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‘Once Upon a Time’ Preview: 7 Teasers from ‘New York City Serenade’

ABC/Jack Rowand

It’s been over two months since we watched Emma and Henry drive away as Storybrooke disappeared in a cloud of purple magic in the midseason finale of Once Upon a Time.

While there are still 13 days before the series returns, we were lucky enough to receive an advanced screener of the premiere from ABC so we’re here to give fans some scoop on what they have to look forward to on March 9.

Right off the bat, we loved the episode, “New York City Serenade.” It’s fast-paced and fills in a lot of details that we were curious about once we saw Hook on Emma’s doorstep one year after Regina undid the curse.

The episode has some lovely parallels to the pilot episode of the series and there are quite a few things (moments, interactions) that give a nod to the show’s history. There are also some great role reversals thanks to memory gaps that serve as an enjoyable way to give fans information as to just how different things are without the curse.

Obviously we can’t give too much away because that takes the fun out of it (and we don’t want ABC to put a curse on us), but here’s what we can share about the premiere:

ABC/Jack Rowand

ABC/Jack Rowand

1. Aurora and Prince Phillip welcome the group back to the Enchanted Forest and catch them up on some of the happenings there. But they leave something major out for a valid reason.

2. Neal and Belle each have a plan when it comes to getting Rumpel back. They also each get to have a reunion in the episode (Bonus Swan Fire Shipper Scoop: A choice Neal makes is also a throwback to a previous episode of the series as is something Emma sees).

3. Hook is relentless in his efforts to make Emma remember and she is not amused, but her curiosity gets the best of her – twice (Bonus Captain Swan Shipper Scoop: Something you’ve been wanting happens and you will flail over it. Also, all of their scenes will make you smile. All of them).

4. Snow helps Regina through an emotional moment and it’s touching to see how far they’ve come. [Bonus Outlaw Queen Shipper Scoop: If you weren’t already shipping these two, their first meeting will make you want to start. It’s flawless).

5. Speaking of Regina, murder remains her go-to solution for any problem that she comes across. Alternate suggestions are made by [spoiler] and [spoiler]. Will Regina listen or go back to her Evil Queen ways?

6. Storybrooke is back, but the how and the why are not immediately answered. Instead, we’re left with a mystery that will have viewers craving more episodes (Bonus non-shipper scoop: Out of all the throwbacks to the pilot, our favorite is a moment that takes place in Storybrooke).

7. Flying monkeys are absolutely terrifying. As for the Wicked Witch…we don’t learn a lot about her in the episode, but what we see? Perfection.

Bonus Dialogue Teases:

“Emma Swan always gets her man.”

“I know you better than you know yourself.”

“Stop looking for things to be wrong.”

Are you guys excited for the episode? Hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us!

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, March 9 at 8/7c on ABC.

Mandy Treccia
Mandy Treccia has served as TVSource Magazine’s Executive Editor since 2016, formerly as Editorial Director from 2012-2016. She is an avid TV watcher and card carrying fan girl prone to sudden bursts of emotion, ranging from extreme excitement to blind rage during her favorite shows and has on more than once occasion considered having a paper bag on hand to get her through some tough TV moments. Her taste in TV tends to rival that of a thirteen-year-old girl, but she’s okay with that.

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  1. I am so thirsty for this episode. Like all of you.

  2. “Stop looking for tings to be wrong.” Totally said by Walsh. Just sayin’.

  3. That was really the only point I was trying to make. She wasn’t ignoring ships, she just didn’t have anything she could share about them (because they either have no scenes, or because it would be blatant spoilers). I think we should watch the episode we can accuse her of ignoring something. She doesn’t write the show after all so she can’t control if there isn’t news for each individual ship :)

  4. I am trying really hard to be as optimistic as you and not lose interest in one of my favorite tv shows.

  5. haha I did not ignore the rest of it. and I have to say that we should just respectfully agree to disagree :) I will just add that I don’t have an issue with the author discussing ships. I understand that it’s a vital part of discussing the show, I just still feel that all ships should be mentioned and not in the way she did. Additionally she must know that discussing certain ships and not mentioning others would cause certain readers to feel ignored. I mean no disrespect to the author I just can’t help how I feel that her article excluded a ship who also has many supporters.

  6. I’m a member of Swanfire mostly because I like hook being A loose cannon and I think if he got with Emma that would ruin his character a bit I’m looking soooo forward to the shows return and whatever the producers and writers decide I will probably keep watching the show for like EverAfter

  7. I think this is where we are going to have to respectfully agree to disagree. :) Please feel free to ignore the rest of this!

    First of all, in the opening paragraphs (before the numbered points), there is absolutely nothing about the ships. And then, in the bullet points, there are only 3 that are truly shipper related, and all the author is, at most, saying that she liked the scenes she was presented for those ships. And the point that refers to SF is pretty darn neutral. I know from other articles that Neal will do something in this episode that will have all but the biggest Neal fans questioning his intentions, yet she didn’t let on to this at all… pretty neutral. It would be different if she was on here ranting that she hated the scenes because she ships something that is not canon. But I don’t think it is particularly biased to say that she likes what the show is offering right now. This kind of article is not ever going to be completely objective… it’s about a TV show, not a national news story, and it would read extremely dryly if it was written as such. And it seems to me, that if there was something to say about SQ, she would have said it. But she has made it perfectly clear there was absolutely nothing to discuss about them, so we can’t fault her for “ignoring” that ship. She can’t exactly make something up, and she was nice enough to reply in the comments to let us know why there was no “SQ scoop”.

    And of course, with this type of article, she is going to discuss shipping because that is what gets her readers! This is a business after all, and the better “scoop” she has, the more people will be reading. If she wrote this up and made it sound like she didn’t love the episode, or hated the stuff that was presented for the ships she mentioned, that wouldn’t really be great advertisement for the show (which is the whole point of letting writers like this have a sneak peak) or this website.

    Anyway, I realize that I am not going to convince you, but I felt like someone should defend the author. Mandy, you did a great job, one of the better spoiler articles I have read! Thank you for sharing this info with us.

  8. Theres really no comparison between Swanfire and Captainswan. Hook and Emma are much much muuuuuch better together.

  9. I don’t understand how anyone could not want Captainswan to happen. I just don’t get it. I hear all the Captainswan haters listing all of their reasons for not liking them and it just makes absolutely no sense to me.

  10. Theres no way OUAT would be canceled after this season. Ratings are more than high enough to continue if thats what they want to do. I have a feeling it will go for 6 seasons like LOST.

  11. Captainswan makes OUAT. I always liked Once Upon a Time but once Hook came on the show I started liking it so much more. Not to mention Hook’s character alone is one of the best characters on the show.

  12. Me too! For sure. I was getting pretty board and thinking about giving it up because it was starting to seem like the same things kept happening over and over and then BOOM. In came Captain Hook and now I love OUAT more than ever!

  13. Yes, I think you are, because Hook and Emma are soul mates!

  14. I noticed many of the people defending the author just so happen to be supporting and in favor of the ships she mentioned in her article. Just saying.

