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‘A Day of Days’ Interview: Freddie Smith and Judi Evans

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In the final installment of our Day of Days interviews, Days of our Lives stars Freddie Smith (Sonny) and Judi Evans (Adrienne) discuss their love for their characters, adapting to change and working together.

Freddie Smith’s Sonny is a nice honorable and dependable person who tries to always to the right thing, a character trait of soaps leading men of the past. Some fans think he is boring, but Smith has a different perspective, “He is just a do-gooder, which is good,” he says, pointing out that “You need that positive person with all that craziness going on.” That dependable hero like quality will come into play soon, as “There will be even more [craziness] in a few weeks” he teases.

Recently, the actor had to take up the art of working with babies, one of the hardest challenges for many actors. Smith was enthusiastic when we asked how it was going, telling us “Great, we are working with twins, Sydnee and Harper [Udell], the family is wonderful.”

All of those scenes holding baby Arianna Grace has also given Smith a new skill set, “Now I am more comfortable with babies. I didn’t hold many babies growing up, and now I am like a pro, I know how to handle a baby,” he told us with confidence. His on-screen mom Judi Evans asked if this met Smith was ready for his own little bundle of joy, prompting him to flatly state “I am not, no. I’d like to wait another ten years.”

Discussion turned to what Sonny and Adrienne would wish for if given three wishes, prompting quite an amusing banter between the two, Smith lead by saying “Sony would want, more alone time with Will.” Evans said Adrienne would wish for “All of her boys to be together” before telling Smith “You haven’t even met you Uncle Steve.” “I have an Uncle Steve?” questioned Smith. After confirmation of Steve and discussing his deceased uncle Jack, Smith excitedly exclaimed, “I have an Uncle Steve! …I wish for Uncle Steve, more alone time with Will, and to be reconnected with my brothers.”  “That is beautiful,” sighed Evans before joking, “I would wish for less time with Will.”

One thing Adrienne would not wish for is being forced to spend more time with Sami (Alison Sweeney). However, Evans is quick to note she would actually enjoy more time working opposite Sweeney, “A nice good catfight! I love working with Alison, she is hilarious” tells Evans.

Of course Adrienne is not the only ‘Days’ role that Evans has tackled, and when we asked what story she had the most fun playing, Evans proudly said it was her stint as Bonnie Lockhart, “Well playing Bonnie was the most fun, playing Adrienne is great and really wonderful and it is dramatic but Bonnie was just so out there. I mean, everything was there – her boobs. She was naughty.”  “Are there any clips on YouTube? I’ll have to check it out,” Stated Smith.

Evans expanded on her love of playing Bonnie, “I got to fantasize about all the boys in town. One time my character had to kiss 5 different guys in fantasies on the show… so my husband gets up with me at 4 o’clock in the morning and tells me ‘have fun kissing all the boys, I’ll have dinner ready for you when you get home’” she recalls with a laugh.

“I think the most fun I had was delivering the baby” tells Smith of his choice. “It was so fun to shoot. It was intense, it was crazy, and yet it was comedic,” he explained, adding, “It was fun.”

We had to ask Freddie Smith about working with his first major romantic recast. Chandler Massey will exit the role of Sonny’s boyfriend, Will, and Guy Wilson will immediately take over. “We kind of just went with the flow. It is still the same thing for me, it’s being in character, it’s still working with Will, the character, it really wasn’t anything on my end” explained Smith. The chemistry between on-screen couples is paramount to their popularity, and Smith tells us that “Guy and I hung pretty much every day for a week to try and get to know each other better and [then] just went for it.” While he is sad to see Massey depart the role, he had nothing but praise for Guy Wilson and said of the recast “I am glad the storyline is continuing forward.”

Of course, Will is not the only Salem resident that Sonny is close with. The comfort and ease that Smith shares with Evans was apparent throughout the interview, prompting us to ask how they liked working with each other. While we expected the answer to be positive, we were not ready for the emotion Evans would display while Smith told her “I truly feel like I’ve known you forever… When we really got to know each other we were just very similar in many ways and I just trust her and love her to death. Playing as my mom on the show, that is what you want in a woman. It is very easy to look into her eyes and just love her all the time. I just love her as a person and as a character.” Fighting back the tears, Evans told Smith “I feel the exact same way about you” before saying “that is the nicest thing [anybody has ever told me].”

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