‘The Originals’ Midseason Poll: Best and Worst Potential Pairings


Now that we’ve reached the first midseason hiatus for The Originals, we’re going to be taking a look back at the 10 episodes (we’re counting the pilot) that have aired so far and breaking down what’s working for us, what’s not working at all and the things we’d like to see once the show returns for the second half of the season.

We’re going to start sharing our opinions next week, but first, we want to know what our fellow fans think. We’ve created a series of polls so we can get a feel as to what you guys are enjoying and what you wish would go away and never come back. First, we’re going to start with the couples and potential couples on the show.

For a CW show, The Originals hasn’t had much romance, which works for the series so far since it’s difficult to find quality cuddling time when most of the main characters are busy murdering people and/or running/fighting for their lives. As much as we’re dying for Hayley and Elijah to kiss (and if you read our reviews, you know we’re obsessed with them), we understand that the timing hasn’t been right.

Rebekah and Marcel are the only pairing that have had any present day romantic scenes, but we’ve also seen Marcel and Sophie’s past relationship and we know Klaus and Hayley hooked up at one point for the baby to come into existence (most fans probably saw it happen on The Vampire Diaries or have at least checked out the scene on YouTube).

There have also been a few hints at pairings: Marcel and Cami went on two (compulsion induced) dates, Klaus has acknowledged that he cares for Cami and she admitted that he was hot when he wasn’t manipulating her, Diego and Rebekah have sparks each time they’re facing off over something and Davina and Tim shared some adorable first crush scenes in the church before Klaus ruined everything.

And of course since this is The CW and we’re not new to TV, we know that there are potential pairings that haven’t even been hinted at yet. Cami and Elijah only shared one brief scene so far, same for Marcel and Hayley. Sophie has had dealings with both Mikaelson brothers and neither seems to have any use for her, but that could change in the second half of the season. That’s why we’re talking potential pairings.

So here are our questions: Which potential pairings are working for you and which one do you never want to see happen? We’ve got two polls below. You can vote for multiple couples, but you can only vote once so choose carefully.

Feel free to hit the comments and defend your choices (Remember: viciousness toward actors or other fans will be deleted. Character hate is fine. Hating real people will not be tolerated).

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The Originals returns Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 8/7c on The CW.

Mandy Treccia
Mandy Treccia has served as TVSource Magazine’s Executive Editor since 2016, formerly as Editorial Director from 2012-2016. She is an avid TV watcher and card carrying fan girl prone to sudden bursts of emotion, ranging from extreme excitement to blind rage during her favorite shows and has on more than once occasion considered having a paper bag on hand to get her through some tough TV moments. Her taste in TV tends to rival that of a thirteen-year-old girl, but she’s okay with that.

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  1. Go watch porn loser

  2. Well, we respect your opinion but this poll obviously doesn’t agree with you. Klaus deserves a shot of happiness and Hayley is a great girl. People have shipped Klayley since TVD but have never been as vocal as they are now in TO. They have plenty support. Elijah is not good at all. He has become a hypocrite, and I don’t think he deserves any family or any lover right now. Sophie is not a bitch. She is only trying to do what is best for her clan, her family and is doing a much better job than Elijah had with his family. I agree with what you said about Cami and Rebekah, but regarding Marcel, I think he belongs with Rebekah but he has a long list of things he should do for her to prove to her that he loves her and he has to show that he deserves her.

  3. After we won the BuddyTV poll, we are winning The Originals second poll as well. People can’t say that Klayley has no fanbase because as far as I can see, it has the most support on The Originals, and despite their small interactions, people can still see the chemistry and potential of this pairing. Love them. They are perfect together.

  4. Don’t get the klayley thing at all, but for those who haven’t seen tvd and only TO then I can understand a little better. Worst pairings I think would be Klaus with anyone really. Best would have to be Davina and Tim. It would not necessarily be best for the plot but it’s a cute ship and when looking at the other options I think it’s clear that it’s the best choice. Elijah is simply too good for any of them, Rebekah deserves someone who can return her love, Cami is meh and hard to ship, Marcel has no time for a lady, Sophie is a crazy b*tch and Hayley… Well she’s Hayley and I better not say too much about her.

  5. Are you kidding me? It is the klaroliners who hate on Klayley fans! You must have been living in a cave until now.

  6. Klayley 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are winning! OH YEAH! Can you believe it? The writer’s plan of trying to make us like Klaus with Camille and Elijah with Hayley failed. Klayley is winning the crowd. Yay

  7. We are the majority in this show. We already won the buddytv poll. Have you seen? There are many of us. Klayley has more fans than Haylijah or Klamille. We will win this poll too.

