaky awesome girl….;)…..

  14. OMG…i agreee with you sabah ;) <3

  15. Klaroline…always and forever..i watched tvd season 4 only for ”klaroline”….now i m not gonna watch ”tvd 5 ” and ”the originals”…without klaus ”tvd” will be boring and without caroline ”the originals” will be boring…so i m gonna watch ”sleepy hollow” and ”dracula” this fall…..i m really not interested in ”the hayley slut diaries” and ”the elena boring diaries”…sorry not sorry……team klaroline…bitches

  16. Klaroline…always and forever..i watched tvd season 4 only for ”klaroline”….now i m not watch ”tvd 5 ” and ”the originals”…without klaus ”tvd” will be boring and without caroline ”the originals” will be originals…so i m gonna watch ”sleepy hollow” and ”dracula” this fall…..i m really not interested in ”the hayley slut diaries” and ”the elena boring diaries”…sorry not sorry……team klaroline…bitches

  17. Klaroliiiine

  18. so there are itailan shipper’s of klaroline ?? :) well im from jordan and i don’t think they are alot of ppl ship Klaroline mabye just me and my sister :P

  19. Caroline Forbes; As a human, she was an insecure, neurotic, control-freak. Mostly from the lack of attention she received from both her parents and her friends. One day, a vampire named Damon Salvatore arrives. He pretends to be interested in her in order to get to her best friend, Elena Gilbert a.k.a. everyone’s first choice. He compels her, feeds off of her, ultimately sexually assaulting her. She hardly survives. Later, an Elena doppelganger comes and visits her in the hospital, grabbing a pillow and suffocating her to death. Caroline wakes up, thrust into the world of the supernatural. She wakes up to the world alone as a vampire. When everyone finds out, Damon almost kills her, Bonnie can’t look at her, her mother wants to disown her. No one searches frantically for a cure for Caroline Forbes. However, this girl adapts to this new life by herself. She is the most in control baby vampire on the show. But that’s not all; Caroline Forbes is taken and tortured four more times, her boyfriend is run out of town, her own father despised what she was, yet she still continues to fight. Because that is who Caroline Forbes is. She is a beautiful, strong, light-filled girl who is utterly fearless. She tries to find the good in everyone but she’d kill for her friends. The title of Queen pales in comparison to the name Caroline Forbes but for now, that title is the minimum recognition that’s owed to this overlooked baby vampire. Her rightful place is by the side of the man who recognizes these qualities in her when no one else does. Long live Queen Caroline and King Klaus. :)

  20. yes and the trash can would be Hayley

  21. seriously??????????well the reviewers of the episodes think otherwise, and JoMo who said that there was chemistry

    He went on to say that Caroline (Candice Accola) has chemistry with everyone on the show, adding that it’s difficult to satisfy all of the series’ fans.

    Read more: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/ustv/s62/vampire-diaries/news/a364919/vampire-diaries-exec-caroline-has-chemistry-with-everyone.html#ixzz2fKalG1nb

    Candice Accola has chemistry with everyone, so it wasn’t surprising that the scenes she had with Joseph Morgan really worked.


    The writers could put her in a romantic relationship with a piece of furniture, and we’d trust Candice Accola to make it believable.

    Here’s the deal: Caroline on “The Vampire Diaries” has chemistry witheveryone.


    “Caroline having chemistry with everybody has been the best surprise to us as writers. [It] makes it easy to find story.”


    We touched on that in the second season a little bit. We always know it’s there, and if anything, I yearn to see some more moments between them as friends,” says Williamson, who also points out that Caroline has chemistry with practically every guy in Mystic Falls.


    Joseph: I thought Candice and I had real chemistry in our scenes together. But then I read on Twitter, “Candice has chemistry with everyone!” I was like, “Hold on a minute. I thought I was special!”

    “I love working with Candice” — Joseph the fanboy Part 1

    source: tvguide magazine

    Stil saying that Caroline/Candice doesn’t have chemisty with anyone??? LOL

  22. any way she acts disgustingly horrible

  23. Rebekah, yes she deserves to be a queen
    But Hayly thing will be the queen of backstabing, betraying and annoying and the one to receive an orgasm only when touched (Look at the 4×16 scene, Klaus only touched her and she already received the orgasm of her life)

  24. KC!!!

  25. TO… a bad fanfiction by Julie Plec

  26. I was just joking, I was attacking anyone, mate ^-^

  27. To be honest I was more offended than anything but her ‘I’m on the team’ comment. It’s kind of obvious her and Daniel especially think we’re just a bunch of twelve-year-old who liked Klaroline because we think JoMo is hot and they’re making fun of us. It really annoys me. And maybe I’m such assuming and being mean, but to be honest I’m pretty sure they wrote the whole spin-off plot only because they wanted Phoebe in it, which makes very little sense. I’m entitled to have my opinion, and even if in this case you weren’t answering to my post, I just felt like saying this. :)

  28. You can disagree with a pairing without attacking the actress who is only doing her job. Phoebe doesn’t write the scripts or create the storylines. She shows up and does what she’s told, and that includes promoting her character’s plot regardless of how you feel about it. She’s also stated very publicly that she ships Klaroline and has repeatedly said that she feels that there’s no chance of romance in the future for Klaus and Hayley.

