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Days of our Lives Preview: October 28 Edition

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This week on Days of our Lives, Eric is furious with those who he feels lied to him. Two residents prepare to depart Salem; Daniel makes a sacrifice to protect JJ. Get a sneak peek at what happens in Salem in our Days of our Lives preview for the week of October 28, 2013.

Days of our Lives Preview: Everything Has Changed

  • Jennifer is devastated when she believes Theresa slept with Daniel — unaware that he’s really trying to protect JJ. Just how far is Daniel willing to go for Jennifer’s son?
  • Jordan is furious when she realizes Kate isn’t giving up her inquiry into her past.
  • Chad and Cameron remain at odds over his involvement with Abigail. Fed up with the drama, Abigail resolves to take back control of her life — and her first step in doing so is to break up with Chad before he leaves Salem.
  • Nicole is devastated by Eric’s accusation and desperately tries to prove her innocence. She confides in Daniel her true feelings for Eric, and shares that he thinks she raped him.
  • EJ blackmails Lucas. Later, Sami has a surprising reaction when she confronts EJ about the blackmail.
  • Will Kristen prevent Marlena from getting her hands on the flash drive?

DVR Alerts
Wednesday – Will departs for California
Thursday – Maggie confronts Victor about his spending so much time with Marlena.

Source Look Ahead: November 4, 2013 Edition
EJ is forced to lie to Sami. All hell breaks loose during Brady and Kristen’s wedding.

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  1. Just love Ali Sweeney & James Scott. Great chemistry, great acting, great looks.

  2. I like this turn of events with Daniel and JJ. I don’t see myself ever getting excited about Danifer, but Dan is earning points with me. Eric and Nicole drama = made of win. I hope Sami gives EJ a high-five and big, sloppy wet kiss for getting Lucas to back off with his foolishness. Hmm, too bad about the lie though. Finally, a moment of silence for Marlena’s eyeballs.

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