  8. omg im not the only one who ships klaus and hayley the fandom is expanding!!!!!!!!! klayley ftw

  9. I ship Klaus with Hayley and Marcel with Rebekah on the show. No one else. I voted for Klayley since they are my absolute favorites. Love how we are all posting photos of our favorite couple. Here’s one I love. Intense…really intense. I heart Klayley

  10. Klayley is my beautiful OTP and I am so happy that this couple has such a strong fanbase. We wo the buddytv poll and we will win this one. Klaus cares for Hayley. In 1×08 he said “It has everything to do with her.” to Elijah and in 1×09, the baby hasn’t even come up in the fight between Klaus and Elijah. Just Hayley. Klaus has become unsure of his feelings towards her and that is why he couldn’t say what would happen to her after the baby would be born. I know they will happen at one point. It is innevitable when you have powerful attraction, chemistry and a baby to bond over. Like it is said Klayley is the long runner couple of the show. Klamille an Haylijah are just bumps in the way. Klayley <3 Always and Forever

  11. Deserves so much better? He hasn’t wronged her, except when he let Klaus keep her daggered. Even that can logically be seen as a smart decision on his part. Every decision that he’s made in regards to Rebekah have been incredibly smart when it comes to being a king and yet, he’s never actually used her. People are just angry that he’s not using his heart, but, if he did, Rebekah would of course be number one pick. But he has more than just her depending on him. Marcel is a good man… vampire and that’s definitely why Rebekah fell in love with him. He’s in love with her and has been in love with her longer than she’s been in love with him. There’s nothing unhealthy about their relationship. She deserves better? He’s perfect for her, but he can’t just drop the people who have been dependent on him. If Klaus wasn’t such a prick about his sister’s love life, Marcel and Rebekah would surely be together with no conflict, but that’s not a good TV show relationship.

  12. i voted for klaus and haley their relationship is a mix of love/hate and is a slow burning one ..and is none of that “good girl fixes bad boy” crap! i feel like shes the one for him in the very end

  13. Klaus/Hayley. I didn’t use to ship those two until I went on the Klayley tag on tumblr and saw all the connections between and how they would make a great team/relationship. I like the thought of them together.

  14. Hahahah cant agree more!

  15. You people need to stop shitting on the other ships just because they threaten your own. It’s immature, and frankly you extreme, unnecessarily opinionated shippers are going to ruin the show if you continue on like this. No ship is better than each other. Every single ship that involves Klaus is wrong and abusive in one way or another, you cannot not justify one as better than another. Which means it’s entirely personal preference and you should all have the decency to respect other people’s opinions. Although that appears to be a little to complex for you to comprehend.
    What is it that you hope is going to happen? That Julie will see you whining enough that she will favour your ship? Is that what you want? Fan service? Because speaking from experience, it RUINS shows. It seems I am the only person that can acknowledge that each ship is understandable and I respect that. Klaroline have had some beautiful moments. So have Klayley. SO HAVE KLAMILLE. I get it, ok? Joseph Morgan is fantastic, he would have chemistry with a table. But stop with the negativity. Look at what has happened to the TVD fandom. Is that what you want to see happen to the Originals? It’s only been 9 EPISODES.

  16. I just need Klaus and Hayley to have epic fights and then fuck the living hell out of each other everyday. Then make like 10,000 babies. I’m not asking for a lot:(

  17. You called them delusional for ‘bragging’ about their ship yet then went on to brag about your own and put down theirs as well.

  18. Their passion and chemistry is the most unique I have seen in all TV couples. Klayley forever <3

  19. I think that Haylijah happening will only make Klaus jealous for real and like you said, he will realize what slipped between his fingers. Hayley is his true love. I can feel it <3

  20. I voted for Klaus and Hayley as Best Potential Couple of course!!! Their chemistry makes me scream “WOW!” and I love how they hate each other but sometimes show they care for each other. They are not rushed, they are not shoved down our throats. That is why there are so many people who ship Klayley now. Answer for those who question it: NOT rushed NOT forced, realistic, slow burn, chemistry. That is why people ship them. I have a feeling that in the end, they will realize that they are meant to be together. Now, Klamille and Haylijah are simply forced and everybody knows that these are the couples the writers want us to love. You see the difference? That is not what people want. They want the unexpected power romance. “Hate is the beginning of a love story, not the end of one.” and “Love, hate, such a fine line.” are quotes from our awesome TVD character star, Katherine Pierce. She’s always right when she says something ;) Klayley is winning and you have your answer of what you should do in the future, Julie Plec. It’s going to be Klayley in the end <3 JP: "Don't expect any romance (YET) between Klaus and Hayley." All the more reason for her to save the most unique, special couple for the end!