  15. See, that’s what I don’t get. I respect all ships and understand that they have many supporters but the writer shouldn’t exclude any of these ships.

  16. Definitely not interested. I despise how it’s being basically shoved down our throats and they haven’t even appeared together.

  17. Of course it’s my opinion but I am not writing an article on an online magazine. The writer is very obviously biased and favoring specific ships. It’s impossible to not see or read that. She should have been a little less obvious in demonstrating who she favors. I respect all ships i really do and I am at liberty to say that I don’t care for a specific character or show and of course anyone else is either but if you are writing an article online you should try to be more objective.

  18. No, but the writers know, since they created these characters, and they are the ones that gave them men as love interests. Regina’s true love was Daniel, and now they are pairing her with Robin Hood. Emma’s first love was Neal, then the next love interest was the Huntsman, and now it’s Hook. Well, that says straight women to me. But no problem. Maybe you have some weird insight into Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz’s heads and know that at one point they re going to do a 180, ignore their character’s romantic history which they created and showed to their audience for the past 3 years, and suddenly Emma and Regina will both simultaneously realize they are gay and crazy about each other. Excellent and plausible character development right there.Nothing against gay couples, they ve done it beautifully on Lost Girl, where it made sense, it was intended and fleshed out. And yes, the lead was also with a man before, but they did make a point that she could go either way. This is not the case on OUAT, and accusing the writers of doing fan service, or in the case of some people accusing them of being homophobic because you re not getting the ship you want is insulting to say the least, for both straight and gay viewers. And you don’t have to write “I AM GAY” with caps, like you have the exclusivity or something.

  19. There are no Regina/Emma scenes in the ep, so she didn’t have anything to share.

  20. This is your opinion, as well. Everyone is biased. For example, you say Regina is the entire show. That’s not true. I can understand wanting to hear more about your favourite, but accusing the author of being biased about what she chose to share about the episode isn’t fair. We haven’t seen it yet. We don’t know what was in it. And honestly, the ship talk in this article was pretty minimal.

  21. But it’s not as though Emma doesn’t want love, she has just been so damaged by her relationship with Neal that she does not believe she can have it or that she deserves it. Why can’t she have both? Why can’t she have a relationship, if that’s what she wants, and still have Henry has her #1 priority? After everything she has been through, after all the abandonment she has experienced, Emma deserves to have one person in her life who will put her before anyone else. And that person isn’t going to be Henry or any other member of her family, unfortunately. After the lonely, empty, loveless life she has lead, I think Emma deserves to have every kind of love in the world, including true (romantic) love. Why does everyone assume that if Emma chooses a partner, Henry will stop being her #1? He will always be her priority, and Emma would never choose a parter who wouldn’t respect that.

  22. He was respecting David’s wishes, not “waiting for it to be convenient”. And sorry, going against Pan and risking his life to get that cure for him? I don’t see how that was convenient.

    As for the short amount of time – look at the other ships on the show. Most were established as love at first sight or fell in love over the course of a day or two. And no, they aren’t considered a ship, yet… but it seems pretty clear that they are headed towards it, so why wouldn’t they promote it? Of course this ship is going to get more promotions than others – Emma is the main character. And if you going on Facebook or Twitter you can see that the promotions featuring Hook are some of the most shared/retweeted/liked ones. The writers don’t control promotion, the network does, and when they get a positive response like that, they run with it. Promotions are designed to draw in new viewers, anyway… they aren’t exactly meant for the current fans who would watch even without promotion.

  23. To be fair though, we actually have zero evidence of which ship is most popular. The vast majority of TV viewers are not involved in online fandoms, and so we don’t know anything of their preferences. And shipping polls are far from scientific (most allow you to vote multiple times and it is relatively easy to get around the ones that try to limit number of votes per person). I’m not saying it’s not popular. But I see so much of “SQ is the biggest ship!” when in reality, we don’t have any proof of that. Are they the most vocal ship in the online fandom? Perhaps. But that does not immediately translate to all the people that watch this show. Not trying to start an argument, I just think it is worth pointing out.

  24. All great points. That is the exact moment when I knew I would never ship Neal & Emma. How could I? He flat out told her that had he known the “real Emma”, he would have preferred to live his life never having known her. What a hurtful, unforgivable thing to say. We already know that Emma struggles with her true identity. We know that she struggles with the idea that anyone could truly love her. And now she has to hear that, had he known everything about her, he would have ran the other way? I’m sorry, but even without the rest of their history, that scene is all the argument I need as to why this ship won’t happen. Emma deserves to be with someone who sees the real her and loves her all the more for it.

  25. You make a good point about what the show/characters dwell on. If the character has moved past it, why should we as fans be so stuck on it? Take the “what Neal did to Emma” vs. “what Hook did to Emma” argument. Did both of them do some not so nice things to her? Sure. But which things does Emma dwell on? Which ones continue to affect her? (Hint: it’s not Hook).

  26. Thank you! I was trying to hide on guest but whatever. There’s a lot of hate in this fandom so it can be hard to share an opinion.

    I wish people would respect Emma’s views more. She is a capable woman and can make her own decisions. This fandom cries sexism/misogyny constantly, then in the same breathe say things like “Emma belongs to Neal” and “Hook stole so-and-so”. Emma doesn’t owe a single thing to anyone on this show (outside of Henry). Having a child together is not a reason to be together. Having a past together is not a reason to be together. The fact that the other partner had a rough life too is not a reason to be together. Emma will make her choice, and a lot of people are going to flip when they don’t agree with that choice, but in the end the choice will be ALL EMMA. No one makes that girl do anything and honestly, if you don’t see that by now, I’m not sure what show you are watching.

  27. Thank you! I’m tired of being accused of being homophobic because I don’t ship them. I just don’t ship Emma with the one person who is most responsible for the horrible life she has lead. I can see Emma and Regina getting to a place of tolerance, for their son… even friendship, but a romantic partnership? After all the awful things Regina has done to Emma and her family? Sorry, but no. I would be happy to see any sort of LGBTQ ship on this show. But I’m not going to support one that would mean I have to watch one of my favourite characters fall in love with the woman who victimized her and her family for 28 years. I like Regina, I really do. I’d like to see a ship for her, but with someone who she hasn’t attempted to murder multiple times.

  28. So should they promote ships that aren’t happening, then? Ships that only involve minor characters? Emma’s the main character, I don’t understand what people thought would happen once they started moving towards a single ship for her.

