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‘General Hospital’ Valentine’s Day Previews: It’s the Reunion You’ve Been Waiting For

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General Hospital has big plans for the residents of Port Charles this Valentine’s Day! Will Dante and Lulu come to a decision about their future? Will Elizabeth come between Nikolas and Britt? TVSource Magazine has the scoop!

Love is in the air on ABC, as the network celebrates the most romantic time of the year with a month full of Valentine’s Day-themed programming. Today, the network issued a press release, highlighting what’s to come on the Valentine’s Day episodes of General Hospital: On Thursday, February 13, Friday, February 14 and Monday, February 17, it’s Valentine’s Day in Port Charles and along with the romantic holiday, there will be joy as well as pain.

General Hospital Valentine’s Day Previews: Reunions, Reservations, Resolve and Regret

  • There is joy for the reconciled Dante & Lulu as well as for Felix, when Lucas accepts his invitation to go out on Valentine’s Day.
  • Britt is delighted when the young Spencer gives her a Valentine and Nikolas tells a curious Britt they’re going on a Valentines mission. But the day brings pain to a suspicious Liz as she awaits Baby Ben’s paternity results. Meanwhile, Britt’s fairy tale romance may be about to crumble into pieces when Liz threatens her. That night, Nikolas has the ultimate Valentine’s Day surprise for Britt, despite the confession she knows she must make. Liz grapples with her feelings for her true love.
  • Julian is thrown by Ava’s sneaky actions, and Michael and Kiki end up in a bruising argument. As Valentine’s Day continues, Duke’s attempt to reconcile with Anna over their conflicting work ethics leads to a passionate solution.
  • Things heat up during Molly and TJ’s study-date, but she wants to make their first time together a special moment.
  • After Sonny warns Ava she had better not be double-crossing him, she and Morgan have planned a clandestine evening together.
  • Meanwhile, as Franco fights for his life, will he wake up and be reunited with the love of his life?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC, with same-day episodes available on-demand at and Comcast Xfinity.

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  1. To answer you question I think the only reason Elizabeth is in the baby storyline is because they had Sabrina speaking about her baby at the nurse station. As for Lulu & Dante baby issue with Britt having their son I think Liz is the only one to pick up on the Britt’s son that her facts don’t match and there for Liz decides to get the truth… I very much doubt if Liz is thinking they truth is going to lead her to the answer she finds regarding Ben through.

  2. I love Liz and Nik together. They are hot and have always been there for each other. What better love is there than to fall for a best friend you trust to always look out for you? Sorry Lucky once filled that role but no longer after his selfish need to dump all his stuff on Liz and then go find himself. GOOD RIDDANCE! Not sure if Nik is Liz’s true love. That remains to be seen but he is Mr. Right right now!

  3. That’s right Liz think about the man that’s been there for you through it ALL. Sorry folks that’s Nikolas Cassadine!

    Go get your man Liz. Don’t let him get away this time.

  4. IMO, it’s this current writing regime that is fickle. Guza ended Niz in early 2010, because the pairing was gross and Nik admitted he wanted Liz because of dead Emily. Liz was not interested in Lucky in 2009, until Guza talked JJ into returning to the show to reunite original LnL2 then changed his mind in order to pair Lucky up with Siobhan.

    RC has twisted Guza’s ending for Niz into some kind of love story when Nik/TC returned to the show, when fans that watched in 2010 know very well that Liz and Nik are NOT in love with each other!

    A friend pointed out that the current regime is trying to bring on another Lucky recast since JJ is not available, so it is very clear that pushing Liz toward Nik is to ultimately trash the character again by writing Liz/Nik against Liz/Lucky. Grrrrrrrrrr

  5. Liz grapples with feelings for her true love? If that is referring to Nik……ummm, NO! Really?!?! Not excited at all if that is the direction it is going…..

  6. So looking forward to some sort of movement in Britt’s lying and scheming story – let’s hope it all comes crashing down around her, but if Nikolas is proposing she’s going to be even more desperate to hang onto him. Elizabeth should watch her back. Kind of excited to see where things might be heading for Elizabeth and Nikolas. I believe they loved each other once… but I really hope the writers show us some evidence of Elizabeth’s feelings for Nikolas resurfacing in the next few weeks, because right now there’s not much indication that she loves him beyond friendship. Whatever, I will be happy to see Becky with some decent air time, and I know she’ll sell her material for all she’s worth. Love watching her!

  7. Bwahahaha! So we’re supposed to forget about Lucky, Jason and Ric?! Could Liz be any more pathetic and fickle?

  8. I have noticed that if you don’t meet RC’s criteria, you’re really not going to get any good writing at all. And poor Elizabeth meets none of it.
    1. She’s not one of RC’s creations.
    2. She’s not tied to an 80s character or 80s storyline that he brought back to the show.
    3. She’s not in a storyline w/ Silas, Kiki, or Franco
    4. RC/FV doesn’t want to see her continuously shirtless.
    I absolutely hate the upcoming spoilers for her character. I think they are referring to Nikolas as her true love & I seriously need someone to get a dictionary because in no possible way is Nikolas Elizabeth’s true love. Ric either if they are talking about him. I don’t get why they are putting Elizabeth in this baby drama either when she’s already in Sabrina’s storyline & that is yet to be resolved.

  9. What the what? Liz’s true love? Is SBu back on the show as Jason Morgan? Or is that idiotic Lucky Spencer who cries at the drop of a hat coming back to town? I know we’re not talking about that sleazy Ric Lansing that tried to kill Liz, twice.

    Why is Liz all up in these paternity stories when she’s had her own paternity baby drama in the past? Why can’t the writers write Liz a story that has NOTHING to do with babies, paternity nonsense or throwing her toward that other idiot her ex-brother-in-law, Nik? Jeez. It is hard out here for a LizFF to get a story for a sixteen year vet that is not used to pimp or prop some new pet (Britta/Sabrina).

  10. If you’re talking about Lante reconciling, not what I’m waiting for . . . . they can split for good, they’ve been dead to me since the day JMB left.

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