  21. power couple

  22. I voted Klaus and Hayley. Together they would be unbeatable and the very definition of a power couple. I just wish Klaus would wake up and see what’s standing right in front of him. Family, love, loyalty, power, all of this they can give each other, yet neither one of them wants anything to do with the other and its so frustrating. One day when Hayley and Elijah become a couple, Klaus is going to realize what he passed up.

  23. I voted for Klaus&Cami Rebekah & Diego as best potential pairing.
    Hayley&Elijah as worst.

  24. I love that Klaus & Hayley are winning Best Potential pairing! They really are the best along with Marcel & Rebekah. The others (klamille and haylijah for example) are either forced or boring in my opinion. Klaus and Hayley fit so well together.

  25. You are delusional if you think that klamille is dominating polls and you are just as bad right now as the klaroliners who like to brag about their ship, as you say it. I don’t ship klaroline or klamille, I ship Klayley and I happen to disagree. Klaus does care for Hayley but it is harder for him to show it to her than to show it for Camille. Dominating polls huh? You are not dominating the Best Potential Pairing poll and you are last in this poll, http://www.buddytv.com/the-originals/showdowns/which-pair-from–the-originals–are-you-rooting-for–700001956.aspx#comments! The only poll you seem to be dominating is THE WORST Potential Pairing :D

  26. They believe that they are such a big group of klaroline shippers because they are more vocal than others that’s it. I do not think that klaroline is that popular at all especially now with The Originals series and people have decided to jump off that sinking ship.

  27. Wetpaint is the slave site to the klaroline ship and they make sure that ship always wins. I do not think klaroline has anymore polls since it no longer exists

  28. you should go vote on the wet paint poll

  29. I am really not happy with any of the choices. I still want Caroline to show up!

  30. KC’ers still think we Klayley’s are 8-9 people or sth. But this poll proves them wrong, I think. Anyway, I think we should be more vocal about Klayley, so they can stop assuming we are only a small group of people.

  31. […] list ranking the episodes from best to worst, but first, we want to hear from other fans. Like our best and worst potential pairings poll, this is just our way of gathering intel to see where everyone’s heads are at. There are no […]

  32. KLAYLEY <3

  33. Klayley is the absolute best as shown. It is winning two polls at the same time! KLAYLEY FOREVER on TO! SUPERCOUPLE OF THE SHOW!

  34. I’m curious to see how Klaus and Hailey would be as a couple. They bonded in 4×16 over their childhood and they had a hot sex scene after the fact, but now the writers seem to have forgotten that Klaus and Hayley liked each other at some point ( well more of a love/hate type thing). I suppose because of the Klaroline backlash they decided to drop the pairing, but I myself am curious to see how they would fit together. I think they would make a great team.

  35. Klaus and Hayley <3 Yay!

  36. i am so happy about klamille. the dynamic they have and their chemistry always make me emotional. i think camille is brilliant, and she could help klaus on the right path, through baby steps. i can’t wait to see how it will develop between them!
    i often like klaus and hayley scenes as well, i see that as a chance for him to show that he is starting to genuinely care for her and the baby’s well bein.
    but elijah and hayley…i have no words! i admit that the idea of those two together fascinates me more than klaus/hayley.

  37. that’s not true. we never got to know the real hayley. all we knew about her was that she was trying to steal tyler from caroline. usually girls don’t like the other women, but we never got to know her character. that’s why i didn’t like her. also her reason for trying to find her dead parents was anything we hated about her. we didn’t care enough about the character to validate her reason. Hayley knows she does bad things, but so has everyone else in TVD and the Originals. Hayley hasn’t really been rewritten.she’s still flirty(with elijah), still sassy, and will protect the people she cares about. that hasn’t changed at all.

  38. I love all the characters in this show, all of them are fantastic, and I LOOOOVE KLAYLEY, i can’t with my feelings about them. I thougth Klaus and Hayley were the only ones who i could ship, but i’m falling in love with the way Diego and Rebekah look at eachothers, I think is going to happen something between them, i love it :) And plaese stop with the Ships wars, that is sooo inmature! All of us are part of TVD and TO family, respect eachother tastes.

  39. I’ll concede that meaningless sex has nothing romantic but the writers have tried to establish a connection between the two and so far it has failed hence Haylijah.

    Now I really don’t agree when you say that Hayley had no real characterization in TVD. She was a character, Phoebe Tonkin gave her incarnation. She was not an idea on paper; she had her characteristics (sassy orphan, looking for her parents, in love with Tyler, befriended and betrayed twelve hybrids…) And a lot of people hated her (long before the hook up with Klaus) because of who she was. Now, Plec/ writers have rewritten Hayley, have given her a new personality (poor helpless mother-to-be/ victim) to make her likeable in TO to suit their needs and possibly to justify having/ keeping Phoebe on the show.