  29. Klaroline all the way!!!!!!!!

  30. followed you! I’m lovingaaronramsey :)

  31. You can find me on tumblr as seriouslymilady ;)

  32. Waaaah, high five! I don’t know many Italian Klaroline shippers that are as obsessed as I am ;P

  33. Yes, I’m xD

  34. This might sound weird, but are you Italian? :3 because I am and Giorgia is a very Italian name and I was wondering ahah

  35. as I said earlier, these persons are Plece and Phobe (LoL)

  36. Pretty sure it’s the same person who keeps writing Klayley, because they all just appeared together and started talking. Lol.

  37. Klaus and Caroline!! The most beautiful OTP ever!!

  38. yep i know…i mean if they put hayley and death on the list i swear i think it will beat both Delena and Klaroline :D HAYLEY AND DEATH FOREVER!!

  39. Caroline have chemistry with EVERYONE..klaus , stefan….etc anyone on TVD…..Even Daniel Newman…Team Caroline Forever bitches..not team wereslut.. :P

  40. Yesss, Hayley and Death is the ultimate OTP. THIS SHOULD BE ON THE LIST!!! Lol

  41. Klaus and Caroline are brilliant together! “He’s your first love, I intend to be your last!” Excuse me while I drown in my feels. They are just perfect.

  42. “But I’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music. Genuine beauty. And you could have all of it. You could have a thousand more birthdays, all you have to do is ask.” i just had to wrtie this..i mean i can’t Klaroline is FREAKING EPIC!!

  43. Klaroline always and forever <3

  44. yep Klaus and hayley will marry in TO beating ” EVIL MARVEL..did you see that Evil thing..yeah and klaus is not bad…yeah..)) anyway and Elijah will help them and go be BFF and help hayley bring thing’s for the baby and rebekah will go hitting on the boy’s or somthing and her and hayley will life happliy ever after?? RIGHT?? RIGHT? i swear this is not the originals anymore..juile ruined them..Shame :( they were my fav..but hey i sill have Paul Wesely..!

  45. he was helping her as a friend did you watch epsiode 4×18? even if you don’t ship Klaroline you have to say it’s Epic.. :D sorry but that kayley crap is just ewww..even juile plec said she will never do it…and i can tell you a prat form that stupid baby plot and that moon moon and that Eleijah new power’s (( cough..twilight…cough…)) it’s the best thing she ever said..!

  46. I ship Hayley with Death i mean they are Perfect Together..and they have the best chemistry in TVD… :D Death is hayley Epic love *.*

  47. ‘Klayley endgame’ defines the word ‘impossible’

  48. “Caroline doesn’t have chemistry with anyone.” yep and hayley does…i mean im soo done..juile what the hell you did to us?

  49. Caroline kicked Mason Lockwood and Damon Salvatore’s asses and all those ghost vampires too. She’s also not afraid to call Klaus out when he’s being a fucking asshole, which is the kind of person he needs. She’s the most mentally strong character on the show imo. She can resist the urge of bloodlust better than any of the other vampires and, even though she’s been through loads, she’s still super positive. So you are, in fact, wrong about your statement of her being “weak and pathetic”. She very much fits “Queen” status in my opinion. Hayley is just a backstabbing little bitch who relies on others to keep her alive. She’s an unnecessary character with an annoying accent!

  50. Delena, Delena, Delena, Delena. Did I mention Delena? :D

  51. I agree with Terran. Damon and Elena’s chemistry is one of a kind!

  52. Delana and Klayley, ambition always ambition, huh ?

  53. I ‘m sorry but thinking that Hayley has a queen material it’s a total illusion… ,Hayley has nothing to do with a queen instead of Claroline, who has enough charisma to ptedend to be queen of Nola, just saying… Plus, between Klayley and Klamille , i would rather prefer Klamille, hell yeah!

  54. The Queen of New Orleans has to be brave, strong, confident and beautiful and both Rebekah and Hayley can apply. Caroline cannot even take care of herself much less a city. She got her ass kicked by a newbie vampire. LMAO! She is so weak and pathetic, in my opinion. I will NEVER have her as queen

  55. That is your opinion. I believe Caroline has chemistry maybe only with a trash can. Nothing other than that.

  56. I would rather vomit a week than see Caroline queen.

  57. You obviously haven’t been watching the same show! Caroline has chemistry with EVERYONE, unlike Hayley who makes me cringe everytime she’s on screen.