  29. Agreed! I’m a hardcore Captain Swan shipper, and I guess, overall I’m a HOOK shipper. I truly think they have so much chemistry and they understand each other! Hook adores her and after all that Neal put her through, although Emma may not feel that she NEEDS a man in her life, I think she’d like to have a man in her life. Hook thinks the world of her and would worship the ground before her, and he isn’t afraid to make this clear to her. But he also doesn’t push people out of the way to get her, because he’s loyal and he lets her make her own decisions, which is why I love him so much. He’s definitely so much more than ‘just a pirate’. I just think it will do Emma good to be able to trust a man like Hook, after spending years not being able to trust men because of what Neal did to her…Colin is amazing on the show, the best if you ask me, and did actually stop watching the show after the second episode of Season 2, but randomly started watching it again and after Hook got introduced, I was…well…Hooked ;)

  30. I can totally imagine (and hope) that all those dialogue teases are from Hook to Emma. I ship Captain Swan sooooo much, but that being said, I hate it when Swanfire shippers and Captain Swan shippers end up as enemies. We shouldn’t be fighting over our ships, we should instead be sharing our love for the show! Sure, I ship Captain Swan, and sure, I think it’s extremely likely to happen (especially from these spoilers!). But it’s fine that some people ship Swanfire, and they probably have their own theories about it. But even though (like I said) Captain Swan seems to be occuring right now…the Swanfire shippers should’nt be disheartened. Neal is a HUGE part of Emma’s past and he always will be. He’s too big of a part to just disappear, meaning that he’ll also be a part of her and Henry’s future – just maybe not as Emma’s true love. But he’ll always care about Emma and she’ll always care about him, because they were first loves and he is Henry’s Dad after all – she would never want to seperate him from Henry. But, that being said, I do believe that Hook and Emma have a tonne more chemistry, and they truly understand each other because they are so similar, which is why they make a perfect match in my eyes.

  31. S, your comments have by far been my favorite!
    Couldn’t agree more with this argument! Especially when Emma is the LAST person who would let herself be chosen. Even when asked to chose, she chose her son. She will think through every last detail, and I expect no less. I just hope that all that careful consideration leads her where I want, but it’s not at all for me (or anyone) to decide, ever.

  32. I love Hook/Captain Swan, but I hate all the attention. Just wish they could be modestly happy sometimes. I’m in love with them and it bores me as well, which is disappointing.

  33. God, I know. Why can’t everyone just remember and deal with the problem at hand? We have to convince Emma of her magical past AGAIN?! That took a whole season, a curse, and a freaking dragon slaying to happen the first time, and now there’s a whole new villain!

  34. Neal will die because the only two ties he had to the show (Emma and his dad) are already tied. Without any consideration for her feelings for Hook, Emma tells Neal in the Echo Cave that she loved him but can never forgive him. Tied. Done. Period. Neal will still need that extra bit of clarification that they’re over once Emma regains memory (reminder: with her memory loss, Neal has abandoned her with nothing else. She has to forgive him again, which won’t be easy). As for his dad, they obviously buried the hatchet. If Rumpel comes back, Neal will either be gone or will be on his last leg. He is the only character they have completely set up to die without any strings left. Both ties have been done without any direct Hook intervention. That is, if Captain Swan hadn’t even popped into anyone’s heads and he was just a tour guide of Neverland, Emma still wouldn’t forgive Neal and Neal and Rumple still would’ve mended things. Now he can die heroically and cleanly.

  35. Slow clap it out for the most well-made, all side supporting post I’ve read all night. Well done. Just, well done.

  36. Also, Aurora is pregnant now, and she seems pretty happy about it. It would be interesting, but Sleeping Warrior doesn’t have a bunch of chemistry. I do like it though because she”s my favorite princess but is never shipped w/ anyone since her story started with her already with her man

  37. Though I respect your wishes for gay couples (I want Swan Queen, too), no writer should be forced to represent every single group of people ever. It limits the creativity of the way the show was imagined in the beginning. Though Hook may have been added on due to popularity, who’s to say that gay people didn’t love Hook, even though it diminished their chance at representation? It shouldn’t be about getting your sexual orientation on TV, it should be about who we believe goes best with whom. That being said, it would be very weird to watch TV with only gay people being as I’m straight, but I still wouldn’t want to limit the writer’s main ideas just to have a boy/girl ship.
    A REMINDER: I ship Captain Swan AND Swan Queen, even though I know only one can prevail. I am a-okay with either one because (as I stated somewhere above), they both have amazing chemistry. I don’t care whether one’s a boy or girl, I care about their personalities and their chemistry, and I just wish everyone did, too.

  38. Agreed. Though I really want Regina to find true love, I was way more into Outlaw Queen when I was anticipating a long, winding road for them full of complex backstories and beautiful touching moments that made you fall in love as they do. Rushing it seems premature and too crowd pleasing. Do we even like Robin as a character in the way so many love Hook? Everyone loves a good complex story, but alls we know about Hood is that he’s a single dad. Also, does he have a thing with Mulan? THAT would be a cool love triangle. Mulan is another very understated character. She’s so strong, but so underused. Pitting her against Regina for Hood would be way cool. As long as Regina walks away a winner in some way, of course!

  39. Being a CS shipper, I still love the interaction from Swan Queen! I would be happy with both because the way they relate is so different. Hook and Emma relate so well because they are both “Lost Children”, but Regina and Emma relate so well because they’re so different (except their unconditional love for Henry). There’s a huge contrast between SQ that I agree is the most underrated and best written. I personally love Hook, but I still want that bond between Regina and Emma. Personally can’t wait for both stories to unfold!
    I know it isn’t a ship, but am I the only one who also can’t wait for SNOW Queen moments? They need to mend their relationship before going against the Wicked Witch.
    Also, agreed with Eve! It kind of sucks knowing that Captain Swan will do so well throughout the season because it leaves literally no surprise.
    Overall, I want Emma’s happiness, Snow/Swan Queen moments, a well written plot, and a heck of a lot of “aha” and “omg” moments that leave our heads spinning.
    If you can throw in Captain Swan too, I would be a happy camper!

  40. you’re totally missing the point… it isn’t about choosing to let them be lesbian or not. CS and OQ shippers chose that ship because they believe that the couple is the true love or best fit for the other person, same with Swan Queen etc.

  41. Totally agree, even though I am a hardcore Captain Swan shipper. Above all, I’m an EMMA shipper. I want her to be happy, with or without a man (though I really don’t like Neal). It would be heart breaking to see Hook’s sad eyes if he gets turned down, but Emma isn’t the one who needs a man. My hopes for Emma aside, I fully back your opinion that the fandoms are getting too nasty with one another. I want to enjoy this great show, not obsess over which side wins!

  42. If you didn’t see your favorite ship in here I can see how you’d be biased, but (as far as any romances involving Emma), the author mentioned Captain Swan (Emma/Hook) and Swan Fire/Swan Thief (Swan/Baelfire aka Neal), and shippers from both are very passionate and hate each other. There isn’t anyone else to ship Regina with besides Robin except maybe Emma, who people call Swan Queen (I think), and I don’t see Emma or Regina being lesbians, or in to each other, though there is a different sort of chemistry. Rumpelstiltskin and Belle is a hard thing not to ship since they are like Snowing (Snow White/Charming) in the sense that their relationship is following the plot of the classic tales and the popular Disney versions (except Beast doubles as Rumple, which is cool). My point is, the ships that are here are either following the classic story counterparts or are having both sides being vouched for. As for the author being biased, I again bring up the fact that she is speaking of good things for both sides of the Emma triangle (when I know from her tumblr blog that she prefers one over the other, so she isn’t biased here).
    All that aside, I do share your hopes that Robin doesn’t get in the way of Lana (or Regina’s) stellar performance, though I only think that it will make her more complex and awesome than ever.

