‘The Face’ Review: Team Anne V Dominates the Competition as Models Do Viral Campaign

THE FACE -- "Going Viral" Episode 205 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Tim Brown/Oxygen)

On last week’s episode of The Face, titled “Sell, Sell, Sell”, the team of Anne Vyaltisyna (Anne V) continued to beat out the competition with their amazing work on their Alex and Ani campaign.  Due to her win, Naomi Campbell and Lydia Hearst both had to decide who from their team would be headed for the elimination room to prove to Anne which one should stay.  It was between Alana Duval and Allison Milar in the elimination room.  After deliberating on her decision on who should stay, Anne sent Alana packing.

Anne Stands Her Ground on her Elimination Decision

I hope for Naomi’s team sake, they get themselves a win, because the more Anne wins, the frustrated she seemed to have gotten; especially when it was Allison that she saw walking back from the elimination room.  In Wednesday’s episode titled, “Going Viral”, the show picked up from the night of eliminations, and let’s just say, Naomi has had enough of having her girls going home.  Anne, on the other hand, made no apologies in her decision as to who she felt should stay.

Naomi immediately questioned Anne as to why she felt Allison should be rewarded in staying when she didn’t prove herself in the Alex and Ani campaign.  Anne pointed out that Alana didn’t prove herself and that she felt that Alison had more than Naomi’s girl did.  A very heated Naomi didn’t mince words in her confessional that it was on between her and Anne.  I personally think their strong will and determination to win makes great television, especially when you get to see the two go toe-to-toe with one another.

The Girls Get Their Groove On in Viral Video

THE FACE -- Episode 205 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

THE FACE — Episode 205 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

The ever handsome host of The Face, Nigel Barker presented the teams with a new campaign challenge.  He shared with the girls that with the rise of social media, a lot of campaigns are featured virally to spread the word about their business/product.  The girls would get their first taste on what it means to go viral in a campaign for Germany based company, Liebeskind.  The company’s big business is in that of the leather handbags.

I personally was excited to see this campaign based off of the previews I’d seen, and from the looks of it, it’s fresh and eye-catching.  Okay, little gush session over, let’s continue on.  The president of Liebeskind, USA, Nathalie Sears joined Nigel in talking about what she would be looking for with their campaign.  The campaign itself would be a 30 second video in which the teams would create a choreographed dance routine while showcasing the latest Liebeskind leather bags.

Nigel also introduced model, Karen Elson, who did a viral video for the 2011 Lanvin’s campaign to give the girls tips on how to perfect their videos.  The primary focus that models should remember was to make sure that their routine was effortless, where in each shot, the flow of the tossing of the bag from model to model was captured.  Let’s just say that as Nigel was talking about this, both Allison and Felisa Wiley looked instantly nervous.

The teams would be judged on the following factors: Rebellious Attitude; Choreography; and Showcase of the Bag.  The team who executed all three of these components successfully would not only garner their team the win, but one lady from that team would be chosen by Nathalie, herself, to be featured in a Liebeskind look book that would be shot in Berlin.

Some Have Rhythm, Some Don’t

It’s always hard watching one team shine while others who aren’t comfortable in their own skin look defeated.  It was as such as Team Lydia’s girl, Allison just couldn’t pick up the dance routine, as well as give a look of happiness as they practiced the run through of their viral video.  As simple as the steps were from Lydia, it was just too hard for Allison to catch on, which only made things worse as the other girls pressed for her to catch up.

No in the case of Felisa from Team Naomi, she too had issues with the dance routine, for the simple fact that she has no rhythm.  Naomi had reason to be concerned about her because she’s down to just two models on her team: Felisa, of course, and Afiya Bennett, who caught on naturally with the dance routine.  While Afiya did great with the dance portion of the routine, a part of me was afraid that she’d be concentrating too much on her dance, losing focus on her face and feature of the product itself.

Khadisha Gaye is a shining star but her star somewhat dimmed for this campaign.  While the rest of Team Anne caught on quickly with their steps, Khadisha couldn’t get the coordination down pat; often switching position in steps.   Anne gave tips on how to really showcase the bag, which Karen, who stopped by each team to check up on their progress, loved.  I really loved Sharon Gallardo’s fierceness in practice when they were doing the run through.

