‘Beacon Hill’ Series Review – Evelyn

‘Beacon Hill’ star Melissa Archer (Evelyn). Photo courtesy of Bella Productions

In this week’s episode, we finally got to meet Senator Preston’s trophy wife Evelyn (Melissa Archer). Something tells me Evelyn isn’t your typical piece of arm candy. While she is young and beautiful, there is also something very mysteriousness about her.

Underneath the flirty exterior, there is the hint of sadness. Perhaps she realized long ago that being the trophy wife of an older wealthy man isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and now she is stuck in a hell of her own creation. I imagine she may be very lonely.

While she seems to want to hold on to an illusion regarding her marriage to the Senator, one where she is an adored and pampered wife, the Senator doesn’t want to play along. “You love me right?” Evelyn asks him. “Well you certainly serve your purpose,” he responds. Ain’t love grand?

There is a lot more to Evelyn than the audience knows about right now. There is a quiet tragedy to her. I wasn’t expecting to like her let alone feel sympathy for her. It was a pleasant surprise to find that she is more than a caricature.

I was left with many questions about Evelyn. Is she just a superficial bimbo only getting by on her looks and charm? What was up with her flirting with her step-grandson? Was she just trying to see if she still had it or is there more to the story? I suspect that Evelyn may actually want to be loved but perhaps lacks the confidence to use anything other than her feminine wiles to try to obtain it.

Where You Can Watch

Beacon Hill can be watched on their website www.beaconhilltheseries.com. The series is available by subscribing only at the reasonable price of $9.99. Watch the series and hit the comments to share your thoughts!