  58. Hayley? LMAO don’t make me puke. She’s the worst written character I have ever come across. She’s merely an incubator lol

  59. What chemistry? Caroline doesn’t have chemistry with anyone. 0_o

  60. You are welcome, girl! Long Live King Niklaus and Queen Hayley of New Orleans!!!!

  61. I would also like Rebekah with Marcel. Matt is pretty dull, you’re right

  62. KLAYLEY 4EVER! The hottest pairing and with the most chemistry after Delena!
    Ps: Lilly, thanks for telling me about this site.

  63. Queen? Ha! The only queen Caroline will ever be is the Judgmental Queen or the Drama Queen. She is no queen. I would prefer anyone except her. But mostly Rebekah or Hayley. Have fun living your fantasy, bro!

  64. And what is “Klayley” about? It was just a drunken one night stand lol

  65. Couldn’t agree with you more! Love Klayley and down with both klaroline and mabekah. I prefer Rebekah with Marcel in The Originals, Matt is no good for her and he is sort of lame. What about you?

  66. King Klaus and Queen Caroline. They’re the most interesting pairing i’ve seen in ages..and soo much chemistry!!!

  67. I ship Delena, Klayley, Forwood and Kalijah. I really don’t care about ships like klaroline or mabekah who make me sick. Seriously, dude, these ships are about two people (Matt and Caroline) taking advantage of the other two (Rebekah and Klaus). Klaus became Caroline’s fairy Godmother in 4×19. Seriously? I hope these two ships sink and I will need to choose one of the four I love. Either Delena or Klayley but I love them both equally. Dunno, I’ll see.

  68. I love Klayley too <3 and you are right. JP is hinting a future for Klayley. I never saw her posting something like that on Twitter about Klaroline. She only said that ship is not over. Well, of course not. They owe the klaroliners something, but after that it is going to be a Klayley endgame, mark my words. I am so excited to see Klaus, Hayley, Rebekah and Elijah in The Originals. Love all four of them…and Klayley all the way, Hannah!

  69. Klayley is my forever OTP! I love these two together. They have so much chemistry and their baby is going to keep them bound together forever and just as Julie Plec stated “Don’t expect any romance (YET) between Klaus and Hayley.” on Twitter, it means that Klayley will happen, just not right away. It will take time and time is all they have in New Orleans. KLAYLEY 4EVER!!!!

  70. Damon and Elena.
    The best couple to come out of the Vampire Diaries. Their chemistry is palpable!

  71. Anna and Jeremy.

  72. Caroline and Klaus aka Carolaus :)

  73. Klaus and Caroline all the way!! They’re perfect!!!!

  74. “He’s your first love, I intend to be your last… however long it takes.” OMG do i need to say more? KLAROLINE ALL THE WAY BITCHES!!

  75. Klayley!!

  76. Klaroline!

  77. Klaus and Caroline because they bring out the best in each other and they have soo much chemistry. The most chemistry I’ve seen between two characters on a show in a long while!

  78. KC!!!!

  79. I used to love the Originals’ family and hated Klaroline. I was so excited for the show, but they gave me a pile of horsecrap. God, I think I hate the whole Klaus/Hayley even more than I hate Klaus and Caroline together. The Originals is supposed to be about Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah coming together and being that awesome family who gives no shits… but instead I get Twilight freaking 2.0?!?! Elijah with superpowers?? STUPID UNNATURAL BABY?!? My beautiful Bekah becoming… BFF to a freaking wereslut unable to conceal an accent?!?!

    No, sorry. I’m not watching TO. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to vote for Stelena.

  80. Klaroline <3

  81. 100% agree with you. If I had to choose between no Klaroline crossovers, and the writers removing the baby plot, writing Hayley better (as a villain would be the only way to work now that she’s so awful), getting PT acting and accent coaching, removing the sexism, staying with the original writing of the originals (honestly, how is it that Elijah would have a power like that and we WOULDN’T have seen it for TWO AND A HALF YEARS of him being on TVD?) etc… I’d rather that I didn’t get Klaroline. I love the Original siblings and I wanted them to have a good show. I was not upset when the spinoff was announced and it meant “the end of Klaroline”. I was excited for the show right up until 4×20 aired and then I wanted to punch Julie in the face, because she ruined something with SO much potential.

  82. I don’t want the show to get cancelled either. I want it to get better. Ie, no glaring plotholes, respecting the rules of their own universe, getting PT accent coaching and acting lessons so she stops biting her lip all the time, removing the sexist and racist undertones and reverting Klaus to his original state of badass instead of having him whine and cry all the time.

