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‘The Originals’ Midseason Finale Photo Preview: Vampire Dinner Party

Annette Brown/The CW

We’ve survived our first week without a new episode of The Originals and we don’t think it was a coincidence that it wasn’t the best week ever. Our favorite vampires will be back in a few days with a new episode, but we want to talk about the upcoming midseason finale, “Reigning Pain in New Orleans.”

Clearly, we’re not relishing the idea of a holiday hiatus, but we’re not going to think about that right now. Instead, we’re going to put our best guessing hats on and come up with some theories as to what’s going on in the episode stills The CW recently released. As we said when we talked about the official episode description, we’re very curious about what’s going to happen next week that takes Marcel from wanting to imprison Klaus to having dinner with him.

Annette Brown/The CW

Annette Brown/The CW

But it’s not just Klaus and Marcel at the dinner table. Hayley is there too, but what’s most intriguing is the fact that Klaus seems to be sitting at the head of the table and making some kind of toast. How did that happen? And has the war between Klaus and Marcel officially been put to bed? One thing we know for sure: a dinner party hosted by Klaus has never been boring.

Annette Brown/The CW

Annette Brown/The CW

Last time we saw Rebekah, she was lying to Klaus about Marcel’s intentions. We can’t say that we blame her, but in the picture below, she’s in the woods with Diego. Is he there representing Marcel? It sure doesn’t seem like the two are happy to be sharing space. Maybe Diego is spying on her or maybe this is the beginning of a new relationship for Rebekah (we can dream).

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Elijah is in the woods too and so is Eve, who we don’t know much about, but she has some sort of connection to Hayley’s family. Is she related to her or does she just know her relatives? More importantly, what’s up with the giant stake she’s holding? Also, Elijah in that coat is everything.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Obviously we have a lot of questions and we’re guessing you guys do too. Check out the rest of the gallery and then hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us.

The Originals returns Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 8/7c on The CW. “Reigning Pain in New Orleans” will air on Dec. 3.

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