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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Review: ‘One One Six’

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This week’s episode explores the fallout from the tragic school shooting we saw last week. Boy oh boy oh boy this was a pure and utter predictable snoozefest.

I honestly had high hopes for this episode since the premiere was so dramatic and set up a huge dilemma for SAMCRO, but Kurt Sutter’s choices puzzled me and pretty much made me loathe just about every character on this show.

While this show does an excellent job at exploring character’s psyches, Sutter is also good at tearing down the people he made us fall in love with. Gemma, Clay, and Jax are shadows of the people we knew in Season 1. I am always for character growth and development, but turning every character into a complete asshole seems to be a step in the wrong direction, but I digress…

So Tara and Jax are finally reunited, and spoiler alert, it doesn’t feel so good. Are we pretending that last season’s finale didn’t happen and that things are perfection? Why yes we are! Yes, let’s completely ignore our major issues with each other and pretend that everything is okay to each other’s faces. Marriage is fun!

This will come as a huge shock to NO ONE, that I hate these two together. Hate isn’t even the word, because it’s stronger than hate. I have never liked Tara, and watching everyone week after week slowly join my team is making me say I TOLD YOU SO TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! Jax feeds Tara his bimonthly speech about how the club is going straight. Guess what, Jax, they are not, and you are being a moron.

Unfortunately for Jax, Tara is aware he is a moron and is setting up to stage another ‘I’m taking the babies’ coup. Why does Tara need a pregnancy test? Is she pregnant? Is she planning on using the pregnancy to blackmail Jax? I was so bored, these questions might have gotten answered, but guess what folks…I don’t care. Tara is a huge asshole and the fact she is still plotting to give Wendy custody of her kids and turn evidence against Jax to do so proves it.

She’s betraying Jax after she pretended for years she would never do it. Am I shocked? No because she’s never accepted this life for herself no matter how hard she tried to be the new Gemma. The episode ends with these two having sex, and nothing shows the couple’s emotional disconnect more than the looks on their faces. Neither is present in the act, looking like they are in pain, and not in passionate love like they used to be. I say MAZEL to the impending divorce!

What on Earth is Bobby doing by the way? He thinks he can sneak into scenes like I won’t notice, but I see you Fat Elvis! Bobby is going charter to charter and to me it looks like he is recruiting to form a new MC, but that is a guess on my end. Either way, this sneaky son of a bitch is plotting something with regards to his SAMCRO brethren.

My biggest issue with this episode is the fallout, or lack thereof, from the shooting. When the shooting happened, I was really excited the show would touch on the emotions of the characters and internalize Jax’s pain, as he was involved in this event. Never. Happened. Seriously, no one really gave a shit. Everyone got selfish and turned into a major asshole.

Did Jax try to end his dealings with the Irish? Yes he did, but that was more about cleaning up the club’s image, and not the shooting. It’s almost as if Jax is washing his hands of his ties to this event. He took no part in acknowledging that he was a major part of that gun ending up in that little boy’s hands. Instead we saw violence breed more violence. Though there is a sense of realism to this notion, it is sad that the viewer was unable to get a touch of humanity from one person.

We got to see a little in Nero, but he is so gross I don’t care. Jax ends up killing Davanny, the mother of the little boy who shot up his school, and Nero kills Arcadio, her boyfriend and his friend. While Nero killed Arcadio to protect Gemma, Jax has Juice supply Davanny with some drugs and a pillow over her face. How humane!

One is clearly more honorable then the other, but Jax thinks the end justifies the means. The thing annoying me about Jax is the hypocrisy that he is better than Clay, when he really is…Clay. He is his father’s son, and the day he realizes that might be a day too late.

Status update: Clay still loves Gemma. Gemma is still a bitch. Lee didn’t do a naked heroin induced dance. Lee might love Clay if he agrees to testify against Jax, causing him to maybe do a naked heroin dance again in the future. Yeah buddy.

Essentially, I would like to pretend this episode did not happen. I did not need to see the two crackheads get killed by the club for an entire hour, nor did I need to see Jax make every excuse in the book to ‘make things right.’ If we did shots every time he said “straight” or “legit”, we’d all be dead. If you sell guns, people buy those guns to kill other people…YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE EITHER WAY.

Hopefully next week we see some turnaround and some damn humanity! What will happen when Jax and Clay come face to face? Will Clay really testify against the club? What the hell is Bobby doing?  Will we see Ponyboy again? (Yes, C. Thomas Howell was a guest star for two minutes). Will he stay gold?! Can the Irish do me a solid and murder Tara? Find out next week on an all new Sons of Anarchy!

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  1. I think your forgetting that these are not good people. I didn’t really expect them to do anything about the shooting. I think it was realistic in the fact that they’re reaction to it was oh f*%^ how’s this gonna affect me. I agree with you tho since Jax became prez he is essentially Clay. What I’m waiting for is Jax to find out the role Gemma played in his fathers death.

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