    I, unfortunately, am one of those people whose only problem with the show is how stupid it is, not the ships. You wanna throw Halijah? Go ahead. More Klayley awfully acted sex? Don’t give a shit. But the show is so poorly written with plotlines that contradict the rules of their own universe, honestly. It’s frankly embarrassing to know that that kind of lazy writing exists.

  83. and the prelude, as smn said here, was the talk about Caroline before the sex.
    So the chemistry was because Klaus got erection, because of the discussion about Caroline and wanted to f**k smb, and that Hayley thing was there.
    I think if there was Katherine, whom he hates so much, and they have discussed about Caroline, I am sure he would have sexed Katherine up, because he was thinking about Caroline.

  84. Giorgia7
    very well said
    Stand up and applaud for your argument

  85. I love Klaroline they are my passion, always with them.

  86. Guys, seriously. Stating that you hate the ship or the characters is fine. But saying the shippers are a joke is not okay. People are allowed to ship them if they want to. It’s a TV show.

  87. I do find quite interesting that if the show succeds it will be because it is good and it will have nothing to do with the bad Klaroline fandom, but if it fails it will have everything to do with the Klaroline fandom that chose to abandon the show.

    It’s so funny, it isnt? ^__^

  88. Yeah Huda, what do you have to say for yourself?

  89. Well can you really take it out on others from acussing you with blame on this matter? After months negative feedback and even threats against JP and Phoebe, things started getting beyond joke. Sure, I know that not all Klaroliners are gonna quit watching TVD/TO and that many don’t voice their negative opinions all over the web like they don’t have anything better to do tan trolling but given the fact Klaroliners belong to a faction of fans and that they have the highest reasons to despise Klayley and TO, people who love the show and the ship are still going to be blaming you guys because the loud minority of your ship already damaged your image and credibility.
    Human beings always need an outlet to blame and considering the circumstances, the Klaroliners won’t stop being that outlet for most of the fans of TO and Klayley anytime son regardless fo what you type. Simple as that.

  90. Okay, now I’m pissed off. Stop blaming Klaroline, please! I have already said this on tumblr: Klaroline is not the Original Sin or the cause of all evils! Klayley fans want respect? Fine, but first, you start to respect Klaroliners!
    I’m sick of hearing how you accuse Klaroline for everything. If tomorrow war starts in the world, we Klaroliners are to blame? Klaroline has nothing to do with it, this is merely an excuse to justify negative feedback about TO or Hayley.

  91. i agree with Juliet…i liked them in TVD and it’s true PT and DG and JP disrespectful our fandom…and plus even if i like JoMo that doens’t mean that i have to watch everything he act i mean TO is just an afwul fanfciton by JP and people tell her that they don’t like the baby and hayley but she just ignore them..welll don’t blame us we already told them…and about you said “Hurting the weiter’s” omg lol as i said we already told them how we feel but they didn’t care…it’s not our fault if TO just got 13 episode or one sesaon..BAD WRITING…just look at TVD in S4 it’s lost 2 million viewr’s beacsue of the bad writing..do i blame the Fan’s? NO..the only one to blame is the writer’s ….not Klaroline’s not Delena’s not Stelena’s or anyother TVD Fan…!

  92. Oh you forgot to tell that Hayley will just betray Klaus, and after the betrayal act she will spread her legs and Klaus will forgive her, just a perfect relationship written by JP

  93. You know what is interesting, you almost confessed that Klayley will happen only Because Klaus will feel obligated for the baby, which gives me the safety to tell that he wilol always love Caroline Forbes

  94. Hey
    let me tell you smth
    when a guy has needs he will do anything to just fuck smnd.
    As a remember let me ask you: If he liked this Hayley thing so much, THEN WHY BEFORE THE SEX THE PRELUDE OF THAT SEX, WAS THE TALK ABOUT CAROLINE? Let me tell you why!!!!He wanted Care but as he couldn’t have her in that night, but he wanted to have smd in his bed (cause I mentioned the guy has needs) he made his erection up by remembering Caroline and fucked the girl that almost spread her legs right at the table where they were eating.

  95. Oh please. I doubt those actors are about to starve to death because they have no money or fame. I’m not gonna watch a show that has a pointless plot only because I used to like their charcaters on TVD. And Daniel and Phoebe and Julie Plec had been disrespectful towards our fandom, we have the right to express how we feel just as much.

