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General Hospital Preview: February 17 Edition

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Elizabeth and Britt face off over the secret about Ben and their love for Nikolas! Will Nikolas stand by Britt when he learns the truth? Meanwhile, as the feud between the Corinthos’ and the Jeromes heats up, the loyalty between Julian and Ava is severely tested. Get the latest scoop about what happens in Port Charles in our General Hospital preview for the week of February 17, 2014.

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General Hospital Preview: Liz Exposes The Britch!

Elizabeth finally has the proof she needs to take down Britt and isn’t afraid to use it! When Liz threatens Britt, the doctor is forced to accept the reality that her fairy tale romance with Nikolas may be headed for an unhappy ending. An oblivious Nikolas continues with his Valentine’s Day plans for Britt, who knows she must come clean or else. Meanwhile, Elizabeth wrestles with feelings for her true love and seeks out advice on how to deal Nikolas. Will Nikolas see things Elizabeth’s way? She certainly hopes so.

So Much For My Happy Ending
Patrick finally learns why Robin has been distancing herself from him and Emma, and he’s not pleased. When confronted, he gives her an ultimatum. Unbeknownst to Robin, Patrick plans on telling Anna about their situation. Later, as Patrick and Robin think they’ve found a solution to their situation, Victor arrives unexpectedly and drops a new revelation. By week’s end, Robin will make an announcement that leaves Emma and Patrick devastated!

Also This Week

  • Will Molly and TJ make love for the first time?
  • Sonny issues a stern warning to Ava.
  • Felix is unsure where he and Brad stand.
  • Morgan and Ava have a secret, romantic evening.
  • Lucas gets an earful from Morgan about Julian’s true nature.
  • Anna and Duke’s conflict ends in a passionate solution
  • Tracy wonders why Lucy is so invested in Scott’s welfare.
  • Dante and Lulu learn the “truth”. Though happy for her husband, Lulu struggles with her true feelings.
  • Kiki and Michael remain on the outs.
  • Julian makes headway with Sam when he shows her his compassionate side.

Source Alerts: February 24, 2014 Edition
General Hospital celebrates another milestone with its 13,000th episode. Emmy winner Rick Hearst returns to General Hospital, reprising his role as attorney Ric Lansing. Ric’s return to Port Charles leaves Alexis and Sonny scrambling for answers. Robin breaks emotional news to friends and family. Sonny comforts Lulu regarding Dante’s new situation.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC, with same-day episodes available on-demand at and Comcast Xfinity.

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  1. Watch scene Elizabeth tell Nik true still love him.Elizabeth deserve better then go back to Nik again.Elizabeth should have storyline of own.

  2. Britt will win over Liz under RC. Liz/BH can’t catch a break. Every love interest is either fired or given to a pet. In the rare case, she gets one, she is the interloper between the propped couple. Nikita spent ID4, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE and now Valentines Day. Niz got nothing, how can this be a fair triangle?

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