Supercouple Showdown: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ Edition: Round 3 Results

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The results from Round 3 of TV Source Magazine’s Supercouple Showdown: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals Edition are in! Which four couples made it to Round 4?

On Thursday, Oct. 3, The CW will give viewers a night of vampires (and witches, werewolves, hybrids) starting with the season five premiere of The Vampire Diaries, followed by the series premiere of The Originals. In honor of that (and because we’re unbelievably excited), we decided to a shipper war was in order.

After the second round of voting, the following couples have been eliminated:

Damon and Katherine

Caroline and Matt

Caroline and Tyler

Stefan and Elena

Were you guys surprised by the results?

On Sunday, Sept. 29, we will post the official ballot for Round 4, but this week’s preview of the final four is a little different. Why? We’re not going to tell you which couple is in the lead.


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  1. So your justification as to why this mysterious occurrence is happening is that people who invest their time in the show don’t have lives. You do realize that TVD would have long been cancelled if all the fans were like these purported Klayley ones you’re describing. TVD has succeeded BECAUSE of it’s cult following, not in spite of it. I guess The Originals doesn’t hold much hope if this is how much effort their fans put in…

  2. Some people do have a life and are not so desperate to make their ship pop out so much in fanfics or whatever as other people who do not have anything else better to do. Fan fictions or fan art do not determine the popularity of a ship or how many people ship it. Frankly, I find fan fiction writing a fun thing to do but many people are busy and do not have time for these sort of useless things. We have a real life, unlike others, but please note that there are Klayley fans out there but just prefer to stay silent and not pop out like some klaroliners do with desperation.

  3. Frankly I’m gobsmacked that Klayley can have enough votes to beat out Forwood, but out of 20,000+ VD fics on, only 36 have Klaus and Hayley in them. Of those 36, only ten are actually Klayley romance stories. There are more Klaroline stories with Hayley as a background character in the Klaus + Hayley listing than there are Klayley fics. I find it interesting that they care enough to vote in a poll, but not enough to write fics and make fanart or engage in meta. Very interesting.

  4. Klaroliners have been in the lead for the past 2 rounds, I highly doubt Klayley are beating them or even Delena.

  5. The order of the photos is not the order of how the couples are as far as votes go. The article said they’re not going to say who’s in the lead this time.

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