General Hospital Preview: October 7 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, the aftermath of Connie’s christening resonates for Dante, Lulu, Maxie and Spinelli. Dante and Lulu make plans to ensure they won’t have to give up the daughter they were promised. Also: Franco learns not everyone is intimidated by his threats, especially Derek Wells. Get a sneak peek of what happens in Port Charles next week in our General Hospital preview for October 7, 2013.

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General Hospital Preview: It’s About To Get Ugly

  • Dante and Lulu have no intentions of giving up baby Connie and seek legal assistance from Alexis to issue a pre-emptive strike. How will Spinelli and Maxie react when they realize their former friends aren’t going to hand over their child? Not well…
  • Ava is questioned by Morgan after he overhears her talking with Derek. Did Morgan hear them plotting against his father? Sonny faces off with Ava over her “relationship” with Morgan thanks to a tip from Carly.
  • Luke is reunited with an old friend.
  • Patrick has a private moment for Robin on her birthday. He resigns himself to a sad “truth,” unaware that his wife is desperately fighting to return home to him and Emma.
  • Franco’s jealousy flares when he learns Carly is going on a date with Derek. When Franco’s attempt to scare off Derek falls flat, he concocts a plan to try to make her the jealous one!
  • Nikolas provides comfort to a worrisome Britt, who fears no one cares about finding her missing child.
  • Duke learns of Olivia’s past visions of Faison.
  • What will Anna find in Switzerland?
  • Silas is found in a state of undress in Sam’s penthouse. What’s going on there?

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Source Look Ahead: October 14, 2013 Edition
Franco warns Derek to stay away from Carly, but Derek issues a warning of his own in response. Patrick can’t get Robin off his mind.



  1. Carly and Franco does not work. There is no chemistry there AT ALL. She needs to be with someone like Jax. Bring Ingo back!

  2. Silas undressed in the PH?
    (unstoppable screaming)
    Carly + Derek/Julian? Sam, can you say “step-monster”?

  3. Please Julian…make Carly say Franco who!!! (& I’m not really even wanting Carly/julian). Anything is better than her with Franco!!!!

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