  96. Don’t agree with you, people who want this show get cancelled don’t spend their time in pool like this voting over and over they cared in their ways
    I have seen people lately saying like you that those that have something negative to say about the Originals (and they mostly target the Klaroline fandom without understanding that in reality there are people from the whole tvd fandom that are anti Originals and not just Klaroliners) should finally stop talking and expressing their “negativity” and get out. There has been the “don’t like don’t watch” thing circulating around. Those people don’t understand that those that are still raging on about the Originals are still fans of the Originals. They are going to watch the show anyway. Even if it is for the upcoming crossovers or just for the actors or for characters they still love (or loved the way they used to be in the past). People need to understand that if those fans that are nagging about the show get from being negative to just disregard the series then trust me that this will be a VERY bad day for the show. Why? Because losing audience equals cancellation. And those that are supporting the new show should play a little nicer with those that maybe be negative but are still going to tune it. Why? Because if you want the show to succed you NEED all the fans you can get no matter how they are expressing their feeling about the show.

    if you want this mess ends it’s easy let’s do it like in the first round you will notice that in the first vote nobody disrespect klayley because there was no disrespect to klaroline either and all this start in the second round and I wonder why stop blaming people and they will stop this goes in both directions.

  97. Yes, the writing will be the one that will kill TO.
    1Elijah has super powers at touching (the same as Renesmee BTW) only reversed power of Alice (did JP think nobody will notice?)
    2 The baby – who wants to watch an entire season how Klaus will learn to put a diaper on a baby?
    3 Rebekah, which is an Original btw (and let me remind you that the show is called TO) is reduced to be Hayley’s BFF, seriously? If something, Hayley should kiss Rebekah’s ass and not Rebakah kissing Hayley’s ass.
    4 Klaus wanting to take back his town. Is he 5 years old boy or smth?
    5 Camille, which is the copycat of Caroline.
    the only intriguing thing is that Davina girl, and the only that has charisma is Sophie.

  98. Do you think if JoMo is offered money to come back to TVD, he won’t?
    Grow up dear!
    Money buy everything, even the pride!
    I just LOL-ed at how naive some people are.

  99. People can hate Klayley if they like. People can hate the ship as much as people can like it.

  100. and Kayley fan’s are the new Forwood fan’s and i respect them :) but i just want to say KLAROLINE IS EPIC..Bye!!

  101. “If people can vote more than once, whats the point?”

    “No disrespect to their fans and this may sound harsh, but Klayley is apparantly fourth? That must be some type of joke.”

    “March Madness was fair. Additional votes were scrapped at the end.”

    Been on the Klaroline wikia page lately? I knew I recognised that comment, I wrote it.. incapable of typing your own?

  102. i don’t want to cancelld..i just won’t watch it..Simple as That :)

  103. There is so much disrespect towards Klayley and Klayley fans and it is unacceptable. Let people ship whoever they want and there are actually many people who ship Klayley, not just 4 the way you klaroliners ironically put it, they just don’t go on sites and are not being disrespectful online like most klaroline fans so stop with the hate towards Klayley, Julie Plec, Phoebe Tonkin and the spin off The Originals which some people (also klaroline fans) want this show to get canceled, hurting the writers and the actors’ future in the progress (I thought you guys liked Claire, Daniel and JoMo. Why ruin it for them?) just for a ship. Wanting this show to get canceled just proves what a fake TVD fan you are and you should be ashamed of yourself. Period.

  104. Marcello agree with you :)

  105. “Want it to work for Jomo” Oh my god, he doesn’t need helpt, i ‘m not going to watch a show only to support actror/ actresses when the show seems to have a really poo scenario! I prefer to spent my time by ginving support to people who really deserve and need it ! Deprived persons for exemple ;)

  106. Only KLAYLEY 4EVER! They are the best couple for me. So much passion, chemistry and can’t wait to see them on The Originals!

  107. people can vote more than once, whats the point?
    No disrespect to their fans and this may sound harsh, but Klayley is apparantly fourth? That must be some type of joke…the only thing that is fair March Madness was fair. Additional votes were scrapped at the end. and klaroline won at the end we even beat Delena and Stelena and i say Marrch madness is fair beacsue people can vote once not 100 time’s or something!

  108. and about the “Klaroline’s” Want TO to get cancelled? i don’t want that to hapeen at all..i want it to work just for JoMo…but i won’t watch it thoguht!

  109. Le Statherine,
    Katherine a toujours aimé Stefan, et l’aimera toujours, elle le sauve quand elle peut, elle sait ses moindres gestes ( elle le sauve quand la sorcière essaye de savoir qui il est ).
    Stefan nie sont amour parce qu’elle est vampire et qu’il a du mal lui-même a s’accepter, alors aimer un être que tu détestes… Son père étant lui même chasseur, il se sous estime beaucoup.
    Et si Katherine est une sois disant ” méchante,manipulatrice,égoiste” , quand tu te fais trahir par tout les gens que tu aimes, que tout ton entourage meurent par “ta faute”, qu’on te vole ton propre enfant, qu’on te manipule pour te tuer et surtout que l’on est toute seule, il ne faut pas penser qu’elle est née comme ça, mais qu’on la fait faire devenir comme ça. Elle a toujours du ce débrouillée toute seule et on lui veut encore du mal, ça ne me plait pas pour cette saison 5, si JP nous la tue je quitte la série…
    J’espère vraiment voir ce couple évoluer…

  110. I think I love you for saying this. *claps hands* spread the word!

  111. DELENA!!<3
    I wouldn't usually bother with polls where people can vote over and over.. it's unlikely to be a fair result. But the thought of this apparent ship "Klayley" even being in the second round knocks me sick.
    Klaroline, I don't mind being beat by.. but Klayley. Just no.