    And I think it’s cheap, dishonest and unfair to the viewer. But that’s my opinion (and that is just an opinion). :)

  40. Rebekah deserves so much better than Marcel

  41. i don’t get it these poll’s…you can vote multiple times…the only poll’s that you can just vote one time..is the EW or that march madness poll’s ((i think this is the right name lol))..!

  42. really happy that klayley is winning. people are starting to realize how alike they are and are starting to give them a chance, they would be really beautiful together. others can’t see it because they haven’t had many scenes together, but if you think about it they would be the biggest power couple and would truly understand each other. hayley understands klaus’s worst memory when his father cursed him after he found out klaus was a werewolf. hayley understands because her parents kicked her out when her parents found out she was a werewolf. when elijah showed hayley the memory of that the first thing out her mouth was ‘your dad was a dick’. she knew and understood. she had crappy parents as well. this is why she has risked everything to find her real family. she wants love and to feel conneted same as klaus. they both know what it’s like to feel rejected and ashamed and not worthy of love. I really want them together. thinking of their potential gets me so excited!!!!!! :)

  43. i really like hayley and klaus but i also like hayley with elijah..you see my problem

  44. yeah..agree..i just hate ship war’s.. -__-

  45. Damn i m so torn between klayley and haylijah at first from
    the backdoor pilote i was 100% klayley great chemestry and all , and after that
    when klaus was a jerk to her i was like f u asshole you doesn’t deserve
    her and then when elijah was there for her all protectiv with genuien caring
    and manning up i was screw you Klaus that’s how it should be (not wining with
    boring camille about BS) but when she was standing up to him and told him to
    wait for a payback i couldn’t help feeling that they are right for each other
    all that anger and resentment it comes from somewhere indefrence it’s the
    opposite of love not that bouillabaisse of feelings , and at the end when
    Elijah and her were on the balcony i was EPIC LOVE alarm Epic Love alarm , damn
    i hate love triangle but in this case it’s like it’s written on stone you can’t
    avoid it , the thing is even when the writers chose to be pro haylijah the few
    sceneS between kleyley are just mind blowing no one can deny the chemestry even
    julie if it’s on screen it’s there , damn it i m so torn !!!!

  46. yeeeah, how do they know their other vote has been counted?

  47. Apparently some people are able to vote multiple times. Read the comments below.

  48. Klayley 4EVER! Love them together

  49. Guys, you can only vote once in this poll. You really can’t cheat, okay? Only one vote is counted. If you vote for a second time, it says that you have already voted and your second vote will not be accepted. So, what you see is the real thing. No ship wars please. Isn’t anyone tired of it?

  50. Lol at the person voting Klayley down multiple times trying to bring Klamille up. It’s obvious what you’re doing.

  51. That’s not most of us. If you go to our tag you won’t see any of us hating on them. Those are just a few who want to cause drama. Just like in every fandom. Most of us mind our own business.

  52. i disagree..about not hating on the ship’s by the way…….most of Klayley’s are just haiting on the Klaroline shipper’s i mean it’s disgusting…they even call them Klarotrad..i mean hate on the ship..it’s fine..but hate on the shipper’s? not cool at all :/ it’s just a tv show..!

  53. i Can vote muliple time’s as well..!

  54. I like Klayley and Rebel and Solijah.

  55. Rebekah and Marcel! Hayley and Elijah! Boom! More chemistry than you learned in school, man. And sexual tension? Not even a problem. Rebel gives me the tragic, epic romance. Haylijah gives me the sweet, “will they, won’t they” romance.

  56. Hmm…I don’t know. It won’t let me. I guess some can and some can’t.

  57. I’d like to see Hayley and Elijah become a couple in my opinion.

  58. Klayley’s I’m so proud of all of you! We barely had any scenes with Klaus and Hayley and look at our getting voted to #1. Even if we don’t win look at how far we got in the poll. I’m just happy to be in the top 3. The writers will see that there’s an audience for Klayley and hopefully they’ll give us some good scenes in the future.

  59. I was able to vote more than once

  60. Klaus and Hayley never happened. They had sex. There is a difference. They didn’t have a romantic connection, they were just two lonely souls who wanted to find comfort in one another. Also Hayley’s character was hated back then because she had no real characterization. In the Originals people like her much better, so now people are more open to Klaus and Hayley.

  61. I don’t know what people are talking about. If I try to vote multiple times it won’t let me. Can others on here vote multiple times?

