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Days of our Lives Preview: October 14 Edition

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This week on Days of our Lives, Chad’s life hangs in the balance after Marge’s rampage at EJ and Sami’s engagement party. The fallout from Chad’s shooting could have wide-ranging repercussions on Stefano and EJ & Sami’s future.  Get a sneak peek at what happens in Salem our Days of our Lives preview for the week of September 30, 2013!

Days of our Lives Preview: DiMera Son Down
An unstable Marge goes on a rampage at Club TDB, determined to hurt all involved in the “conspiracy” against her husband. After firing her first shots, she sets her sights on EJ, but is brought down before she can kill him. Unfortunately, Chad is shot in the chaos and immediately rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest. Daniel and Cameron must work together to save Chad, knowing the repercussions from the DiMera family should something go wrong.

Friends and family sit vigil, praying for Chad’s recovery. EJ and Stefano try not to think of the worst, but the pain of Lexi’s death just a year earlier still resonates within their souls. Overwhelmed at the thought of losing yet another child, Stefano pleads with God to spare Chad’s life. Will his prayers work? Find out by watching Days of our Lives — weekdays on NBC, weeknights on SOAPnet and anytime on and Hulu.

If This Is the End (I Don’t Wanna Know)
Roman warns Sami that Chad’s shooting is just a taste of what her life will become if she marries into the DiMera family. Affected by her father’s words, Sami later stuns EJ when she comes to an unexpected decision about their wedding! As the two lovers discuss the future of their relationship, could this spell the end for EJ and Sami?

Also This Week
Eric comes to a horrifying realization about what happened to him at the hotel…and who was a part of it.

Kate is unnerved by Rafe and Jordan’s growing friendship and decides to check into her rival’s past.

Brady ends his friendship with Nicole after her latest stunt.

Jennifer and Abigail rally around JJ, who finally feels the enormity of his plight as he awaits sentencing.

DVR Alerts
Tuesday—Daniel does his best to save Chad’s life.

Thursday—Kristen and Marlena face off

Source Look Ahead: October 21, 2013 Edition
Jennifer, Sami & EJ and Will find themselves at a crossroads, with the decisions they make possibly impacting not only their own lives — but the lives of others as well.

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  1. Roman LEAVE Ej and Sami alone ! For once. The guy is NEVER and i mean NEVER here for his daughter but he knows best..he is the one who has to dictate HER life..whatever..Dool TPTB don’t be stupid and leave the Ej/Sami pairing ALONE !

  2. Roman ALWAYS have a selective memory..he did not mind marrying Kate who put HIS DAUGHTER Sami on death row without any remorse..the Brady hypocrisy is at its ‘must’ with Roman ! UGH. By the way marrying Ej has nothing to do with Marge’s nutty and criminal actions, Stefano and Sami are the one responsible here not all the ‘Dimera’, moron Roman !

  3. Ejami is the reason I watch Days the only soap I watch. Ali & James have so much chemistry. Their acting is natural & never
    forced. Both deserve an Emmy for their incredible acting skills.

  4. Amen to that!

  5. James Scott deserves an Emmy for his stellar work this year. Between his amazing performances today (Shoot me Marge!) and dropping to his knees begging Stefano to save Sami, if he doesn’t not win this year the system is irrevocably broken.
    I’m confident this is just angst for Ejami, however as a viewer who waited 7 years for my couple I’m still a little gunshy. Without a doubt Ejami is why I watch Days. Without them as a couple I have no interest.

  6. Nice to see Sami being strong and there for EJ today. Unfortunately her dad comes tomorrow and plays the BIG BAD DIMERA card. Hang on here Roman… have you forgotten all the things your own daughter is capable of and has done in her life thus far? Sure Sami didn’t start this mess but she did end it. As Marge said “She wanted Sami to lose her fiance so Sami could feel her pain. So Sami could live through what Marge is when Sami decided to pull that trigger and shoot Bernardi.” I know Roman is getting old but he seems to have a very selective memory!

    Let me tell you…. If I was Sami I would trust EJ to take care of me and the kids way more than I would trust the incompetent Salem PD!

  7. I only started watching back days when Sami and Ej got together they make the show watchable everyone else is boring with the exception of my boy Chad and Wilson so if they break them up I am through with days.

  8. I realize that Sami and EJ have to have angst. I just hope they don’t blow it by going to far with it. The EJamination has a long memory…. I for one have just now stepped back from “the ledge”.

  9. I hope they don’t put an end to Sami & EJ that’s why I watch Days.

  10. Angry EJ is looking HELLA SEXY in that header picture! **fans self rapidly**

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