  112. Agree with Emy …it’s not about klaorline really it’s about the show..hayley , the baby plot ,Elijah new Power’s…Twilight to much Juile?..


  114. Don’t blame people, Keep in mind that most of the fans that are complaining are going to watch the show too. If the show get cancelled it’s not because of Klaroliners but The writing is off guys. Not just the baby plot. But also the OOC characters, the plotholes, too many new female characters, Hayley’s character that is connected with the basic plot while she is a generally rejected and hated character and many many more problems that do end up to the pregnancy that was just an awful idea for such a show that should focus on other elements. When TVD started it contained many cliche themes like the unaware human and the vampires that want the precious snowflake but in the vampire genre this is a classic catchy plot. So it had the tormented passion and the promise of the eternal love a new vampire show MUST have. Same with True Blood, same with Dracula etc etc. What does this show have? The baby monstrosity? Why would a NEW viewer give this VAMPIRE show a chance? Because in the end this show targets a certain audience that likes vampire shows. So? Where is the appeal? The vampire genre allure? In the twilight-ish diapers too come? In Hayley’s character? The Originals could be very strong theme but the old audience can see the OOC reactions and the new audience doesn’t know them and the promotion of the show hasn’t been targeting on them that much. Which is a big mistake. The preview clip they have shown was the one with the pregnancy loophole crying out loud! They could have given a promo with used flashbacks from TVD with the Originals and it would definitely be interesting but they didn’t do that did they? Their official poster is about a discipline daddy! I mean COME ONE NOW!

    Those signs are not good. Only the TVD fanbase is going to support the new show and basically we are talking about roughly 2 mil viewers (average per season) . The Originals eventually will be playing between 1 to 2 million viewers. And that will be pretty much it. A mediocre show for a small network. Hopefully it will be enough for the show to survive.

  115. Damon and Elena! Without a doubt!

  116. ofcourse, im voting for “Klaroline” (the best damn thing ever) loving them!! anyway im from Singapore8D
    whatever they say about Klaroline is a abuse pairing?! look at some other pairing first before saying it,
    there no meaning about loving the pairing, is all about the “FEELS” they interact with each other,
    see their “EYE” ~~gonna melt away~~

  117. Damon & Elena. No question.

  118. I love Klaroline with a passion but i saw the bigger picture and I am sad for it.

    That ship will just sink under its own weight once the spin-off I used to have hopes for is cancelled. Once Joseph Morgan realizes how selfish and trecherous his old fans were as the spin-off is cancelled and his main lead role ruined, his pride won’t let him return to TVD and Klaroline will be nothing but dust in the wind. So congratz for ruining our beloved ship by boycotting it, not giving it the chance to grow, to have crossover episodes with Klaroline, and spreading useless hate all over the net! Now it will never have the chance to be an endgame couple.

  119. Lol i really feel sorry for them i don’t no why they even ship them i mean i really have to say forwood fan’s have something to ship tyler and caroline but klaus and hayley?What?*.*…i swear they are doing the same sign up but they are just chagne their name and then go vote..XD lol and yea Klaroline is Freaking EPIC!!

  120. 4? I think they are just two “phoebe” and “plec” XD
    Btw, Klaroline is epic!!!

  121. KLAROLINE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 i love these two the only reason why i still watcht TVD…and for kayley fan's juile already said that she won't make klaus and hayley beacsue she know that her Twilight of Elijah super power's show won't last for 12 episode and im talking the truth here..!!

