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Days of our Lives Preview: February 17 Edition

Someone catches EJ (James Scott) and Abigail (Kate Mansi) having a private conversation; Photo courtesy NBC

Abigail makes it known she’s not ready to let EJ go — but will she play dirty to get what she wants? Also: Sonny and Gabi clash, JJ confesses to Jennifer and Theresa gets more desperate. Get the latest scoop on what’s going down in Salem in our Days of our Lives preview for the week of February 17, 2014.

Days of our Lives Preview: Confession For the Deveraux Soul

EJ might have thought things between he and Abigail were over, but he thought wrong. First, the pair is spotted having a rather private conversation. Later, Abby decides to relay to Sami that she and EJ share a secret. EJ later tries to do get Abby under control but it only reinforces what she feels they have together. Abby defiantly confesses to EJ that she just can’t walk away from him. Will her declaration lead to another tryst?

Meanwhile, Abigail’s brother, JJ, is doing some confessing of his own. After being blackmailed by Theresa for months, JJ is finally free from the villainous wench when he defeats her once and for all. But for him to be truly free from her control, he has to take away her power — and that means confessing the truth to Jennifer. JJ decides to come clean about what happened the night Theresa overdosed. Will Jennifer believe JJ’s version of events? Could it lead to a reunion with her and Daniel?

Also This Week

Monday: EJ and Abigail are caught having a private conversation. Theresa shocks Daniel by demanding that he sleep with her. Hope and Aiden start to warm up to each other until Ciara inadvertently makes things worse.

Tuesday: A mysterious figure spies on Rafe and Jordan. Abigail informs Sami that she and EJ share a secret. Jennifer takes another step toward moving on from Daniel

Wednesday: Nicole takes a drastic step to ensure her future with Eric. Marlena grows suspicious of Nicole. Abigail confesses to EJ that she just can’t walk away from him. Sonny and Gabi get into a heated fight when he accuses her of throwing Kate and Sami under the bus.

Thursday: Pre-empted

Friday: Brady drowns his sorrows with Theresa. JJ finally admits the truth to Jennifer. Abigail fights to hang on to EJ. Daniel defends Nicole to Marlena.

Source Alerts: February 24, 2014 Edition
EJ and Sami finally set a date for their wedding, but will EJ’s affair with Abigail threaten their future? Marlena makes a deal with the devil… (Lord, please let this not be the actual devil)

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Episodes are also available on and Hulu.

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  1. Tj, you just took those words right out of my mouth, and put it into reality. It is unfortunate, that Ali is leaving, and I find this stupidity of writers to be an insult, not only to Ali, but her character and her fans. She is looking like a fool and that is not the Sami we know and to top it off. What the hell did they do to Ej. I am disgusted, but I will say out of respect for Alison and James, I will only watch this last year because of them and only “Ejami”. But I have no room for boring s/l and that is what will b left of Days. I have been watching days since 1982, and grew up watching Samantha Gene Brady, through her craziness, attitude and her fiery self, a split image of Ej Dimera, and think that is why they just fit the big puzzle of our Dark “SuperCouple” that no other soap has had or will ever have again. Days just wont be the same after Ali is gone. I cannot see Ej Dimera with anyone else, cause there is no one who can compare or challenge him like Sami has done. Either way, I just have to ff all the rest and enjoy the last days of Ali/James scenes. Everything else is a bore.

  2. Dear God (not abby), please let the writers of Days come to their sense before it is too late. I assume Alison Sweeney’s decision to leave days and new writers have weighed heavily on sudden changes affecting the show, but I hope these writers recognize that like so many other daytime soap actresses she may one day choose to return. Even with a 1% possibility, I would hate to think no one would care due to the sick way her character and fairytale romance (7 years in the making) is being destroyed. Aside from the skewed opinions of hypocritical LUMI and SAFE fans who would condemn EJAMI for the insanity of their relationship, one would think the producers and writers of the show would have enough sense to recognize the “golden relationship,” incredible character driven plots, and talented acting that brought days to #1. You do not reward loyal fans by destroying the characters they have come to know and love. It is the biggest mistake any good writer, producer, executive could make…and yet, it seems DAYS actually is going there. Well, here is a big WAKE UP call, just because you have decided to go there, doesn’t mean your fans will choose to be going with you. After the utter ruin of the daytime powerhouse~ the Dimera family with a complete 180 loss and destruction of DAYS best characters, I am so repulsed by (James Scott) EJ suddenly boycotting every principle of his character to dive into a midlife crisis relationship with sad little whiny Abigail after years of pining for Sami that it makes me physically sick. If this is the way it is going to end, then I regret ever having been duped into becoming a DAYS fan. In fact, the only reason I continue to watch is with the hope that by some miracle these writers will come to their senses before Alison Sweeney leaves, but I fear barring a Sami murders Abigail plot to regain my respect, I like many others, will be saying goodbye to DAYS for good. I use to sit on the edge of my seat waiting for hourglass to turn. Now, over the period of 3 months, hope is in some boring relationship that has gone nowhere with some guy I don’t even care to know. In truth, I FF the DVR threw all Rafe/Jordan Lumi/what’s her name scenes, and JJ/Theresa/Jennifer/Etc scenes. I watched a bit of Nicole/Eric, Will/Sonny but that dragged on so long and was so boring I just began FF that too. NICK/Gabby/Kate/EJ/Sami/Abby is all I care to watch and save for the dynamic being developed between Kate/(Sami who’s leaving) Nick/(Gabby who I also heard is leaving), the rest I barely tolerate in hopes of an EJAMI finale worthy of the fans.

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