  43. Regina, Hook, Rumple, even Snow have done bad things. We cannot just point out one.

  44. Exactly! And I have absolutely nothing against Emma ships at all! She evolves around so many people who all brought something to her life, good things and bad things alike. I just get annoyed with the fandom; it tends to overlook that and diminish it to MUH SHIP IS BETTER THAN YOURS BECAUSE OF X REASON and it just gets annoying.

  45. Neal absolutely deserves and needs to be in Henry’s life, but not in Emma’s. Emma doesn’t need a man to save her. She is the anti-princess – let her save herself. I love Neal and Hook is tolerable, but I am over the ships.

  46. Supposedly there just aren’t E&R scenes in this episode. I have a feeling they will have many more amazing moments, and they’ve had a great season so far. Try to keep your head up and avoid media promotion! The writers/producers don’t have much control over the way these relationships are promoted. I stay away from the negativity, so I don’t see much of it. I feel that it will follow you if you are seeking it out.

  47. I ship her with someone but I also agree with what you say! I don’t think the show itself tries to define her by any one person. I really do think the show tries its best to show the way the many people that love her in her life affect her. Family, lovers, friends. Media will promote the heck out of ships b/c that’s what will draw in the casual watchers.

  48. It should also be noted that there’s no mention of E&R in most of these spoilers because they supposedly don’t have any scenes together in 3×12.

    Regina is amazing!

  49. I can not wait!!! Thanks for the amazing article, Mandy! Your Outlaw Queen spoiler gave me shivers. As if I couldn’t be any more excited to see that!

  50. It’s so refreshing to read comments like yours. You are a CS shipper and yet you are able to respect and recognize good interactions between to two people you don’t ship. Thanks for being awesome.

  51. The only thing I am interested in seeing is Regina. I am not interested in commenting on the very obvious ships this article is trying to please. It is important to remember that this show has many different ships and I feel like the writer of this article should try not to be so BIASED. anyway Regina is the entire show and she will pretty much make anyone look good so If I have to endure her scenes with Robin AKA (I could care less) least i know I’ll be getting an amazing performance from Lana.

  52. AHHH I can’t wait for more Emma and Regina. Did Emma get everything she ever wanted in her happy ending? How will Regina break the curse and see Henry again. MORE MORE MORE PLEASE.

  53. All the ship wars below are ridiculous. Am I the only one who doesn’t ship Emma with anyone and would rather see her raise Henry as a kickass single mom? There’s nothing wrong with that now is there? Considering how Emma and Regina both made it very clear their priority is Henry.
    Romantic relationships shouldn’t define how developed a character is. They’re nice and all, but there’s just so much more to them than ship wars. Just my 2 cents. In fact, I enjoy how the familial relationships and friendships are written in this show so much more than the romantic ones.
    Anywhoo, thanks for the scoop! March 9th can’t come soon enough!

  54. I hope Regina and Emma end up together by the end of the show! I don’t mind the other romantic partners for them but they have the potential to be a true family with Henry. It’d be nice to see a Swan-Mills family.

  55. CAPTAIN SWAN!!! yesssss <3 true love!! Colin is an amazing actor, if it wasn't for him, I would have stop watching OUAT a really long time ago… Lana Parrilla is excellent, too.

  56. It’s so sad the show is choosing to go the rout of Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen. Nothing more than heternormitivity and predictable story telling. Seriously if they want to make Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen couples at least don’t make them so predictable. I can already see how this is going to play out — Emma and Hook will be will they won’t they for a bit the rest of the season. During sweeps there will be kisses between OQ and CS or more. Then of course for the season finale we’ll see both couples get together or what we assume is them getting together. Then of course they will date through season four until sweeps when one or both couples will break up. But have no fear because there will be all kinds of talks from media and all characters on the show about how they are true love. So the characters will then get back together, probably in time for fall sweeps… sigh.

  57. There’s nothing wrong with a lesbian ship, but I would lose serious respect for Emma is she got together with the woman that was the cause of her growing up alone and unloved.

  58. Well Ignoring all of the “Shipper Madness” below me (so NOT going there) o_0…

    I will say THANK YOU for the OUAT preview! I loved the tidbits posted and I’m looking forward to returning to Storybrooke in a couple of weeks! :D

    It will be so interesting to see what everyone was up to now that a year has gone by!

  59. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for putting this across so succinctly.

  60. I hope we have good news
    in the next episodes

  61. Nothing it’s impossible….

  62. I am a total Swan Queen shipper, no doubt about it. There is no way that will change. I had this whole comment written out but in the end, decided not to make this too long winded.

    Swan Queen makes sense. It makes more sense to me than CS and SF ever did. I admit, I liked Emma and Neal’s relationship in Tallahassee more than I thought I would, however, that doesn’t change anything after what he did to her. Hook isn’t a good fit for Emma. He just isn’t. I can’t really explain how much I dislike that character. I find that he and Tinker Bell had more chemistry than him and Emma. Now, Outlaw Queen. This “ship” has been advertised way too much, it is like they are trying to force us to love it. When, newsflash, we won’t. I have absolutely nothing against the characters (well, a little) or the actors but I just don’t like how they portray love interests on this show. They’re forced and they’re shoved in your face and advertised ridiculously.

    I wasn’t going to make this that long, oops.

    The fandom is a horrible place, it’s not a nice place and there is so much vile, disgusting shit that happens within it. I’ve stayed away from it for the past 2 months, after what happened with Michael Coleman. The hate shown towards SQ shippers is appalling. I’ve not experienced it first hand, nor do I want to. But how people think that having Regina and Emma together is ridiculous and they shouldn’t ever be together, using the excuse that Regina is evil and still shipping CS or even SF when they’ve done some pretty unsavoury things themselves. We don’t forget that Regina did what she did but she never did anything to Emma, not personally, she never made the choice to send her away. If we’re blaming people for that, blame Snowing, Gepetto and Blue.

    Anyway, we’re shat on when we try and do something nice. We’re shat on when we ask for a little recognition. We can comment on anything without a giant uproar for everyone going “There doesn’t need to be a gay romance, give it up.” I’m straight but I still see Regina and Emma. I can’t speak on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community but I know that having LGBTQ+ relationships on TV isn’t because they don’t want hetero relationships or are personally targeting ships. It’s about having a character to look up to, for young people to watch TV and see someone who is just like them. It gives them the knowledge that they’re normal and they can have what these characters have. (It is quite annoying that lesbians on TV seem to get in crashes/die a lot tbh.) It’s about changing the world, the way people view things. This is why I love The Fosters. It’s so refreshing to see such shows on TV for once.

    Us SQ shippers are saying that SF and CS are horrible ships and they shouldn’t exist, nor should the shippers “get their hopes up for something that will never happen”. We’re told that though.

    This article isn’t for SQ shippers, we know that, we just wanted to know if there was any scene between the two of them, even if it was just friendship. There is no hate or malice in what we say, just annoyance at times because SQ (and SW I suppose) are crapped on and we can’t do anything to stop it no matter how hard we try.

