Dirty, Pretty Things: A Review of ‘DeVanity’

'Devanity' Season 4 cast; Photo Credit: Caruso Productions
Sheree J. Wilson as Claudia Muller in 'Devanity'
Sheree J. Wilson as Claudia Muller in ‘Devanity’

Season 4, Episode 1: Death Becomes Him

The first episode of the fourth and final season is a whopping 22 minutes. Like the first episode of the previous seasons, it is filled with some creative exposition. This time it’s in the form of Jason’s confession to a priest. The confession does a good job of catching the viewer up on what has occurred since we last saw the DeVanity clan.

It is revealed that sadly Lara did not survive the hit and run at the end of season three. Lara’s mother Claudia (awesomely portrayed by Sheree J. Wilson from Walker, Texas Ranger and Dallas) and intersexed sister Portia (Katie Apicella) want to help take down Regis takeover DeVanity. Though Portia is now married to Preston, their actions are more about money than love.

Lara is not the only one who Jason has lost. He has also lost his best friend Alex though that lost is more self-inflicted. In one of the best scenes of the episode Jason lashes out at Alex, expressing his disappointment in him for not being honest and not protecting his sister. Jason’s anger could easily be based more on his own frustration from lack of control but in the end he pushes Alex away.

“In a single day I had lost everyone I had loved. My entire family eviscerated.” It’s clear that Jason has hit his rock bottom. Will he be able to save both himself and DeVanity?

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