Soap Hitlist November 18 Edition: Brooke Chooses Family, Heroes in Port Charles and Salem Returns

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It seems that in the last decade or so that the good guys on soap had gotten kind of boring.  While anti-heroes and villains gained depth and dimension, the white knights became one note and irritatingly self-righteous.Often we found ourselves rooting for the bad guy as a result.  We love a good villain but crave the romantic hero just as much. General Hospital has been showcasing some good heroes lately and especially this past week.

The Soap Hitlist for the week of November 18-22 shines a positive light on making the right decision, standing up for what’s right and uniting around what’s right.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Chooses Katie
Hell hath no fury like a Logan woman scorned! Sisters Katie and Brooke were furious when they learned just how far Bill was willing to sink to scheme his way back into power of Spencer Publications and regain custody of his son. Bill preyed on Katie’s vulnerabilities and desire to be a family by claiming his near accident in Aspen convinced him he needed to return to her. Though she resisted initially, he wore her down and made love to her, promising they’d be a family again. Little did she knew it was all a ruse to take back what Bill feels belongs to him!

When he showed up at Brooke’s to come clean, she was rightfully furious. Katie began to put the pieces of the puzzle together and went over to Brooke’s to confront Bill. During this time, Brooke swapped out the contracts Katie signed with a memento of her and Bill’s time in Aspen — leaves!

Bill tried to win back Brooke by apologizing to her, almost begging for her to take him back. “We can’t make everything better but we can still have this, each other. Say yes. One word,” he tells Brooke, trying to convince her that they can make their relationship work. Bill thought his magical charms worked but Brooke was having none of it. She told Bill to take his bags and his ring and leave.

[textblock style=”6″]Bill: Your sacrifice is for nothing Brooke. I’m not going back to Katie.
Brooke: That’s none of my business.
Bill: And she will not forgive you. She’s not you. There will be no redemption. There will be in the moment but it won’t last. She will lay and wait in judgement of you. What if this is it? Our last chance to love and be loved? What if the rest of it is just one long slog? And everything we could have been goes to waste?
Brooke: Maybe I’ll be able to look at myself in the mirror.
Bill: No.. No Brooke, you are stronger than this. Guilt is for cowards, nto for us. We stand tall and we say that we will pay the price, whatever it is.
Brooke: Goodbye Bill.[/textblock]

With that, Brooke put to rest her ongoing betrayal of her sister and began trying to make right the pain she’s caused her all those months. It won’t be an easy road ahead for the Logan sisters, but this was the first step towards a significant reconciliation.

General Hospital: Heroes Prevail
Super spies Anna and Robert turned the tables on Jerry and, along with their pal Luke, raided Wyndemere.  At the end of Friday’s episode, Anna was saving her lover Duke from femme fatale Dr. Liesel Obrecht, Luke and Faison were face to face with guns drawn, and Robert was once again reunited with his daughter Robin.  While this story arc has featured an awesome team of super villains, it’s the good guys that make it feel like a classic soap opera adventure. We love Dr. Obrecht but we were rooting for Anna.

Sometimes the hero isn’t the guy who storms the castle with sword drawn but the little guy who is shows mercy and compassion.  The biggest hero on General Hospital last week wasn’t a quick witted spy or handsome prince, but the often meek Damien Spinelli.

It would be an understatement to say that the custody trial got out of hand. Things quickly progressed to downright ugly between former best friends Maxie and Lulu. It was Spinelli who finally had enough of the mudslinging and decided to do the right thing. He took the stand and defended the honor of both Lulu and Maxie while making a heartfelt plea for his daughter. It wasn’t much of a surprise when the judge awarded Spinelli sole custody of baby Connie. Now if only we can do something about that name…

Days of our Lives: Blasts From the Pasts, New Opportunities and Apology Tours

On Days of Our Lives the return of super couple Kim and Shane was a much welcomed blast from Salem’s past.  We loved seeing Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease in scenes with Jen Lilley.  There is a nice family dynamic and the actors have great chemistry.  Kim and Shane’s stay was brief and not perfect (why was Jennifer there?) but it showed a lot of potential for upcoming story lines.  When Kim and Theresa spoke of how Kim became overprotective of Theresa when she started dating it occurred to me that Theresa doesn’t know about her mother’s past.  “Oh honey, I probably just saw too much of myself in you,” Kim told her daughter.

Now would be a great time for big sister Eve to return to Salem and drop a few bombshells. The talented Charlotte Ross reprising the role would be my first choice of course but if she is not available, Kelly Sullivan (ex-Kate/Connie, GH) would be a excellent recast.

One issue we had with JJ learning about his father’s terrible attack on Kayla was there were too many missing pieces for the real emotional beats to play out. The reveal would have had greater impact if Jack and Steve returned for a handful of episodes, making it an umbrella story. Instead, it kind of fell flat, which wasn’t a result of any of the actors involved, the timing just kind of sucked. Seeing how many of the key characters are alive and well though, I think that Theresa learning about her mother’s tragic past could be an amazing angle to revisit down the line. Either way, our fingers are crossed for a long-term visit from Kim and Shane. Though given DAYS’ production schedule, it probably wouldn’t occur until next fall.

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