‘Sleepy Hollow’ Review: ‘The Golem’

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Last episode of Sleepy Hollow, it was revealed that Ichabod and Katrina had a son. “The Golem” focuses on Ichabod’s search to find what became of the boy.  With the help of Henry Parrish aka The Sin Eater, Ichaobod learns the sad fate of his son Jeremy.

Katrina had given Jeremy away in order to protect him. She gave him a strange voodoo type doll to keep safe. Jeremy had inherited his mother’s powers though and would start fires just by crying. One of those fires destroyed his new home, killing everyone inside it except for him.  After that he was sent to a cruel orphanage. It was there that he created a golem when some of his blood dropped on his doll.

In the absence of his parents, the golem protected Jeremy from those who wanted to harm him. Unfortunately that protection came in the form of murder and violence. The four witches who speak as one (they are responsible for Katrina’s imprisonment) offered to help Jeremy with the golem but he declined. He was too afraid to let go of his protector.  So instead the witches stopped Jeremy’s heart with a hex and buried him.

While it appears Jeremy’s story ended there, I’m a bit suspicious that there is much more to it. After all Ichabod was buried and is now walking around alive as can be. Perhaps Jeremy will have the same fate. Or maybe he will appear to Ichabod and Abbie in visions like as does Katrina. Having it all resolved in one episode just seems to easy to me. There is a greater purpose to this character.

Outside of Jeremy’s tale we got a glimpse of Irving battling some other very different demons. During a conversation with his former pastor (he hasn’t been to church in awhile), he comes to the realization that by joining forces with Ichabod and Abbie he may have given up his life. And not only his live but possibley his family’s as well. During a visit with his daughter a possessed food vendor threatens him. How will this new knowledge effect his future choices?

Of course the episode wouldn’t be complete without a visit from Moloch. This time Moloch pulls Ichabod into a shattered mirror and delivers an ominous message. I touched her soul once and soon you will give it to me.” It seems Moloch wants Abbie’s soul and Ichabod may be the one to give it to him. At least that’s what Ichabod assumed. I wonder if Moloch was talking about someone else.

It was nice to see Henry Parrish again and I suspect he’ll continue to drop by Sleepy Hollow from time to time. He had a lot of good quotes in this episode but I think this one sums up the series very well: “A good puzzle misleads you. It sends you in one direction, fools you into thinking you know what’s going on but once you discover the trick there is often a hidden meaning.”

What did you think of the episode?  Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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