  62. Not to mention Elijah and his Darling Diego!

  63. I liked your post because I believe its accurate. Klaus and Hayley do have a lot of parallels between them. I ship Klaroline and I actually think its kind of weird that they don’t like each because they are so similar, but then going through the Klayley tag I saw some post explaining that they don’t like each other because they see too much of themselves in the other. The hurt, the abandonment,etc.. I respect the Klayley’s because you guys are usually really nice and you are loyal to your ship and see Klaus and Hayley’s potential instead of accepting what the writers give you guys. From what I’ve seen you all for the most part don’t start drama and that’s good. I also like the fact that you all don’t hate on the other ships when they get more romantic scenes than you all. I just wanted to say you have this Klaroline fans respect:)

  64. Why are some people mad at people liking Klayley? We’re aware that they don’t like one another. We acknowledge that all the time in our post, but that doesn’t mean they never will like or care for one another. Relationships change, people fall in and out of love. They’re so many parallels between Klaus and Hayley that’s its not enough funny, and I don’t know if the writers did this for a reason, but I am very interested in watching they’re relationship grow. I like ships like this where two people don’t automatically fall in love. It’s more realistic. I love the love/hate relationship between the two and if it makes me delusional to think that two people with similar childhoods and who desperately want to be loved could find love with one another than I’m delusional and proud.

  65. Hahaha, yes! Emotionless Caroline would be so interesting to see.

    She needs to tell Klaus to man the fuck up (preferably after she slaps him).

  66. I can’t tell you how much I detest poll’s like this. All they do it fuel gross ship wars.

    Everyone knows that poll’s are the least accurate way of deducing the populations opinions on things.

    If you want to know more accurately which parings are most popular, go and see how many Facebook likes or twitter mentions or tumblr blogs each ship has.

  67. I Want Caroline to turn her emotions off and head to NOLA but I want her to get with Marcel or Diego…and Well…Klaus can go cry with boring Camille about his daddy issues..it will be perfect..! :)

  68. I’ve never shipped a couple in my entire life, but I fell hard for Klaus/Caroline. I really don’t know what it is, but for me, all these other parings just pale in comparison and I think that the size and resilience of the Klaroline fandom proves that the majority of people feel the same.

  69. klaus and hayley in future seasons :)

  70. Klaroline is the best potential pairing IMO

  71. idk i think hayley and caroline are better for klaus in my opinion (dont shoot me)

  72. I really hope you’re just trolling, because there’s no way a person can be so wrong in one post

  73. Wow. And they say Klaroliners are delusional and aggressive… Okay… Well, we’ll wait and see how big Klamille becomes. :)

  74. I hope you realize that posting in all capitals doesn’t make you any less wrong.


  76. I knew this thing was rigged, now way is Klamille that popular

  77. This is a concept that I will never understand.

    How exactly would it ruin the show?

    I hope it’s not because you think she wouldn’t fit in, because that argument is completely redundant.
    It’s all about how the character is written. If she’s written darker, I’m more than certain Candice Accola would be able to portray her that way.

  78. as much as i love caroline bringing her other to the originals would ruin the show

  79. fyi, klaroliners came here to defend themselves after we heard that people where posting hateful things about the klaroliners. hate the ship all you want, but to post vile things about the s h i p p e r s, completely unprovoked, is too far and we have every right to defend ourselves.

    bye now.

  80. They’re not listed because this is a TO poll, and Caroline is not yet on TO.

    Oh look all the people getting salty because Klaroline remains the biggest fandom on a show where one of the characters isn’t even present.


  81. oh look all the klaroliners are here now giving their imput as to why “klaroline” has to happen even when klaus and caroline isnt even listed

  82. So apparently it’s Klaroliners fault that the other ships haven’t generated the support that it did?

    Maybe you should just face the fact that not everybody likes the same things you do.

  83. agree with you Sam.. :)

  84. I love you for saying that..lol <3 :D

  85. I have literally just voted for the same couple about 7 times in a row.

    I don’t know why it’s not letting you do the same, but it’s clearly letting a lot of people vote multiple times.

  86. ”The Klaroline shippers are the worst.” ”They’re evil.” ”They’re mean.” ”My ship fails, everything is their fault…” ”They’re hateful.” Wow. The only hate I see is coming from Klayley (and sometimes Klamille) shippers who stalk Klaroline tags and send vicious messages to Klaroliners.

    Haylijah is happening, how is that our fault? Klamille is underrepresented, again, how is that our fault?

    By the way, Klayley happened and failed… So stop calling us
    delusional… As for Klamille, only time will tell if it will draw as
    many people as Klaroline… but I sincerely doubt it will.

    We love Klaroline and are vocal about about it, just like you are about your ships… Klaroline is a big united fandom who won’t give up on their ship. How is that bad? I wish you the same.


  87. no. when you try to vote again it says “we have already counted your vote”(that vote doesn’t count), the first time it said “thank you for your vote”

  88. Yes, you can vote more than once. OnlyHope is right, this makes the results inaccurate and unreliable.

  89. you can’t vote multiple times

  90. Er, you can vote for the same couple more than once. I just voted for Marcel and Camille twice in a row…..

  91. No, you’re wrong, sorry.

    A poll where you can vote multiple times makes the results completely redundant.