  122. KLAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333

  123. Stefa and Elena

  124. when they have something in common?? Lol oh yea rigth that one night stand you mean…and what chemistray?? lol klaus has more chemistary with his cloth better then that moon moon :P

  125. Ok wait wait…lol there are like 4 kayley fan’s or something who are doing the same sign up or something and they think they can beat KLAROLINE?! Bitch let me tell you something KLAROLINE beat DELENA do you know what the hell im talking About? LAMFO kayley fan’s i really feel sorry for you..you are just like the new forwood fan’s!! :P

  126. Ok wait wait…lol there are like 4 kayley fan’s who are doing the same sign up and put vote down for klaroline’s or something and they think they can beat KLAROLINE?! Bitch let me tell you something KLAROLINE beat DELENA do you know what the hell im talking About? LAMFO kayley fan’s i really feel sorry for you..you are just like the new forwood fan’s!! :P

  127. Kalijah FTW!!!!

  128. Delena!!!

  129. Klayley my OTP<3

  130. Klayley all the way♥♥

  131. Klaroline and only Klaroline always and forever ♥

  132. …Have you disregarded everything that I just pointed out? How can you possibly think that Klaroline are not going anywhere? How about “He’s your first love, I intend to be your last, however long it takes.” or “I know that you’re in love with me and anybody capable of love is capable of being saved.” or even “Small-town boy, small-town life, it won’t be enough for you.”. These are some of the most memorable lines on TVD and incredibly well-written. How on earth are they not going anywhere?
    At the end of season 2, Klaus didn’t know who Caroline was. He only had one thing on his mind and that was breaking the curse. Yes, he was a ruthless killing machine, but he was introduced to the show as a villain. In season 3, he asked Tyler to bite his girlfriend out of sheer irritation from Stefan’s actions, but when he saw her and spoke to her, he realized that this girl was special. She was accepting death until he told her about the world. He decided to save her because he saw something in her, which clearly struck his fancy. In season 4, Klaus’ brother had just died. He was trapped inside the Gilbert living room. Tyler Lockwood had come to taunt him about it and Caroline, was beyond pissed at him. He snapped. Was it right for him to take his anger out on Caroline? Of course not, what he did was despicable. However, he was never going to let her die and after the conversation they shared while she was bitten, it was confirmed that he’s indeed, in love with Caroline. When he realized that himself, he tried making amends. Now, he let Tyler come back after he betrayed him. He let him come back, for her. Not any other reason. The Klaus that first came into the show killing off Jenna and daggering his own siblings showed mercy to the boyfriend of the girl he loves. That right there, is what the development between Klaus and Caroline has been, so far. A one-night stand between two drunk individuals who love other people, is nothing compared to the relationship between a girl who had to fight the attraction for the evil hybrid and a man that changed himself so completely just to see a smile on her face. :)

  133. Klaroline is the reason I fell in love with TVD therefore it will always and forever be klaroline for me

  134. Klayley beacuse they have things in common and they have chemistry and i wan’t it to develop further!!!

  135. Klaroline is a beautiful ship and yes it will take a lot of time until it happens but it will be epic then <3

  136. You sort of might be missing the obvious: it wouldn’t be fighting because Klaus doesn’t want her. Duh.

  137. It’s not disloyalty, we have the right to not watch something we don’t like as much as I, personally, have only watched TVD for Klaroline this past season. And I highly doubt you’ll make up for that many viewers because even actual, real, non-Klaroline reviewers said The Originals has very little point for those who don’t watch TVD. And to be honest, it’s not Klaus and somebody else that bugs me, but the ridiculous plot of the baby and Elijah with superpowers (seriously?), which to be honest, doesn’t even make me want Caroline on TO or Klaus on TVD as long as there’s that, because Caroline deserves more and Candice deserves better than a half-assed show in my opinion. And no Klaroline is better than a ruined one for me. I’m not gonna hope something I loathe will do good only because I want my couple back. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

  138. In case you didn’t got it from the trailers, Elijah wants to protect her, yes. She is carrying his family after all and that makes her his family. But he knows better than trying to make a move on Hayley. Worked real well last time he and Klaus fought over the same girl, (sarcasm too) right?

  139. Well, there has been a lot of buzz on the net from a lot of people who have never watched TVD stating they will probably watch the Originals. I suppose from that source we will make up for and maybe even increase the raitings we will loose from the disloyal Klaroline fans that want to boycott a potentially amazing show because they don’t have space on their head to tolerate any other shipping that involves Klaus. Like Klaus and/or his actor so much? Then you should be happy is getting to be a main lead and you should be sad if the spin-off gets cancelled as the waste of money and contracts plus heavy disappointment would more likely than not ensure the three actors that portray the originals not return to TVD therefore ruining any posibility for Klaroline ever. So long as those 2 remain alive and active in the respective shows i admit they do have a chance to get together but if the original gets cancelled, NO MORE CHANCE.
    What do you have to say to that¡


  141. Yeah, I guess that’s why they’re obviously sending Hayley towards Elijah in the spin-off, because they know Klaus and Hayley are soooo good together (sarcasm, in case you don’t pick that up). If anything as much as seems to be threatening Klaroline on your precious show, I highly doubt it will last more than 12 episodes.

  142. Oh, and Klaus and Hayley have a real relationship instead? PLEASE. YOU mark my words, it will be your spin-off that won’t last.

