‘The Originals’ Midseason Poll: Best and Worst Episodes

Tuesdays are just not the same without a new episode of The Originals to spend the day looking forward to. We’ve got a lot of time to kill between now and when the series returns in January so we’re going to continue our look back at the first 10 episodes the show has given us.

There have been episodes we loved from beginning to end like “House of the Rising Son” which brought Rebekah to New Orleans and “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree” which gave the Original siblings a chance to work together to protect their family from the witches. “Sinners and Saints” took everything we thought we knew about the witches and tossed it out the window when we learned that Sophie was the bad guy.

Bloodletting” brought the first character crossover from The Vampire Diaries and led into “The River in Reverse” which began to shift the show’s dynamics leading into the midseason finale, “Reigning Pain in New Orleans”. And we can’t forget about the Backdoor Pilot that started it all with the news that a special werewolf girl was pregnant with Klaus’ child.

Always and Forever” was the retelling from Elijah’s point of view that caused some controversy among fans and critics alike and then there was “Tangled Up in Blue,” which some of us would prefer to forget, even if we don’t quite remember why anymore. “Girl in New Orleans” gave us more information on Cami’s past as well as one of the most talked about scenes to happen in the series.

Next week, we’re going to share our list ranking the episodes from best to worst, but first, we want to hear from other fans. Like our best and worst potential pairings poll, this is just our way of gathering intel to see where everyone’s heads are at. There are no winners and losers here so don’t waste your time trying to cheat the system. We just want to know which episode you like best and which one you wish had never happened so we can compare it to our own.

Here’s how the voting works: select one episode as your favorite and one as your least favorite. That’s it. As always, the comments are open so you can defend your choices or politely argue with others.

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The Originals returns Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 8/7c on The CW.