    The only way to accurately deduce which pairings are popular is looking at social media. According to Facebook, Twitter mad Tumblr, there’s only a real buzz around Haylijah. Klamille is practically non-existent and Klayley has some supporters, but not enough to make the writers go there.

    Personally, the only pairing I like is Marcel/Cami, and even that’s bigger than Klaus/Cami.

  92. agree with Kat..there are a “few” people in the fandom..who make the hole fandom look not good..most of KC’s i knew on Twitter..etc.are So Nice…and in every fandom there are people who are not good btw..just like Delena , Stelena , etc.

  93. nope..there are a FEW in the Klaroline’s who are bad..just like the Delena fandom….i swear i saw some Delena fan’s send death threat’s to Paul wesley..im not lying here..people like that are the one who kind make the fandom not good at all…and i don’t think “KC’s” mention is to kill people LMAO..as i said there are a few people in the fandom make’s people are not good…BUT most of KC’s that i knew on twitter , FB , tumblr are nice and all they do is support the couple ((most of them that i knew on twitter are Klaroline fan’s and they are fan’s of hayley two))…and btw the kalyley’s who send death threat’s are no different from the Klaroline’s who send death threat’s….!

  94. these polls are never reliable though. people can vote as much as they want, it’s obviously going to be a bad source because someone could have voted 100 times if they could be bothered.

  95. it’s not a real poll until someone claims it’s fake only because it doesn’t meet their expectations.
    they are slowly becoming popular, deal with it and be happy for the show and the actors ffs.

  96. Klamille was obviously supposed to take off a la Klaroline, but that’s failed epically. Unfortunately the majority of fans are finding Camille a very uninteresting character.

    Klayley hasn’t achieved the buzz needed for the writers to make it a legitimate pairing. It’s clear that more people ship Hayley with Elijah.

    The only way to make a Klaus-ship popular is to bring Caroline over and make Klaroline happen. It’s become obvious that Klaroline fans aren’t going give up on their ship, and I have to say good for them for powering through adversity.

    I don’t usually get involved in the shippery stuff, but even I can see that Caroline is the only character that fits with Klaus.

  97. You can’t vote more than once. You can vote for more than one couple. There’s a difference.

  98. Any poll that allows people to vote more than once is completely invalid. It’s obvious that people are going to vote multiple times, thus making the results unreliable.

    I don’t ship anyone on TO yet, but it’s obvious from social media that, not counting Klaroline (they’re still the biggest fandom whether we like it or not) Haylijah is the biggest ship on this show.

  99. Klaus & Cami& Rebekah & Marcel are my top two! & Now you probably know who this is, hahaha

  100. Hayley asked Klaus what would happen to her once the baby is born, and the face he showed her was tragicomic! I mean it made me laugh cause it screamed ‘Duh! What do I care?’ and on the other hand it almost made me feel sad for her cause she is the mother’s baby! So how can people see that and still want them together?! Klaus is obviously indifferent whether she lives or dies!

  101. speak for you. I like them

  102. i can understand the klayley ship. The good girl saving the bad boy isnt my type of romance HOWEVER i cannot support HK because HALIJAH is simply the most beautiful pairing in TO rn. They can be just it for me. Sexy, balanced, healthy, beautiful. They treat like equals. They RESPECT each other so HAYLEY AND ELIJAH ALL THE WAY!!!i

  103. When does the poll close?

  104. klaus and hayley voted the best and worst potential couple now thats an interesting pair! theres a thin line between love and hate in words of katherine pierce

  105. I think its interesting to see how Klaus and Hayley have had barely any scenes together and people still want them together. While Klamille and Haylijah have had plenty of romantic scenes, Klaus and Hayley have had none. I see on tumblr that the Klayley’s love the love/hate relationship between the two. I can respect that. I think it’s funny how they’re voted the best and the worst pairing. I guess the love/hate thing is evident to everyone

  106. The amount of behavior I’ve seen of that from Klayley stans compared to the amount of behavior I’ve received like that from Klaroline stans is very, very different. I’ve received far more abuse from Klaroline stans solely for pointing the holes that make me not ship it than what I’ve seen any Klaroline stan not looking for trouble receiving.

    More than that, there’s a population of KCers who have made it their mission to be nasty and abusive towards the production staff and Phoebe Tonkin. We aren’t talking the general complaints that all fandoms make, we’re talking death threats, name calling, starting rumors about Phoebe having an eating disorder, tweeting her that she’s a slut or slept her way into her job. So yes, all fandoms have their bad seeds but the KC fandom’s bad seeds have made it their mission to be nasty and disrespectful to fans, actors, and the production staff on a level beyond that of what any other fandom has done.