    Ship and let ship, that’s what I say. It doesn’t always turn out that way, however.

    but let’s see

  64. Fellow SQ shipper? Even if it wasn’t to happen i do hope its not canceled – there are other great characters, couples and plots on the show :)

  65. Everyone who ships CS ships OQ too….
    of course..they want more penis for both Regina and Emma!

  66. You clearly have major issues with the idea of two women becoming a couple, why else would you so vehemently go to attack this ship? And your condescending tone, good god.
    Some of the actors have tagged Swan Queen in their tweets, Lana Parrilla said it could happen in later series, the producers are known for being secretive… lots of “who is your favourite ship” polls are won by Swan Queen repeatedly. Doesn’t exactly scream to me that “no one wants SQ to happen”.
    But seriously, i don’t want this to devolve into a complete bitch fest because everyone will just lose their tempers and that is not what is needed.

  67. Really?
    I’m so done with This Hook promotion and Captainswan

  68. More Heteronormativity? YEEEY!

  69. Heteronormativity YEY!!

  70. Amen to that!! Also we have their scene together in Emma’s car and in Regina’s office (if i am right). Holding on to that :)

  71. You acting like Rumpel didnt do anything when Milah left Bae with his father not in some gutter, and it was Rumpel who let go. Also didnt you see Hook wanted a chance with Bae, but Bae was all for leaving.. and Pan would of got to Bae anyhow. Also was Hook spiteful to Bae, did he take his heart, was he cruel – i keep seeing he gave him to the lost boy, yes he did, but does Neal dwell on it – NO, does the show dwell on it – NO! i am sure the Hook i know felt bad, in made a decision in a haste, esp when he talked about little Bae in Neverland. Hook clearly said when he realised that revenge didnt bring him anything when he thought he got it – when he stabbed Rumpel and then saw him alive, living and with love in his life (go and hear the official podcast if you want), he felt empty what was his first realization it was an end not a beginning which he flat out says to us all…. hence why he lets go at the end, and finally chose to be part of something…. it in the show, in the moments – its there to see – no one made it up! its there – watch it and understand it. Him falling in love with Emma, or feeling something happened way back at the beanstalk but revenge was still his focus and what happened. And also what played the part here is they connected and saw each other esp Hook saw Emma as an open book… he just knew her.. so no its not rushed coz these foundations were laid already!!!!
    Hook tolerated Rumpel and thats a big thing to do, and he did that coz revenge isnt his focus and its Emma he has love and hope in,… you know this show where hope and love is strength!!!

  72. They just said it was unintentional but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

  73. Guess what show will be canceled this year?

  74. Not interested in Outlaw Queen

  75. I have the DVDs. Fact remains, Hook was not hired as a regular. He was hired as a guest to do the arc. During filming the ‘powers that be’ liked him and viewings with a select audience came back very favorable. Hook was a character everyone loved. So, even before WE the regular audience saw him onscreen he was bumped up to being a regular. (Same happened with Charming.) I never said that there was no connection. Don’t put words in my mouth.

  76. Because they confirmed it at Comic-Con last year.

  77. Apparently it won’t be in this episode but I’m going to take the optimistic approach and say that it means it won’t be overshadowed by all the CS, OQ, WW, and flying monkeys being crammed into this episode. If I have to wait a week to get a thoughtful scene that’s not lost in the chaos, so be it. And remember, an SQ reunion means a Regina/Henry reunion so I have to believe it will be good.

  78. I wont be surprised if we get successful true love kiss at the end,… because they already hinted at it in the finale. with putting that in but doesnt work in memory loss and he found her
    Pretty much the direction has and is Emma/Hook

  79. Hook became a regular even before his first episode aired which they said, but didnt put on credit till later… watch the bonus features on season 2 dvd…. its all there. And how Hook the character is and so on…!!!
    Emma and Hook foundation was laid down in Hook’s second episode and more so in Emma’s episode, so it was from the start… the idea was planted! How many times has it been said they have connection in interview during these episodes, after the episodes, a paleyfest, ABC OUAT Timeless music video has Hook and Emma in there, with the other couples – no Emma and Neal, and it was released last January!

  80. I just think that some things are forgotten and we keep focusing on LI without thinking of the background. I’m not blaming him, I’m just trying to figure out how they’re going to introduce Emma’s new LI to Henry without skipping some parts.

  81. i hope it is a good thing nothing is spoiled about SQ…. i will just watch out the episode and get through the CS and OQ stuff. I just need Emma and Regina together in a scene, can’t wait for them to meet again!!

  82. I counted him out the moment he never chose her, or came back to her and find her – YOU KNOW THE THINGS YOU DO IN TRUE LOVE, you know the multiple chances he had but just ran and then when he knew the curse was going to be broke he got with someone, then mocked Emma, and was insensitve and really never believes in her… i dont care of he is Henry;s father, nothing makes Neal and Emma have anything – no trust, no understanding, nothing to be honest. I never counted Neal in, coz he never was in, or ever seen his reactions or see any moments like we see with Emma and Hook, and their reaction towards each other. Neal to me was always the obstacle for Emma and Emma/Hook


  84. Who said the writers have to MAKE anyone gay? Do you know everyone Regina or Emma have ever slept with? Do you know their feelings for every person? As with most people, you just ASSUMED they are straight. I laugh that you think it “is insulting to gay people” to want to see a GAY relationship on television. I AM GAY. I think I feel pretty much insulted that there are to date NO out and proud LGBTQ characters in the entire show! You get every single straight character on the show as representation of who you love, don’t presume to tell me what would be insulting to gay people. As for being insulting to the writers, it’s hardly insulting for me to ask for representation. Furthermore, CS is a fan service ship (the people loved the pirate so they kept him. He was never meant to be a regular. This has been well documented). Same thing with OQ. It’s fan service because all everyone wants to see are relationships that mirror their own expectations. Maybe when you have no choice but to watch show after show with ONLY homosexual relationships and see that you cannot get just ONE romantic heterosexual relationship, then you’ll see how sweet it is. Maybe.

  85. Thanks Mandy :)

    Looking forward to more of Hook and Emma… man they will have to parallels what we saw in the first half, if Hook fell in love the first half… then my prediction is we will see Emma falling in love

    Also Hook and Emma scenes are always foreshadowed and hinted at esp dialogues to what will happen in the future… thats why i was pretty much glad of the when i win your heart… it will be without trickery and i will win it because it will be because you want me… THIS is something i feel will come about, Hook wants Emma to want him, then its worth it otherwise he wouldnt want her to be with him like that, he couldnt do that to her and him.

