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‘The Bay’ Chapter 12 Part 2 – Baby, There’s a Shark in the Water

Sean Kanan (Kenneth) and Nicolas Coster (Jack). Courtesy of LANY Entertainment

Chapter 12 Part 2 of The Bay serves up more of the delicious scandal its fans love! The residents of Bay City are swimming in murky waters and some may be about to drown. Will anyone be able to keep his or her head above water?

An Affair Exposed?

Press Secretary Kenneth Allen (Sean Kanan) informs Mayor Jack that his wife and his mistress are both on his yacht. Marisa Ramos aka Orchid (Terri Ivens) has just been hired as Sofia’s (Jackie Zeman) personal assistant. “You have such a lovely wife Jacky,” she teases.

Kenneth quickly escorts Orchid-Marisa off the boat. Jack tells Sofia that he doesn’t think she should hire someone without any references but Sofia dismisses his concerns. Why should he have any say in the matter? If she only knew!

A Not Too Friendly Warning

Peter has been taking care of his brother-in-law Manny Ramos’s (Ignacio Serricchio) body shop and gets a surprise when Manny returns. After thanking Peter for taking care of his business while he was away, Manny asks him about his love life. “It’s better than ever,” Peter awkwardly responses. Of course his love life is great thanks to Manny’s sister Janice. Speaking of Janice – she gets a not too subtle warning from Marly to stay away from Peter.

Something Fishy

Nathan Perkins (Scott Bailey) pays chief editor Boyd Bloom (Bill Cobbs) a visit at Patrick’s Roadhouse. Apparently, Nathan’s article on Steve has caused such a stir that Nathan has to be let go. Boyd says that his hands are tied unless Nathan can provide his sources. Zoey looks fairly pleased by Nathan’s bad luck. Is she up to something?

Meanwhile, fragile Katherine Blackwell (Judi Evans) gets a call from John. She is at the hospital chapel, distraught over her son. John says he is meeting with Elliot and he’s looking for some answers. Alone, Katherine begins to pray and cry. What is her husband looking for?

An Albatross Around The Neck

Lex visits Sara, demanding that Sara give him some answers. Why is she married to Steve? Sara refuses to answer and tells Lex to leave. Lex says he is going to find out the truth no matter what. “Even if it hurts me? You’re not my savior Lex!” yells Sara.

Whatever Steve is holding over Sara must be pretty bad for Sara to not only agree to marry him but also for her to protect him. Does it involve their son? Did Sara do something unmentionable that she wants to keep unmentionable?

Skeevy Steve has some plans to get Lex out of the picture as he serves Lianna an odd request. Get Lex into bed. Whatever Steve is up to can’t be any good. Of course when is he ever up to anything good?

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