  107. I have to agree with Stephanie. I’ve seen lots of Cami hate from everyone. Not just Klaroliners. She is pretty boring.

  108. didn’t mean that last eye roll at the end.

  109. I’m a Klayley shipper through and through. I’m tired of the good girl trying to ‘save’ the baby boy from himself
    Klayley would be perfect together

  110. Haylijah and Klamille are my faves :D

  111. 30 shippers? nope. do you realize how many people watch the originals? a lot more people like them than that. i’ve seen gif sets with 100s of notes and vids with 100s of likes. i’ve seen positive comments on twitter. just because the fanbase is smaller and less vocal, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  112. seriously!?! how can you judge who has more fans than who. did you count the amount of fans on tumblr, twitter, youtube, forums? its not a contest. klamille <33

  113. klamille is being thought of negatively bc of klaroline. i’ve seen lots of supporters on tumblr/youtube/twitter. sorry i don’t like it when people say most people. you have no idea what “most people” want. you can’t judge that just from what you’ve seen on a website. i think this poll has proved you wrong since their getting votes.

  114. practically everyone? i don’t think you can judge. i’ve seen a lot of klamille fans.

  115. i don’t even know man. one pairing doesn’t exclude the other (talking about the discussion below), and people can vote for more than one so i am really confused

  116. LMAO. This poll is a mess. It keeps changing. It’s all fun though. My personal opinion is best couple: Hayley and Elijah. Worst couple: Marcel and Cami. What was that about?

  117. Klaroline’s are bad? did you go on tumblr?…Klayley fan’s are sending death threat’s for Klaroline fan’s just beacuse they don’t ship Klayley..and plus call them pathetic ..im not trying to start antything here but in every fandom there are bad people..and you make me laugh Julie plec? please..every fandom in TVD/TO are just hating on her..not just “klaroline’s”..go on Delena and Stelena tag’s then you know what im talkiing about..people like you piss me off btw..i don’t want to be rude..!

  118. So apparently Klaus and Hayley are either the best thing for each other or the worst. Just like what Rose said about Delena. Hmmm….This kind of makes me want to ship it.

  119. What the heezy? Now Klayley is on top? Yay! But this poll is giving me whiplash.

  120. do you go on facebook or twitter? how come none of you guys say anything about liking klamille? if you like something you should be vocal about it. don’t let haters get the advantage. if you all stay quiet about liking your ship the writers are going to think no one wants it. i’m just saying its not smart to stay quiet. the reviewers said it was a twisted relationship and many other reviewers have said klamille is toxic and they think its a bad relationship. i’m just saying what i’ve seen.

  121. I dont know if i think of them as a bad thing, i could kind of ship it. I might have been on board faster if she wasnt similar to Caroline in archetype. Straight talking, sassy blonde. BUt i actually like Cami as a character, which i know many people dont. Ive actually seen a “fair” amount of support for Klamille, but not the representation the other ships get – by far. But i admit, its surprising to see how popular they are here. haylijah is by far the most popular. As well as love for Klayley.

  122. “the reviewer didn’t even ship it”? what is that supposed to mean? first of all, the article was signed as Team TVLine, and “twisted” is not a synonym for “worst”. take delena for example. i voted for them, i don’t go on tumblr neither on forums because i only see people hating on them and i don’t want another couple ruined thanks to the fandom.

  123. Yes, exactly. However Klamille has repeatedly been seen as a bad ship, not just for Klaroline fans but practically everyone. I don’t know what it is, but something’s not right. Its not only me, other posters are surprised as well.

  124. So far i only like Hayley and Elijah, but i’m open to other potential pairings.

  125. Just an observation, most of the comments below kind of confirm my own impressions – that Klaroliners are perceived (and i say perceived) by many to just be the worst shippers ever. I know on tumblr, the hate they spew at Julie, poor Phoebe Tonkin (not just the character, but the actors too) its really embarrassing. The thing is, I LOVE Klaroline. But i don’t associate with the shippers at all. They’re viscous when generally every other pairing off the show – haylijah, klamille and even klayley shippers all generally get along.

  126. haylijah ALL THE WAY. Although im not anti Klamille and actually ship Marcel with Sophie instead of Rebekah… who i wish they would get a different love interest. Not feeling Marcel.