    Also kinda thing we will see something similar in Outlaw Queen, i mean structure…. Snowing, Rumbelle and Captain Swan – all connected instantly over something, and i do think this will happen with OQ…. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MOMENTS

  86. Hook has done everything right ever since he chose to come back to her, and be in Neverland , and help them and advice them, kept Charming’s secret, saved him, didnt take Pan’s deal when he was taunting him, told them about Neal and went to find rescue him, he has done nothing wrong since he finally let revenge go. He never was a full on villian, he wanted revenge out of loss of love. Hook fell in love with Emma, he felt something when he met her… until i met you… that was the moments, but it took her being lifeless on the deck to realize there is more and then there on he was falling for her, and then that kiss confirmed it… he has moved on and fallen in love. He believes in Emma, he is yet to see her fail… Emma believes him, she can be comforable and vulnerable around him because he gets her. He has put her first, her happiness – if she wants Neal when they went to get him, or when he backed off for Henry and Emma if they wanted a chance. His own backstory was called GOOD FORM… we saw his love for his brother and the loss of it, and how much he cared that he turned to being a pirate then serve a corrupt King. He saved Charming coz he saw Liam in him and also for Emma, coz he didnt want Emma to lose her father and how loss feels. Hook chooses Emma, comes back to her! All this is what is required and done in love, true love. He would risk his life… bloody hell we had Tink tells us that, he did it for love = Emma. Charming and Snow know he has feelings for Emma, Charming knows all he does and will do is for Emma, and Regina knows he pines for her … pretty much all characters know and telling us this and getting across in the episode. BIG FAT SIGN he FINDS HER… you know the very thing that says when you love someone YOU FIND THEM… the direction is Emma and Hook, the season ended on them, a true love kiss that does not work in memory loss paralling Snowing and Rumbelle, u do not put in a true love kiss like that another big fat sign to not have another successful one later on… and also Hook and Henry also paralleled in how Henry came to her door and found Emma to take her home, which Hook did in the finale and will do

  87. Well, there’s teasing it or hinting at it to lure people in and then there’s releasing full on gifs of the actual kiss…

  88. But the thing is media would want to spoil it coz it was big, a big kiss coming so i can understand spoiling that coz its popular

  89. Mandy – firstly thank you so much for your review/teasers – you did this when season 3 started and all the questions coming to you, you were so good and patient :)

    I am so glad we getting more of a build up with Emma/Hook… i am rooting for them, since the start – i saw the show laying down the foundation and the structure of it and it really has not surprised me what we have got, but yes been surprised with such lovely moments between them, as they understand each other and connect ever since the beanstalk episode. And that Hook had to let go of his revenge once and for all and finally see life and love beyond it and he did! That for me was the prediction i had in season 2… and Emma/Hook developing. Its been written well and with their moments and how they fit together, Love and hope inspiring Hook to be better and find the man he once was before, and its because of Emma.

    I am looking forward to see the structure of Regina and Robin… i want to see how they connect and their moments.

    Also very much want to see Regina and Snow interact… and bond.

  90. So you are basically telling the writers themselves, the ones who created those characters for their OWN show that they should have written them differently and make them gay just to satisfy you or any group of people who wish to have a gay ship on the show? This is not only insulting to the writers, it is also insulting to gay people, suggesting that a) they are incapable of enjoying straight ships and b) that they are incapable of realizing when the writers intend to write a gay ship or not. Lost Girl for instance has repeatedly done so, for the lead character and it was crystal clear that they would. But suggesting that the writers intended for Emma to be with Regina and they chickened out because of producers/ABC/CaptainSwanners/Aliens/God/Santa Clause is like I said, insulting. Maybe when you write your own show and people come over to tell you how to write your own characters you’ll see how sweet it is. Maybe.

  91. I would personally rather have Swanfire or Swan Queen. I can’t take
    anymore of this Captain Swan bullshit, seriously all the promos are
    about them and they shouldn’t even be considered a couple! They’ve known
    each other for a short amount of time and the majority of that time
    hasn’t been romantic in the least. I’m sorry I will never ship Captain
    Swan and I truly hate all the promotions about how wonderful Hook is.

    he was so wonderful then he would have taken Charming to the healing
    water straight away, not wait until it’s convenient for him to look like
    the good guy, and he wouldn’t be trying to keep secrets from Emma. He’s
    left her for dead along with her family and friends. I will never
    approve of him being with Emma. She deserves better!

  92. Exactly. Good Form is a great example of this. I know CS shippers love the kiss but can you imagine if it hadn’t been thoroughly spoiled beforehand? On the flip side, the scene in which Emma and Regina talk to “their” son was such a sweet moment and it was a complete surprise.

  93. They don’t fit with the story lines at this point in time. Aurora loves Philip, Emma doesn’t even remember Regina, and she’s not going to forget everything that happened to her and her family at Regina’s hands. They aren’t just going to retcon their way into a swan queen/sleeping warrior endgame. Aurora isn’t suddenly going to go, oh yeah sorry Philip I’m gay and I Iove Mulan. Same with Emma. It’s not just about whether or not there is LGBT representation on the show, it has to fit with the story.

  94. Because it’s not. You guys really have to let it sink in. No one wants SQ to happen as a romantic ship. Not the writers, or the producers, or even the actors themselves. You should really get over it and enjoy their interactions as a friendship between two heterosexual women who bond over the fact that they share a son. The writers themselves have basically said that. It will never happen. Sorry. Outlaw Queen will definitely happen though so you can enjoy that.

  95. I am actually happy they don’t spoil their interactions. I am a CS shipper and sometimes I wish we didn’t get that much spoiled before the episodes air. One of the things I LOVED about the mid season finale was the beautiful interaction between Emma and Regina, their scenes were the BEST, really, as a CS shipper I can tell you that. Good thing for you sq shippers is that we know that Emma will return to SB in the matter of 1 episode so we’ll get to see E&R interacting and developing their relationship even more :)

  96. I’m just going to wait over here until the show gets back to its own points of origin – the profound and complicated relationship between the Savior and the Evil Queen

  97. Hook did not help, he just didn’t stop Gregmara. And since Regina left him for dead with the dragon, I can hardly see how you blame him. Would you help someone that just tried to kill you?

  98. Love the spoilers, thank you! Very excited about Captain Swan, the flying monkeys, and to learn what plan Belle has.

  99. That definitely messed up their plans, but Captain Swan is not rushed. By real world standards, yes, but not by the show’s. Ariel/Eric were love at first sight, and the central couple, Snow/Charming, fell for each other in one episode that showed a single day’s journey. In contrast, Hook/Emma were shown to have an instant connection on the beanstalk, then were on opposing sides for the rest of the season while Hook tried (and failed) to be a villain, and have been steadily progressing since the season 2 finale. Lots of development compared to other couples. (They even squished Swanfire’s entire backstory into one episode. Which one was that? Oh yes, 2×06 – Tallahassee, to show us why Emma decided to leave Hook up there.)

  100. Nothing has ever said Milah was Hook’s true love. He loved her, but on this show, there is a big difference between love and true love. Hook did not destroy Bae’s family. Milah chose to leave. She would have left, Hook or no Hook. The suggestion that Hook is at fault here implies that Milah has no agency. Women are not possessions to be stolen. No one took Milah and no one is taking Emma. They can make their own choices, and when they make bad ones, THEY are at fault. Emma owes Neal absolutely nothing and she can choose to be with someone else, if she wants. You can’t fault anyone else for the fact that Emma and Neal are not together.

