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‘Revenge’ Review: ‘Confession’ Proves to be Fatal

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Will anyone ever be able to throw a party on Revenge that doesn’t end in disaster?

The concept seems highly unlikely, but we’re not complaining. Watching the soapy drama unfold until one or more of the characters loses control is one of our favorite things to do with our Sunday evenings. Nolan’s housewarming party did not fail to bring the drama. But we’ll get to that.

Confession” continued Emily’s quest to use the disgraced Father Paul to convince Conrad to repent for his sins and tell the world what he did to David Clarke. The guilt was definitely getting to Conrad; the opening scene featured Mr. Grayson having a nightmare that Charlotte came into his room and stabbed him to avenge her father. When he woke, Emily was there, smiling, and ready to start manipulating him.

Of course Conrad’s plight was only a portion of the episode. There was plenty of tension and anger to go around. Is it just us or does it feel like Emily’s fan club is slowly dwindling? She’s got Nolan in her corner, but the other people in Emily’s life are not quite as receptive to Ms. Thorne’s will as they used to be. Let’s discuss:

ABC/Richard Cartwright

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Charlotte is rapidly moving up on the ‘Who Shot Emily?’ suspect list

Now that she knows the truth about Conrad, Charlotte has moved in with Jack and Carl and is determined to help Jack get on with his life. When Margaux tries to score an invite to Nolan’s party, Charlotte convinces Jack to take her. At the party, Emily attempts to reconnect with her sister, but only ends up saying all the wrong things. Charlotte doesn’t realize Emily is jealous of Margaux being there with Jack, so the teenager coldly tells Emily that she’s definitely becoming a Grayson. Maybe she’s not quite ready to pick up a gun yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she continues down this anti-Emily path.

Margaux might not be the worst after all

Don’t get too excited; she is still pretty boring, but it was fun watching her make it clear to Daniel that just because she failed to seduce him doesn’t mean that she has to listen to his demands. Margaux wanted to put Nolan on the cover of her magazine, but Daniel was against it because he’s worried if the story comes out, people might realize just how deeply his family was involved. Margaux and Jack’s date was kind of cute, but more in the ‘it’s nice to see people have friends’ way than in the ‘holy chemistry!’ way. Plus, it got under Emily’s skin much more than any flirtation with Daniel would so maybe Margaux will find herself being red sharpie-d and we would not be sad to see her go.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Daniel actually is the worst

We’re ashamed that there was once a time we rooted for him to steal Emily’s heart. But in our defense, season one Daniel was not this terrible. This Daniel is Conrad’s son through and through and he’s all about winning and power. Does he still love Emily? We have our doubts. Sure, he flipped out over Aiden, but we can’t help wondering if that was more of a possession thing than an actual jealous moment. Daniel’s shining douche moment of the episode was when he went around Margaux to her father and threatened to pull out his investors if he let his daughter put Nolan on the cover. Then he gave some whiney speech about women pushing him around his whole life. Ugh, Daniel.

Should we call them ‘Noltrick’ or ‘Patrolan’?

We’d be lying if we said we haven’t been waiting impatiently for Nolan and Patrick to meet since the season started (yes, waiting three episodes was hard) and their initial interaction was worth it. Patrick was not impressed by Nolan’s loud cell phone conversation while he was sunning himself at the club, but Nolan definitely liked what he saw when he got a good look at Patrick (duh). Nolan started to get his flirt on, but then was surprised to realize who Patrick was. He still invited him to his party, but when he mentioned it to Ems, she warned her BFF not to get too close to Patrick because they don’t know enough about him yet.

Later, after Patrick made his dislike for Emily quite clear (ha!), she returned the favor by mentioning Nolan’s invitation in front of Victoria. The look on Victoria’s face was priceless and she too warned her son not to get close to Emily’s friend. Patrick looked just as disappointed as Nolan. He showed up after the party was over and told Nolan that he knew about Emily and Victoria’s issues, but he wanted Nolan to know that he didn’t think they should let them cloud their opinions. YES. We are so here for this potential romance. There are so many ways it could impact everyone’s lives, especially if the two develop genuine feelings for one another. Bring it on, show.

Aiden is still Team Emily

Obviously we knew this because Aiden would never betray Emily, but it’s always nice to have our opinions validated. After Aiden told Victoria that he could prove Emily bought Nolan’s house with her money and that Emily had been sleeping with him while engaged to Daniel, Victoria promptly brought the info to her son. Daniel wasn’t exactly receptive and sneered that he’d taken care of Aiden (ugh). Victoria invited Aiden to be her date for Nolan’s party and Daniel and Emily were not amused to see Aiden there.

This led to a classic fight between Victoria and Emily and Emily “accidentally” yelled that the Grayson family was bankrupt in front of the entire party. Victoria and Daniel were humiliated, but Victoria rebounded and told Aiden that even though he’d been wrong about being able to prove that Emily stole their money, she still wanted to keep him around because he got under Emily’s skin like no one else had.

Daniel had a security alarm installed at Emily’s beach house, which made her very angry and then he told her the truth about the night of the election. Apparently, Daniel had shot Aiden and then he ran off (ugh). Emily needed some alone time and went to the beach to do some sketches. Aiden joined her and whispered that their plan was working. Em wasn’t pleased that he’d told Victoria about them, but Aiden didn’t seem too sorry about that. We just want to take a minute and gloat over Aiden still being awesome. Also, how sweet was Emily needing to see his battle scar? Totally here for these two.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Did Conrad kill Father Paul?

We’re a little confused by this storyline. Conrad decided that he wanted to come clean so he could repent and pay for his crimes before his disease killed him. Victoria was horrified at the thought and proceeded to slap him and then throw vases at his head (hilarious) before he jumped in the car with Father Paul to go tell the world that he was the real bad guy, not David Clarke. All of this seems a little too easy, right?

But then Emily is out driving and finds Conrad’s car wrecked and on fire. Father Paul is lying on the sidewalk and he appears to be dead. Emily looks guilty (probably that whole thing where she blackmailed him) and then Conrad calls out to her. He looks a little rough around the edges, but not too bad for a man that survived a fiery crash. That’s why we can’t help assuming that he caused it on purpose to get Father Paul out of the way.

Did you enjoy the episode? Do you think Conrad staged the crash? Can Daniel still be redeemed? Are you excited about Nolan and Patrick? How much fun is it to see Emily and Victoria constantly sniping at each other again? Hit the comments and share your thoughts with us!

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  1. Daniel certainly isn’t as clean as he once was but part of me still wants him with Emily yet I do like her with Jack.

  2. So glad it was revealed that Aiden works with Emily! I was sure he wouldn´t work against her, just thought that he was working on his own… Love these two together. And Nolan & Patrick… This episode was great! But still wishing that Jack and Charlotte would go away…. sooo boring! Margaux was more interesting in this episode.

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