The Face: ‘Bare Your New Look’ Review

THE FACE -- "Bare Your New Look" Episode 202 -- Pictured: All eyes are on Naomi as she instructs the modeltestans -- (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

Wednesday night’s episode of The Face was MUST SEE TV.  It was makeover time for the models and the challenge of doing a nude photography campaign to bring out the hair care line of Frederic Fekkai, but it was the backstage banter that got things heated in an instant that caught my attention and I’m sure many of the viewers that were tuned in.  Let’s dish about what was rocking and what just got under my skin in the second episode of The Face.

I’m all for seeing new aspiring models going in for a good hair make-over, and Frederic Fekkai was on the set to work his magic with each of the girls.  Unlike America’s Next Top Model, the ladies of The Face seemed to embrace having a brand new look rather than cry over lost locks.  There were two looks that caught my eye from the episode and that was Team Anne’s Tiana Berri’s short Audrey Hepburn-esque look.  She just looked so sophisticated with shorter hair.  The second look that just pocked was Team Lydia’s Ray Clanton, who went from being a beautiful blonde to becoming a stunning brunette.  Ray had such a transformation that Frederic couldn’t stop admiring his hard work, while Naomi Campbell voiced her serious disappointment in the transformation.

Anne’s compassion and empathy for her team just shows in Wednesday night’s episode.  When the models were given the challenge of posing nude in a photography campaign to represent the Frederic Fekkai line, Khadisha Gaye shared that in her home of Senegal, it is a big no to women posing nude.  The way Anne soothed and comforted Khadisha through her uneasiness was very touching to see on screen.

Kira Dikhtyar, from Team Naomi, continues to say the wrong thing at the very wrong time.  She managed to ruffle a lot of feathers when she made the comment to Afiya Bennett that women of color can’t win in the competition. Things got heated when Naomi was told about it and she immediately took Kira to task for her comments.  Despite her back-pedaling, the damage was done and it created a very tense moments throughout all of the teams.  I personally think that Kira thinks too highly of herself and her attitude needs to be corrected.

The hair campaign was a tough one for many of the girls; not just because it was a nude shoot, but because it was double-duty for them.  They had to show off their gorgeous tresses while at the same time giving a great facial expression that connects with the campaign.  As host Nigel Barker pointed out, Frederic would be looking for three things to be completed within their photo spread:  casual chic, the composition and the poses for the campaign.  The team that has the best picture and meets those three key elements, wins the competition and prevents themselves from being voted off.

When it came down to Frederic choosing the winner of the campaign, I was crossing fingers and toes to see Anne V get a win.  Alas, despite it all, the winner was Naomi, garnering her a second win out of the competition.  I disagree a little with her win.  Kira seemed a little lost in the pictures taken of their team.  Her facial expressions just fell flat for me.   Lydia’s team was good, however Amanda Gullickson needed to tone down the sexy.  You could just see it in her facial expression in their final photo for the campaign.  Anne’s team had a hard time trying to connect with the camera.  Because of the way the ladies were positioned for their photos, it lost what was to be the primary focus, which was the hair of Fekkai.

It’s is always sad to see a team member lose their spot in the competition, however, choosing someone to go home would once again be the decision of Naomi.  I was very nervous about Anne putting up another strong competitor to go face Naomi, especially after last week’s elimination show.  Now, Lydia’s chose to send someone home was a good one and I fully agree to it.  Lydia sent Nakisha Bromfield to fight for her place in the competition.  Nakisha really struggled in her pictures, and it is unfortunate, because I wanted to see more of her.

Naomi made the wise choice of sending Nakisha home.  When asked as to why she and not Khadisha should stay to compete again, she couldn’t give a solid reason.  You could see that she wanted to stay there, but she didn’t really have a good fight for Naomi to pick her.  It wasn’t until after Naomi said she was keeping Khadisha did Nakisha realize that her time was up.  Fighting back tears, she broke my heart as I watched her refusal to take her book from Naomi.  Thankfully, however, is that Anne’s strategic move pay off for her.

Next Wednesday’s The Face looks pretty good.  I think I’m more anxious to see the models runway on a long dinner table.  Until next time!

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