  101. If this was there original plan the executed were badly, I think Colin breaking his leg in season 2 mess the character development so they rush it.

  102. lol, don’t get me started on the “ruining the family show” stuff

  103. Ah ok, i understand :)

  104. As in, they talk about each other.

  105. NOthing I care about here. Never head of Swan Queen ? Maybe you should write about it.

  106. They don’t have any interaction in this episode.

  107. I’ll be right beside you :)

  108. Amen :)

  109. I know dear, just making it clear for others because a few different people are asking the same thing. :)

  110. So no connection or parallel at all? Hmmm. Perhaps we will find something in the subtext. Or, they’re just saving the good stuff. ;-)

  111. And because it’s your opinion that it’s so obvious, it must be true?
    Check your facts. OUAT was planned for 5 seasons from conception.

  112. I know and I did´t complain about it, just anwering to Kaye that say there are no scoops because romantic SwanQueen is not happening.

  113. How do you know its not happening?

  114. How do they reference? I don’t understand.

  115. Nothing in this world could make me ship Captain Swan or Outlaw Queen. Viva la Swan Queen!

  116. Yes, but they still reference each other. Emma and Regina do not.

  117. I’m more interested in Emma/Regina scenes..any scoop on them?

  118. Wouldn’t that apply to Swan Fire as well?

  119. No one is TAKING Emma from Neal. Firstly, they haven’t been together in over a decade. More importanly, the use of the word “take” is incredibly sexist – you’re implying that Emma is like some possession and she has no say in the matter. Whomever she ends up with, it will be her choice, and no one is TAKING her from anyone.
    Same with Milah. I don’t condone her choice to leave her son, but it’s just that: HER CHOICE. By placing all the blame on Hook, you’re saying she had no free will. All 3 adults played a part in that event – Hook, Milah, and Rumpel.

  120. Let’s hope Emma does to Hook what she did to him last time.

  121. CS and OQ are fan service now let’s be real. And this latest promo emphasizing those two ships, is going to backfire for the people who actually care about the show. Bad bad move.

  122. Captain Swan♥

  123. Cheeeeetooooos.

  124. emm no. People use the term ship for frienships too.

  125. They’re in two different realms so there was nothing to tease.

  126. Right, but it doesn’t seem like Emma and Regina will have much opportunity to interact in this episode, so how could there be spoilers regarding them? Emma is still in NY right now. They’re not withholding, they just don’t have anything to share regarding them.

  127. Of course. But if the argument is that it’s “one of the biggest ships” then it doesn’t seem like the person is asking for scoop about them as a non romantic relationship. Because “ship” and “shipping” are fandom terms that are used first and foremost for romantic pairings.

  128. Preach

  129. I am saying to drop our discussing becouse I just dont want to argue you are free to say or think wathever you want.

  130. I’ll just be over here happily shipping Swan Queen. The press and fangirls love to wet themselves over Captain Swan and pimp and promote it until they’re blue in the face. I understand, as a ship, Swan Queen is fanon. So, Emma/Regina interactions seem to be ignored completely in spoilers/articles. But that doesn’t change the fact that they’re there and that SQ is still the best written, most developed relationship on the show.

  131. How can something be fan service when it was planned before he was introduced to the show? Rewatch Talahassee. It seems pretty clear they were setting something up even back then. And that was written/filmed before Hook was ever introduced on the show. It’s fine not to like it but it’s inaccurate to accuse the writers of basing their story on what the fans want when it was written prior to the fans even meeting this character.

  132. Throwing Swan Queen glitter for the femslash duo of the decade!

  133. The scoop can be non romantic.

  134. Well yes let’s forget about Regina losing her son, forget about Emma losing her parents, and instead focus our attention on more pressing matters. Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan are surely what this entire show has been about from the start.


  136. Can’t wait to see the second part of S3. I’m a little bit tired of being pushed towards Outlaw Queen or Captain Swan though. I love Hook, but must we forget that he helped Reina being tortured? And Hood, we didn’t even see him yet, and everybody’s already making a huge thing about Outlaw Queen. It feels like it’s gonna be “love” without any storyline behind. Too bad.

  137. Exactly. ONE OF THE BIGGEST SHIPS and we get nothing. Instead every other ship gets news. This is B.S. catering to all those who can’t stand to have ‘a gay’ or two ‘ruin’ their ‘family show’. Same old crap every season.


  139. Unfortunately, the show can’t cater to every shipper, as much as we all wish it could. They have to choose a ship to focus on at some point. It’s not possible to make everyone happy and just because it’s a large ship, the writers aren’t going to change their vision. That’s called fan service.

  140. I agree with you. I watch because I enjoy the direction the story is taking all of the characters…..and I dont care about any of the relationships between them……..they could all end up alone and still be just fine with me. I will continue to watch OUAT either way. Seems to me that if a viewer is too focused on these “ships” and whether they happen or not, they will be losing sight of the show as a whole.

  141. Captain Swan Forever!!

  142. They can only give you scoop for stuff that’s happening on the show. Swan Queen as a romance ship is not happening.


  144. And I think it’s awful that you seem to think having a child together means people should be a couple even if they aren’t right for each other. Look at Emma/Regina – does one make the other want to be a better person? Do they make each other smile? Yes, in the midseason finale, but it was because Regina was giving Emma memories of a life with Henry. Their son is their connection, but it doesn’t mean they must have a romantic one. I do hope they become closer as friends, though.

  145. Honestly it’s pretty sexist to say that a woman with a child can only find romance with her child’s parent. Men/fathers are never held to this same standard. The fact that they are Henry’s parents is completely irrelevant. Emma can make her own choices and for people to suggest that the show is somehow heterosexist because Emma is choosing a partner based on her feelings and not who is a parent to her child is just illogical. Just because you don’t agree, does not make others “awful” for liking something.

  146. Robin Hood is still no substitute for Emma Swan. Join me for a drink of apple cider with an absurdly high alcohol content Ms. Swan.

  147. Where is the Bonus Swan Queen Shipper Scoop? Sigh. Just you know, seeing as it’s arguably one of the biggest ships if not the biggest for the show.

  148. I’m not going to drop it right when I’ve defended my right to free speech. You also don’t get to tell me to be silent.

  149. I’m starting to think queers don’t exist in the real world much less in fairy tales. All the hetero ships get a shout out and we get nothing about Sleeping Warrior or Swan Queen. Talk about erasure.

  150. Thank you, the difference is that you’re generalizing and I’m saying that I personally found this article to be homophobic. I have a right to my viewpoint and it differs from yours.

  151. Deal with it haters! Captain Swan is end game!!! I love Reginaaa and Robin yayyy Outlaw Queen!!

  152. anyway dont want to fight so let´s drop it.

  153. all the captainswan haters get a life hook and emma always love them so much

  154. Emma Swan, why aren’t you with me in my spacious drawing room? I’ll ply you with whisky if you get me off this forest floor. What the hell happened to my house again?

