Supercouple Showdown: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ Edition: Round 4

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In less than one month, The CW will kick off a Thursday night filled with vampires, witches, werewolves, hybrids and the occasional human thrown in for good measure.

The Vampire Diaries returns for its fifth season and its spinoff The Originals debuts a brand new premiere episode. To say we’re excited would be a severe understatement.

Here at TVSource Magazine we’ve decided the best way to celebrate the upcoming premieres is with a good, old-fashioned shipper war. Let’s face it; it wouldn’t be TVD universe without people battling to the death on the internet to declare their favorite couple the best.

We’ve compiled a list of 24 pairings based on the following criteria: the two have dated, kissed, had sex, or one/both people involved have expressed romantic interest in the other. We love fangirl/boy pairings as much as the next person, but if it didn’t happen onscreen, it’s not part of the poll. And sure some of these ‘couples’ lasted for an episode or even a scene, but that just means they’re included, not that you have to vote for them.

Voting takes place Sunday-Friday, beginning Sept. 8. Polls will close Fridays at 8 p.m. EST and results will be announced Saturdays with the new poll available on Sunday morning.

Your votes will narrow the pairings to 16 (round one), 8 (round two), 4 (round 3) and then the final 2 (round 4) to declare a winner.

Rules: You are allowed to vote multiple times and comments are encouraged. Tell us why your chosen pairing is the best. But remember: be nice to each other. This is not life and death; these are fictional TV characters. Mean comments and personal attacks on other people or actors will be deleted.

Have fun, vampire fans! And don’t forget to catch new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals beginning Thursday, Oct. 3 on The CW.

Round 4 – Voting closes Friday, Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. EST.

Voting is now closed.

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  2. No question, Klaroline <3




  6. Damon & Elena

  7. delena


  9. Klaroline, always and forever!! OTP for life ;)

  10. Klaroline,)

  11. Klaroline!!

  12. Klaroline all the way.

  13. Klaroline!!!!!!!!

  14. i dont have a problem with ANY of those couples.. why cant we ship 1 person with many people! They’ve all had their share of good scenes together. but i do have to give extra credit to klaroline.. :D

  15. You guys should have made it so we could only vote once… or else its not very representative, is it? what if someone just spends their entire day voting for the same couple….it doesnt make them a “supercouple”… Usually delena and stelena are like always both there and now suddenly its stefan and katherine?(not that I have anything against Steferine!)
    but anyway, it doesnt change anything for me because klaroline would win either way :P KLAROLINE

  16. after seeing the originals episode, i honestly think they should change klaus and hayley to elijiah and hayley after seeing the chemistry o_o but anyway klaroline forever!

  17. I genuinely don’t see anything between Klaus and Hayley. He explicitly states that it was a “liquor-fuelled one night stand” and the thought of her being some sort of emotional leverage makes him laugh, that’s how bizarre he finds it.

  18. Damon & Elena

  19. klaroline is end game

  20. Klaroline in a heartbeat!!!

  21. You’re welcome. No, she’s in present day stuff too. Just not in New Orleans.

  22. That’s for the info. Is it flashbacks because I thought she was on TVD that same night?

  23. Rebekah is in the first episode. She has at least four scenes; maybe more, but that’s what I remember off the top of my head.

  24. Rebekah is the main female character, but since she won’t come until episode 2, it does feel like its Haley but it’s not. Haley and Sophie are the supporting cast.

  25. DELENA.
    Always, Forever, and Beyond.

  26. Klayley is a joke. Hayley is a joke – a very bad one. Can she go away so I can watch The Originals? Klaroline all the way!!

  27. Thumbs up!!!
    ;) Klayley FTW!

  28. That is your opinion and as you can see, it does!

  29. Klayley forever!!!!

  30. Caroline and Klaus are perfect tbh!!

  31. Klayley has no place in this list.

  32. I was asking myself the same question.

  33. Why is Klayley even on here? really? How.

  34. Wow literally ALL of these couples are abusive relationships.

  35. i honestly just think that julie plec has ruined some very amazing couples/ships

  36. um lol klayley why

  37. KLAROLINE!!!

  38. Klaroline♡ always~

  39. Klaroline all the way. I still don’t understand why they try to shove Phoebe Tonkin down our throat, the character she plays (if you call that acting) is horrible. Hayley needs to disappear so I can watch The Originals!