When it was time for the teams to all do their actual shoot, you could tell that there were cracks in the team of Lydia.  Both Amanda Gullickson and Allison seem to lose not only focus but also lost the ability to really shine in the campaign.  Rachel (Ray) Clanton, on the other hand, was the only one to get the simple steps in the routine down pat, while still showcasing the bag.

Naomi knows competition when she sees it, and she pointed out to Lydia that Anne’s model, Tiana Zarlin was the one to focus on; because she’s the one to beat.  I have to agree, because when Team Anne came to do their video, they all just rocked it.  Khadisha still had issues with the dance portion of the routine, but at the end she did the best she could.  As for Sharon?  She was on fire and gave that rebellious side that Nigel was talking about

As for Team Naomi, Afiya continued to shine, which really overshadowed Felisa, who continued to struggle to find the beat and the natural enthusiasm when featuring the Liebeskind bag.  I had my fingers crossed that Naomi would be able to hold on to one of her girls, because I don’t think I wanted to see her wrath if she were forced to go on with just one girl.

And the Best Viral Video Goes To…

Nathalie and Nigel returned to give the viewers and themselves a look at the finished product of the Liebeskind viral video challenge.  They started off with viewing the video of Team Anne, where Nathalie applauded the great energy the girls showed, as well as being proud that her bag was being primarily focused on.  She did however, had issue with the lack of maturity that Khadisha showed in her portion of the video.  Nathalie soon moved on to Team Naomi.  She immediately hit that nerve in Naomi when she called their routine too “cheerlead-y” for her liking.  She did say that Afiya was great in the video but felt that because of her great moves and focus on giving the best product showcase, it overshadowed a weak Felisa.

I love Lydia, but her girls haven’t won a challenge yet, and a part of me wondered if her girls are losing hope in ever getting to a winning campaign.  Nathalie didn’t like much of the video, minus the fact that Ray was the only one that stood out to her.  She felt that both Allison and Amanda weren’t prepared at all; she also noted to Nigel that Allison lacked the self-confidence that she needed.

After they all viewed the videos, it was time for Nathalie to reveal who she thought had the best video and who all met the three components she was judging on.  To Naomi’s chagrin, Anne V and her models took their third win, forcing both Lydia and Naomi once again to put up one of their girls.  Not only did Anne’s team win, but Sharon was chosen by Nathalie as the model that just stood out to her, therefore she’d be heading off to Berlin to shoot the Liebeskind look book.

Anne Gives Tough Love to the Nominated

THE FACE -- "Going Viral" Episode 205 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Tim Brown/Oxygen)

THE FACE — “Going Viral” Episode 205 — Pictured: — (Photo by: Tim Brown/Oxygen)

A very frustrated Lydia didn’t mince words when she told her girls that she felt that the girls didn’t give it their all for the campaign.   Earlier on during their shoot of the video, Lydia did point out that Allison needed to focus less on the background goings-on and more on giving her all for the campaign.  While both Amanda and Allison didn’t put effort in their campaign, I felt that Allison pretty much went into the shoot with a slightly defeated heart.  This would be her second time facing Anne in the elimination room and a part of me just wondered if she’d have enough fight to convince Anne she should be chosen to stay.

As for Felisa, she just has this sweet, meek demeanor about herself and in the last episode, Naomi did warn her that she’d have to start fighting to stay in the competition.  Well, after failing to bring her best to the video, it was now her time to prove to Anne she deserved to stay.  I like Felisa but sweet and meek only goes so far before you’re gobbled up by someone that can give the whole package; and it’s clear that so far, her teammate, Afiya can present that package.

In the elimination room, Anne questioned why Allison was once again on the chopping block.  She didn’t hesitate to share that if someone other than Felisa would have been in the room with Allison, Allison would have been gone immediately.  Felisa tried her best to convince Anne that she’s the complete package for Fekkai, but Anne again pointed out that if that were true, she’d would have done a better job in her campaign.  Allison, too tried to fight to have Anne keep her, but quite honestly, her tone just didn’t have conviction or any fire.

After deliberating a bit, Anne sadly had to send Allison home.  She gave Felisa some serious words on holding true to her words that she’d improve going forward.

Next Time on The Face

Next week, the supermodel mentors will be doing a campaign with their remaining team members, where their girls switch gender roles.  During this challenging campaign none other than LOGO network and drag queen sensation, RuPaul (RuPaul Andre Charles) will be coming to the studio to guest mentor.  Make sure to tune in next Wedneday at 8/7 C for The Face!

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