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‘Once Upon a Time’ Review: The Tale of a Terrible Fairy

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Tonight, Once Upon a Time introduced viewers to one of Neverland’s most infamous residents: Tinker Bell (Rose McIver). We got to learn more about Pan’s true plan for Henry and Neal came up with a plot to get himself to Neverland so that he could rescue his family.

Quite a Common Fairy” also gave viewers more insight into Regina’s past with a flashback to a time when the Evil Queen had a crisis of confidence. Regina had been feeling down on herself since the love of her life was dead and she didn’t feel like a true queen just yet. That’s when Tinker Bell came in and offered to help her find a new soulmate and her ticket to happiness.

Lost Boy Roulette

Let’s start with Henry and Pan since it was probably the least interesting part of the episode, even if it was important. Pan and the Lost Boys were playing games (arrows and knives are their favorite toys) and Pan handed Henry a bow and arrow and wanted him to shoot an apple off Felix’s head. Instead, Henry shot the arrow in Pan’s direction, but he caught it so Henry failed to do any damage.

Pan tried to bond with his prisoner and explain that he wanted Henry, not only because he was the truest believer, but because people didn’t believe anymore and magic was dying because of it. He explained that Henry was their savior (this word might need to be banned soon, show) and it was his destiny to bring magic back to all worlds. Henry seemed skeptical, but that didn’t stop him from checking out the drawing of him that Pan provided.

Neal Barters with Robin’s Son

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Neal was desperate to find a portal to Neverland. He started listing various ones including ruby slippers, which was actually the first of two Wizard of Oz references (the other was Tink using poppies to put Regina to sleep). Once Neal met Robin Hood’s son, he knew he could have the boy call out to the shadow. Naturally, Robin wasn’t onboard with using his son as bait, but Neal pulled the emotional blackmail card and reminded him that he wouldn’t even have a son if it wasn’t for Rumple.

Neal, Mulan and Robin stood guard as the boy called out, “I believe.” But nothing happened so Neal wanted him to try again. That’s when the shadow arrived and tried to snatch him, but Mulan cut him with her sword (BAMF) and as he flew away, Neal leaped out the window and it carried him to Neverland. Once there, he was dropped in the middle of the jungle and Felix was there to welcome him back. While we’re sure Neal is anxious to find Emma and Henry, we’re looking forward to (crying over) his reunion with Rumple.

Regina Broke Tinker Bell

In the flashback, the Blue Fairy scolds Tinker Bell for trying to help Regina because of her darkness. Tink doesn’t listen and steals pixie dust, which is like the worst thing a fairy can do to another fairy. But she really believes that she’s doing the right thing. She takes Regina (who’s flashback hair was fabulous) flying and then she shows her the bar where her new true love is hanging out; he’s the one with the lion tattoo. Unfortunately, Regina panics and runs away instead of going inside. She shuns Tink (“Fly away, Moth!”) and then Blue Fairy strips Tink of her wings when she tells her that she doesn’t believe in her anymore (ouch).

Present day Regina knows Tinker Bell isn’t going to be happy to see her and persuades Emma to let her stay behind. Emma questions what she did to Tinker Bell and Regina replies that she did what she always does. The two moms have a cute bonding moment where Regina admits that she’s been calling it “Operation Henry” because he’d have a name for it, but a better one. Emma and the rest of the group take off and that’s when Tink knocks out Regina with the poppies.

When Regina comes to, Tink threatens her with a dream shade arrow, but Regina does one better and pulls out her heart and hands it to Tink. The fairy wants an explanation; she wants to know why Regina lied and didn’t go after her new soulmate. Regina admits that the anger was all she had and didn’t know who she was without it. She tells Tink to crush her heart, but warns that if she does, she’ll be no better than her. Tinker Bell gives it back, but says that she won’t help her and it’s too late anyway because Henry’s been with Pan too long.

The group shows up to rescue Regina (aw, how awesome was that?), but Regina lets them know that she’s fine. Hook and Tinker Bell acknowledge each other, but we don’t really get too much of a sense of their history yet. Snow offers to let Tinker Bell go home with them if she’ll just get them into Pan’s camp. Tinker Bell takes her up on it, but warns them that they will only have one shot so they’d better come up with a good plan.

Oh, and did we mention that Robin Hood was the man Tinker Bell insists is Regina’s soulmate? We’d heard this rumor and now that we know it’s true…we’re definitely intrigued. We’re looking forward to seeing them in the same realm.

Additional Musings

-While Emma and Hook didn’t get quite as much screen time this week, it was nice to see them sharing rum again. It’s kind of becoming their thing (Cue the shipper swooning).

-Hook noticed that Charming had been hit with the dream shade arrow and he tried to help him find Tink’s pixie dust. For once, Charming wasn’t biting Hook’s head off in return and it was nice to see.

-Snow had a chance to point out to Emma that they were more alike than Emma realized when she filled her daughter in on how she slept in a tree stump while on the run from Regina. It’s a steep road, but we like that Emma is at least starting to see her mother’s life wasn’t the best either.

-We’re not here for Charming dragging out telling Snow the truth. Judging by the previews, it’s coming next week.

-Can we take a moment to point out how sad it was that Mulan was ready to tell Aurora about her feelings only for Sleeping Beauty to confess that she was pregnant? We’re happy for Aurora and Phillip, but poor Mulan. We don’t blame her for joining Robin Hood’s Merry Men.

Did you enjoy this week’s installment? Hit the comments and share your thoughts with us!

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  1. Really didn’t like the use of a small child as bait. No reason would ever be good enough in my opinion. I like Neal as a character but sure didn’t care for his decision…

  2. I think Charming has realised that Hook is pretty much on the same wavelength as them. Hook does have the same thoughts on things as Charming does, and thats what he realised last week i think. But its good to see a development here with them, this bromance is good because not only for the men that they (which by the way they are similar in the sense have things in common, its the way they fight and step up to fight) but also in progression to Emma & Hook, always good to get in with the her parents ;) . Not much Emma-Hook but the small moments are worth it because you see the camera placements with them, together side by side. Regina calling out Hook as her boyfriend – if anyone was going to notice and snark at it and voice it out aloud it would be Regina, and she did it, and the camera panned to Hook in the background.

    Disliked the sick smile Neal got when he formed the idea that he can use a little kid to get what he wanted, talk about bad choice and doing things like that.

    Intrigued for Regina and Robin, i cannot wait to see their journey.

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