  40. kLayLeY!!! they made it to the top 4!!? gotta say i’m impressed! but delena!! yaaay

  41. Klaroline forever guys! we know it!


  43. KLAYLEY <3

  44. Klaus and Caroline they are meant to be together. Every time I watch them I’m like: OMG they have to be together like forever
    and honestly Hayley is the worst character I’ve ever seen. I kinda have feeling that Elijah and Haypely have something and I don’t like it

  45. i reallly agree. im sorry for phoebe, nothing personal, but her skill acting it really sucks!



  48. KLAROLINE, always and forever;)

  49. Klaroline of course <3

  50. Tbh, the only real problem I have with Klayley is Hayley. She’s the worst character on Television. If they had written her better and she was portrayed by a better actress? No problem.




  54. Delena ❤️

  55. I think it is very murky who the main female lead is….a lot of people believe it is Hayley…maybe it is for now. But unlike the Elena/Stefen/Damon love triangle The Originals seems to have a lot more moving parts….there is no reason Hayley couldn’t be relegated to secondary ‘incubator’ status…the whole idea of using a woman’s womb as Klaus’ ‘portal to redemption’ after a one night stand seems pretty unsavory and borderline mysogynist to me. How about you?
    Personally, right now this show feels like the main female character lead hasn’t shown up to the game yet and that’s why the show is floundering in even the previews. Hayley won’t cut it.

  56. Hayley is the main female character (unfortunately), so of course she is still alive after birth of baby… you must just pray she will be not a hybrid (I fear the real motive of all thing human-Katerine) or some being immortal…
    Well, I hope until the end (of my days or the show… I don’t know LOL) that Hayley die or she fall madly in love with the death (looool)

  57. The storyline of Hayley and the actress who plays her brings makes every other character we’ve ever loved OOC. My hope is that once the baby is born they will exit stage left her character SOMEHOW….I think that is when I’ll lose hope that this show can be worth my time…if the baby is born and Hayley is still alive I’ll put an end to trying to enjoy it. Right now I just don’t really want it cancelled because I’d like to give Klaus a chance to survive the Hayley/Phoebe Tonkin fiasco.
    Sorry Phoebe Tonkin stans. No hate please. I just don’t like her….like…at all.


  59. haha! i agree! i ship Klaus with both hayley and caroline! honestly klaus looks good with anyone..

  60. i think Klaroliners and klayley shippers can get along coz they have one thing that they can bond over – Klaus. :P

  61. Good for you, sweetie. You’re going to need a strong stomach to watch TO (no sense is in the air) LOL

  62. yeah i cant wait for klaroline to happen too! but judging by everything that’s going on, it’s not gonna happen anytime soon… :(

  63. Klaroline is the only reason to tune in….the rest is illogical nonsense…I want to try to watch The Originals just to keep it on the air long enough for Klaroline to maybe happen…whatever.

  64. i love both klaroline AND klayley… they’re both cute..
    and love delena too!! :P

  65. Hopefully we’ll get some scenes this season, but Julie Plec likes to play with our emotions too much, putting them together only to tear them apart.

  66. Never say never, sweetheart.

  67. Team klaroline….always and forever

  68. Just sucks we won’t get more scenes for awhile. They were magic together, so fun to watch. Now, I have to suffer through the played-out Stelena/Delena on TVD to keep up with Caroline and the bad acting of PT on TO to keep up with Klaus. So depressing that we won’t see Klaroline until who knows when.

  69. klaroline. always and forevaaah!. i want caroline in the originals..in the meantime i will not watch tvd or to!

  70. of coures Klaroline..But really where is Stelena?i mean is this some kind of jock? hayley and klaus are here who have a few shipper’s ((no no offense to keyley or whatever their name is )) but not Stelena?…anyway…Klaroline Foever..!

  71. Klaroline always and forever

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