  143. Well, vote down comments IS a valid option. And since the creator of this poll did said we are in a shipping war, I will say us supporting our ship and voting down on the oposition is perfectly aceptable. And I womder the same thing regarding Klaroline fans. That fake relationshio is nothing but fan-service. It doesn’t has fundations of true chimestry, they hate each other half the time, and they don’t love each other for the way they are so instead they try to change each other. That’s not true love. Klaroline won’t last, you mark my words.

  144. Klayley was much more than a liquor-fueled night stand. Before they even started sipping alcohol that night they bonded remarkably well and there was definitely some passionate sparks flying as well as wicked chimestry that even Julie Plec recognized.
    And think about this: Klaus has severly hurt every main girl, including Caroline, on the show but in all the episodes they interacted, he never really laid a hand on Hayley. He may have threaten her once but never really hurt her.
    Now, regarding the humanity comment, I can’t deny that her influence over Klaus has made him a slightly better individual but 2 things i will never be able to overlook in their relationship is that in season 2 Klaus wanted to sacrifice her and almost did and that while he saved her from certain death from those 2 Wolf bites, HE put her in danger first.
    Besides, their relationship was so rushed from the beginning and I always thought that the only reason Plec even considered Klaroline was because A) they needed to make Klaus more likable and B) that of all the main girls Caroline was the only one that didn’t have any direct personal reasons to want him dead. Even then though, the whole “i fancy you Caroline” came out of nowhere. Then again, i will be the first to admit I despise love at first sight so i may be biased but my point is made:
    As popular as Klaroline may be, it WAS senseless and rushed at the very beginning and while they may have liked each other more afterwards, they still don’t accept each other they way they are, thus not really loving each other. And in that one episode where the so called liquor-fueled one night stand occur, Klaus and Hayley had tons of passionate chimestry. They ARE going somehwere. Klaroline not so much. And considering the fact they have never have at least a one-night stand or even kissed, i would dare say Klayley is more of a real couple possibility with the facts and scenes we got now.
    Anyone agrees?

  145. Klaroline <3

  146. If you notice, Klaus/Hayley fans (still wondering why they exist) are the only signed up ones and what do you need to sign up for? Vote down comments, and all Klaroline comments are now voted down. Grow up -.-



  149. Delena,Klayley and Beremy FTW!!!!

  150. klaus and caroline ftw! <3

  151. Klaroline, for sure. Caroline has gone through a lifetime of never being “the one”, yet to one of the strongest creatures in the world, she means everything. I think it’s an incredibly beautiful relationship that they’ve built. They fight so hard to not give in to each other even though they know they want to. One liquor-fueled one night stand WILL NOT get in the way. After all they’ve been through, they deserve each other. He needs someone to ground him to his humanity. We’re not asking that he changes himself completely, but if he continues to kill innocents mercilessly, he’s not exactly going to be a redeemable character. I know that Caroline has enough power over him to let some of his humanity seep back in. As for Caroline, after being tortured countless amount of times, as well as having friends that care more about whether Elena’s feelings are alright, she needs someone who will provide her with assured safety, unconditional love, happiness, and allow her to free herself from the trap of Mystic Falls, and give her the world. :) #KingKlausQueenCaroline

  152. Klayley FTW<3

  153. Klayley ofcourse.They have alot of thing in common and can relate to each other.I definately see this ship in the future!!♥

  154. Klayley!!!♥

  155. Klayley all the way. I cannot believe that people actually want Caroline to cross-over in order to be with Klaus. All she would do is shop and act all perky and probably betray Klaus…again. I love Klayley and I can totally see it happening. It isn’t just the fact she will be the mother of Klaus´ child, even though that is certainly an important part. Personally, I think it’s also about the fact they can relate to one another. Their chemestry is undeniable.
    THEY are the same in a much more certain sense of the word. Caroline wants to change Klaus. She doesn’t accept him the way he is. That’s why Klaroline will never work in as a healthy and prosperous relationship. Because she doesn’t really love him the way he is.
    Now, I am guessing all of you Klaroline shippers want to reply in angry retaliation. I suppose i can’t stop you so go ahead. Surprise me. Since we are in a shipping war, defend your own ship in a way I can’t refute reasonably. Just don’t forget to use logical arguments.

  156. K-L-A-R-O-L-I-N-E!!!

    You understand WE, Julie?

  157. it’s always gonna be….klaroline
    bet you didn’t expect that uh?

  158. Klaroline of course!!!

  159. KC ♥

  160. KLAROLINe, always and forever

  161. Klaroline <3

  162. Klaroline! <3

  163. Klaroline, always!! ♥

  164. Klaroline always and Forever ^^


  166. Klaroline forever ♥

  167. Delena!

  168. Damon & Elena FTW!! <333

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