Dirty, Pretty Things: A Review of ‘DeVanity’

'Devanity' Season 4 cast; Photo Credit: Caruso Productions

If you like your soaps to be chock-full of scandal, sex, and everything inappropriate then you’ll love the web series DeVanity. DeVanity is like a modern, twisted version of an ’80’s primetime sudser. Like Dallas with a razor sharp edge.

What DeVanity offers its audience could be described as extreme escapism. The characters misbehave in a way most of us won’t even imagine.  They are really the worst people. Yet this is what makes them so entertaining to watch and, dare I say, likable. One may not be morally bankrupt enough to do all the things these characters do but can still enjoy living vicariously through them.

The award winning and nominated web series focuses on the DeVanity siblings, the adopted children of the late jewelry mogul Richard DeVanity. The series recently earned seven Indie Series Award nominations for Best Drama, Best Writing, Best Supporting Actor, Best Guest Star, Best Production Design and Best Make-up.

For those who need a refresher course in all things Devanity, check out a brief recap of past happenings and character introductions below. If you want to skip ahead to the review for the Season 4 premiere, click here.

Jason DeVanity

The main character is eldest brother Jason (writer and executive producer Michael Caruso) who is desperately trying to keep the family business running while keeping his unbalanced siblings out of trouble. Though Jason is definitely no boy scout, he seems to have more of a sense of right and wrong than the other characters. To add to his troubles is the mystery of his first wife Isabelle (Jaclyn Lyons) and his tumultuous relationship with his scheming second wife Lara (Alexis Zibolis).

In the second season of DeVanity, it is revealed that he is actually the biological son of rival jeweler Preston Regis (Santa Barbara star Gordon Thompson) and his secretary. His scheming half-brother Andrew Regis (Days of our Lives star Kyle Lowder) has made it his mission to destroy DeVanity to get revenge for his mother’s suicide as a result of their father’s affair.

At the end of season three, Jason finally realizes he loves Lara only to watch her run down by a car.

Bianca DeVanity

Bianca (Katie Caprio) is Jason’s drug addicted, promiscuous sister. She is married to Jason’s best friend Alex Roth (Mike Dirksen) and later to Andrew. Andrew’s marriage to Bianca is a loveless marriage and part of a scheme to get shares to DeVanity.

When we last saw Bianca, she had reunited with Alex only to be stabbed in the back by her crazed sister Jackie who had escaped from a mental ward.

Jackie DeVanity

At the beginning of the series, Jackie (Erin Christine Buckley) is having an affair with adoptive brother Byron and is pregnant with his child. She later falls in love with and marries her abortion doctor, Dr. Sebastian Crowne (John Brody). The marriage ends on a sour note when it’s revealed that Sebastian has made it so that Jackie can’t have children.

Sebastian isn’t able to live with the guilt and Jackie goes insane.

Byron DeVanity

Byron (Chris Parke) is a sexual deviant who has a thing for sleeping with family members. Byron has had relationships with both his adoptive sisters as well as his aunt Francesca (DallasCharlene Tilton).

Byron is also envious of Jason and it is revealed that he had an affair with Isabelle. The affair ended Jason and Isabelle’s married and provoked Jackie to push Isabelle off a roof.

At the end of season one and beginning of season two, Byron is shot in the head causing amnesia and given plastic surgery (Jason Christopher). Byron is currently presumed dead after a car explosion in Mexico.

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