  155. Sorry I am gay I have suffer homophobia so yes I know what I am talking about and this is not it.

  156. Robin Hood is no substitute for Emma Swan.

  157. I also can’t wait to get back into normal clothing. Robin Hood smells of forest and I need my old life back.

  158. I can’t wait for Outlaw Queen to go away.

  159. Thanks for the scoop. I’m excited for the Regina and Snow White scenes and Robin Hood’s return. Robin Hood and Regina could be a fun pairing. It seems many reviewers liked their first meeting. I’m looking foward to see it play out.

  160. Emma, come hoooome. I need a back-rub and these men smell of forest. I miss our makeout sessions in the backseat of your car.


  162. I hope for more scenes between Regina and Henry. They clearly love each other very much. Plus, they are the only relationship I care about in the show.

  163. I’ll use a word the way I want to use a word. I experience homophobia daily and this kind of article is one reason I experience homophobia daily as is this fandom being so afraid to use the word. It’s a useful word. Don’t tell me how to use it as a gay person. Stop censoring people in order to ‘play nice.’

  164. I’m so sick of hearing about CaptainSwan It’s clear to me that it’s fan pandering. ABC over promotes Hook over all the other characters. Hook is a villain he has been one for 300 years. This is the same pirate who basically destroyed Neal’s family as a child. He took Miah away from Rumple & Baelfire/Neal Which set Rumple on the course to be coming the Dark One which in turn caused Baelfire to escape to another realm using a magic bean, He sacrifices himself for the Darlings and goes to Neverland where he meets Hook and he get tricked by Hook into revealing that the dagger is the only way to kill his father, plus he learns that Milah abandoned him for Hook & Hook revealed to this 14 year old boy that his father killed his mother and then hands the boy over to the Lost Boys & Pan. Supposedly Miah was Hooks true love and for 300 years all he has wanted is vengeance on Rumple and over the course of a week in Neverland they try to have us believe that he is reformed and in love with Emma like he is some kind of hero. It doesn’t sit well with me when Neal has suffered for 300 years because of the actions of this pirate and now the same thing is happening all over again only this time instead of taking his mother Hook seems determined take Emma from Neal. Putting Neal in Rumple’s place & putting Henry in Neal’s place and that certainly doesn’t promote Hope which is the message that Once has always projected to it’s fans

  165. So excited for robin and regina!

  166. OMG MORE REGINA SCENES!!!!!!! ok ok I’m sorry I’m just REALLY excited to see her with Snow and Robin. I’m also looking forward to see the Emma/Hook scenes!!!

  167. Look, defend Neal all you want (I like him too!), but you gotta find a better argument than that. Every major turn in Hook’s story was driven by love. Loses Liam -> becomes a pirate rather than serve under a dishonorable king. Loses Milah -> spends centuries trying to avenge her. Not that all of these choices were the greatest, but you can’t deny that Hook loves very deeply.

  168. It may be lots of thing but is not homophobic let´s not use that word lightly

  169. I don´t “ship” I like good storylines and characters and so far I feel that Captain Swan has been a huge fanservice. and Imo is so obvious ouat was a one season planned series.
    Remenber in paleyfest or comiccon don´t remenber they say they even considered not making Neal rumples son. So nothing is write on stone.specially on ouat.
    “We can’t even say Captain Swan shippers make up a majority” they don´t and i actually like that the story doesnt focus on those two so much that why i keep watching. They can get married and wathever for all I care I enjoy other aspects of the series specially the family dynamics

  170. Emma and Regina have a child together. Neal and Emma and Regina have a child together. Captain Hook and Robin Hood have heterosexism on their side. This is awful and the fans are awful for falling for ‘Captain Swan’ and ‘Outlaw Queen’ BS.

  171. well that was the homophobic update of the century. Thank you for making an otherwise decent show all about two horrible heterosexist ships. Worst site ever.

  172. So excited for Once to return!! So curiois to see what’s in store for everyone. Particularly Hook and Emma! Cannot wait for all the Captain Swan moments – their story is being told so extremely well, I’m rooting for the two of them with all my heart!

  173. Personally, I counted him out when he told Emma that if he’d known who she really was, he’d never have gone near her. Sure, that was before he found out about Henry, but he definitely went to Storybrooke for his son and not out of any desire to be with Emma. He truly loved Tamara and accused Emma of being a jealous ex. Then in Neverland and when they get back to Storybrooke, his attitude is “My fiancee turned out to be evil. Ah well, let’s see if Emma wants to get back together!” Just…no.
    And to Marian, re: “stupid Captain Swan pandering” – regardless of whether you ship them (which clearly you don’t), it’s disrespectful to the producers and writers to suggest that they’re altering their carefully planned 5 season storyline for a group of fans. We can’t even say Captain Swan shippers make up a majority; there are plenty of Swan Queen and Swanfire shippers. Look up an interview on the midseason finale and you’ll find that the Hook and Emma ending was the only one they considered. They plan everything well in advance and it’s egotistical to think that we, the fans, would have such a huge impact on the story they want to tell.

  174. So not excited for the penis parade coming up in this half of the season.

  175. Thank you! I’m so sick of Captain Swan. I hate that everyone has pegged Neal as the loser when nothing as even been decided and that he seems to be everyone’s vote for most likely to die at the end of the season. Neal has proven he’s willing to fight for his loved ones and is driven by his love for them. Hook has nothing on him.

  176. Hope they’ll be greats things for my favorite character Regina i’m a bit tired of captainswan…

  177. So excited for new Regina and Snow scenes :)

  178. Please Captain Swan shipper don´t need to use caplocks keep your hormones in cheak LOL

  179. Glad to hear it Regina is my favorite too!!


  181. Pretty sure Neal will died because of the stupid Captain Swan pandering the show has been doing. TBH Captain Swan is the only thing I dislike about the show right now.


  183. I really dislike Hook A LOT, but hearing there is lots of Regina so good for me :)

  184. Believe me when I say not everyone is love with Captain Swan and the fan pandering along with the over promotion of Hook. I wouldn’t count Neal out just yet. Neal is Henry’s father and he loves Emma Besides Neal has crossed realms before to help save his son and Emma & his family in Neverland I have no doubt that he will find a way to do it again.

  185. I can not wait for any of this!! Regina and Robin!!! Finally!! Emma and Hook!! This is my favorite episode so far and it hasn’t even aired yet.

  186. YES! Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan1

  187. You’re not the only one. There are many of us!

  188. I’m really excited for the Neal/ Belle and Snow/Regina moments!!! Find your man, Belle!

    I’m really excited for everything in the Enchanted Forest. Not so much about the Emma/Henry/Hook stuff. Sounds boring. I’m tired of the memory loss storylines. Its’ overdone.

  189. So much good Regina stuff in the episode. She’s my favorite character and I was thrilled with all of her scenes.

  190. I can’t wait for a Emma centic episode! FINALLY. It feels like it has been to long… Totally looking foward to Captain Swan scenes and how Hook found her!

  191. Cannot wait for it. I am all for Emma and Hook! He is the man for her! She deserves someone devoted for her and would fight till hell and back for her



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