  127. No one’s bashing any of the ships. It’s just a bit unbelievable that a pairing that is constantly being thought of negatively all over the internet, is beating ships that have much larger followings. If people liked Klamille, people would be saying it everywhere. Even now no one is even posting about Klamille. No one is saying things like “I voted Klamille” or “Go Klamille” Everyone either likes Haylijah or Klayley. I don’t know what it is, but somethings wrong. They don’t even get likes on Facebook. Most people find Cami boring, even non-Klaroline shippers. If people were afraid of Klaroline shippers no one would like Klayley, but yet Klayley is an active tag with people declaring their love for them. It has likes on Facebook and people aren’t afraid to say they like them together..

  128. The funny thing is that Klaroliners come here to this shows polls and say haylijah is their OTP just to get hayley away from klaus..how lame klaroline doesnt even exist anymore! i ship hayley and elijah but this is just dumb and annoying go away and stop ruining the fun for everyone by bashing klayley and klamille!

  129. after the episode where they got an honorable mention the review itself said it was a “twisted” relationship and the reviewer didn’t even ship it because of how sick it was. many people compared it to damon and caroline. i don’t know who these klami shippers are but they’re quite about liking klaus and cami. i can’t find anything anywhere where they have a larger following than clayey or haylijah. hell even rebel has more fans than them!!

  130. i think our country’s facebook page of the show is most used, but i wouldn’t know…i usually don’t like pages of fictional characters

  131. i wouldve thought klayley or halijah or even rebel would be leading but klamille?! hardly anyone even ships that and most people hate that ship and find it “forced” so what even?

  132. I can understand that with tumblr users, but no where is there any indication outside of tumblr that Klamille is popular either.
    Not on Facebook, not on twitter, not even message boards. Just yesterday they were voted most toxic ship and the reviews for the couple have been pretty bad so far. Most people complain about Cami being boring or find her character useless. I don’t know, but something is off.

  133. I don’t know I just did a google search for Klamille and barely any thing came up. I think in total on Facebook they only have 81 likes. Klayley has 1,490 likes and Haylijah has 2,548. So yeah this poll doesn’t back up what’s been shown from all over the internet, and reviews from posters. I don’t know what’s going on, but somethings not adding up. Do people in your country use Facebook or twitter or post on forums?

  134. how is klaus and hayley the “worst pairing” lol they have a child together and are living together?? is probably klaroliners getting jealous

  135. i would like to remember to all of you, that they got an honorable mention for a klamille scene (TV line). i can assure you that influenced. haylijah is doing great as well, why are you all concerned?

  136. A lot more people like Klamille then what people think. They just secretly like them because if you say anything positive about the couple, you get a ton of klaroline shippers crying/unfollowing/being generally mean spirited about it.

  137. No way!!!
    I’m a Klamille shipper myself but I have to say I don’t think this poll is accurate, which is sad because I wish it was. As much as I love Klamille I know our fan base is pretty small. Not only on tumblr but in general. I go to fan forums and everything and at most 5 people post there. I’m sorry, but as much as I wish this was true. I’m thinking this is fake:(

  138. really? i haven’t seen anything like that. besides, i don’t now, i am not from the US and here the couple is pretty popular, and not many use tumblr

  139. Yeah, I’m calling troll on this poll. I’m serious, no way does Klamille have this many followers. No body attacks Klamille’s on tumblr( aside from Klaroliners, but they hate everyone). Klamilles, Haylijahs, and Klayley’s all generally get along. So there is no reason to troll them. Like the other poster said, they got voted most toxic ship by Hollywood life just yesterday.

  140. exactly. there is far too much shipper terrorism on tumblr.

  141. Trust me – if it was rigged, Haylijah would be winning by like 90 percent. They’re our favorite part of the show. But when people don’t have to sign in with their Twitter or Tumblr accounts, they’re free to be more honest about who they really like without having to worry about people trolling them over it.

  142. That’s the thing about anonymous polls – people can vote for the couple they truly support without worrying about people trolling them for it.

  143. That’s surprising because based off of Tumblr, practically everyone hates them. I think they only have like 30 shippers total and now all of a sudden they’re a popular couple? Just yesterday they got voted most toxic ship by hollywood life.

  144. looks like not everyone hates them after all. i’ve heard camille is becoming pretty popular, especially after the last episode. i love haylijah as well, so what’s the deal? they could both be winning

  145. I don’t know I don’t feel this poll is accurate. No way does Klamille have that many followers. I’m thinking this poll is a hoax.

  146. Eww Cami/Klaus? What in the world? People actually think constant mind rape makes a good couple?

  147. This poll has got to be rigged. How in the world is Cami/Klaus in the lead? Everyone hates them. Haylijah should be winning

  148. No Josh in the poll,I know he is the only openly gay character but the Mikaelson brothers could have being with men sometime in the last thousands years.I think Klaus & Josh could be hot as a potential pairing.

  149. Klayley is awesome. They have a lot of potential. Klaroline fans are voting them down because they don’t want to see them happen.

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