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‘Sleepy Hollow’ Review: ‘Sanctuary’

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With Thanksgiving just a few days away Sleepy Hollow did what most of us do this time of year, focus on family.  Though hopefully if you are heading home for the holidays, you won’t find that your ancestral home is haunted by an evil tree monster.

Last week it was revealed that Captain Irving had an ex-wife and a daughter. In this week’s episode “Sanctuary,” we were introduced to them. Irving’s daughter Macey (Amandla Stenberg from The Hunger Games) is in a wheelchair. Though not much detail is given, it is hinted that she was in some sort of an accident and that Irving somehow feels responsible.

While Irving’s family lives in the city, he chose to move to Sleepy Hollow with the promise that it would be a good place for his daughter to visit. However, it seems he has been keeping Macey at an arms length and his ex-wife Cynthia has had enough. She gives him an ultimatum.  If he misses anymore weekends with his daughter, she’ll file for sole custody.

This is an interesting development for Irving’s character. Cynthia doesn’t seem like a bad person. She actually seems quite lovely and Irving appears to still care for her on some level. Her threat is done out of frustration and the need to do what is best for Macey. Irving isn’t being a good father. I suspect he really wants to be there for his family but something is holding him back.

Irving isn’t the only daddy with issues. Turns out that Katrina secretly gave birth to a son and Abbie is a descendant of Katrina’s midwife Grace Dixon. A child was previously hinted at during Abbie’s dream at the beginning of The Sin Eater. I suspect as more family tree branches are revealed it will become clearer as to why Abbie and Ichabod are the two witnesses.

Ichabod is obviously a bit shaken by the knowledge that he had a son whom he was not able to watch grow up.  He does not know what happened to his son. Moloch did not want Ichabod’s son to live and had sent one of his minions to kill the boy on the night of his birth.  Katrina and Grace escape with the child but did others try to slay him? Ichabod imminently goes into concern parent mode and will undoubtedly be searching for some answers.

I’m curious if Ichabod’s son is related to someone who we have already met. Maybe socialite Lena Gilbert who’s family used to live in the house where Katrina had her son. Or maybe occult expert Sheriff Corbin or the sineater Henry Parrish. Hit the comments to share your theories!

Jenn Bishop
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  1. I believe Ichabod was already “buried” when his son was born – so either she didn’t know she was pregnant when Ichabod “died” or she was newly pregnant and hadn’t seen him to tell him. But yes, I want to know what happened here, too!

  2. Katrina has a lot of explaining to do! I wonder why she keep this from Ichabod. Thanks for commenting:)

  3. At first I thought Lena too, because the Tree Monster kept holding onto her, but made no effort to kill her. Now I don’t know.

    If I had to guess I would say that either Sheriff Corbin or Henry Parrish as a descendant. Corbin because he watch over Abbie and Jenny, and Henry because Moloch probably wanted to prevent the birth of a future Sin Eater by killing Ichabod’s son.

    All is all it was an amazing reveal and Katrina has some “Splaining” to do!

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