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‘Days of our Lives’ Star James Scott Departs After 8 Years

James Scott
Actor James Scott; Photo credit: Dana Patrick

In somewhat unsurprising news, Days of our Lives star James Scott taped his final episode as bad boy EJ DiMera, today, May 2, reports Soap Opera Digest.  His exit marks the end an eight year relationship with the lone NBC soap, which began in 2006.

“We are saddened but supportive of James Scott’s decision to leave the show after eight years to take some personal time and pursue new projects,” said Days of our Lives publicity in a statement to Soap Opera Digest. “His contribution to the show has been tremendous and we wish him the best always.”

James Scott also issued a statement regarding his exit. “I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to NBC, Sony and Corday, particularly Ken Corday [executive producer], for the amazing 8 year run on Days of our Lives and for graciously supporting me in my decision in leaving the show to take personal time. To the unbelievably loving fans, I can’t begin to express my gratitude for your love and support over the years. I will miss you immensely.”

Though Scott wrapped up filming today, he’ll continue airing through the fall as a result of Days of our Lives’ production schedule. In a recent interview, Scott revealed they were filming October episodes, so that should give an indication as to how long he’ll air.

Scott joined Days of our Lives shortly after his 18-month stint as All My Children’s Ethan Cambias came to an end. Over the next eight years, the British hunk would take the show by storm, ascending to leading man status and never letting go of the mantle. Hugely popular in his own right, Scott and leading lady Alison Sweeney (also departing this year) created one of the series’ most popular and controversial pairings in EJ and Sami.

While I’m not surprised to see James Scott go, it doesn’t make it any less disappointing. Days of our Lives is in an interesting predicament going forward. Recasting EJ will be an unenviable task, as Scott’s popularity would make it extremely difficult for any actor coming in. Though difficult, it’s been done before and probably will again in the future (ie Roman, Bo, etc.). I don’t see a reason to recast immediately either, as the soap has other leading men to fall back on and/or elevate in light of James’ departure – with Shawn Christian, Greg Vaughan, Eric Martsolf and Bryan Dattilo as the leading candidates. EJ has had such a stranglehold on Salem since his debut, I’m curious to see how the show fares without him around. Introducing another character similar to EJ isn’t the answer, but should it happen, I hope the show learns from the mistakes made with EJ and opts not to replicate them.

Ryan White-Nobles
Ryan White-Nobles is Editor-in-Chief of TV Source Magazine. He's began covering entertainment and soap operas in 2005. In 2009 he co-launched Soap Opera Source, and led the TV Source rebrand in 2012. He's a natural #Heel who loves a spirited debate and probably watches too much TV. Follow him on Twitter at @SourceRyan to discuss all things TV, soaps, sports, wrestling and pop culture.

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  1. I love Alison Sweeney I wish she would not leave I always though t sami is like a female version of nick she is just as bad as nick but I still love sami just the same

  2. how can I be supportive to james scott leaving I really don’t want him to leave mr. scott wants my support than he should get support hose

  3. It’s not a given that they won’t, either.

  4. So disappointed that James Scott is leaving. I think Alison Sweeney’s leaving could have been a factor in his not renewing his contract. Regardless, the loss of both of them at the same time is hard on EJami fans, James Scott fans, and Alison Sweeney fans. Their whole story had so many of us fall in love with EJ and Sami. We watched their love story develop when Stefano sent EJ to Salem to make trouble for the Bradys but backfired!!! EJ fell in love with Sami!!! It has been quite a ride; the ups and downs, fights and making up, marriages, murders; the list goes on!!! Through it all, EJ had hope that Sami would fall in love with him!! She finally admits her love for EJ, they make love, become engaged and boom!!! Kristen’s drugging of Father Eric has such an impact on Sami that she believes that EJ knew what Kristen was up to! Not so! Trouble in Paradise! Sami blames EJ; throws him out of her bedroom; she is involved with Nick Fallon’s disappearance and that blows up in her face too! EJ to the rescue! Go shut Abigail up any way you know how! How did he know that Abigail had the hots for him – he gives in to temptation! Now! Fans of EJami know tht never in a million years would EJ cheat on Sami! It took him 7 1/2 years, waiting and wanting the woman he loved more than life itself, for her to be in love with him! Come on writers! They could have been more fair to the couple with the most charisma, natural chemistry, and great acting chops on daytime tv! They continually give their best performances and will be missed. I am at a loss to come up with another actor and actress, or storyline on Days that can up to the excellence that James Scott and Alison Sweeney gave to us. My votes x 3 go to EJami, James and Alison!!!

  5. I’m not sure it’s a given that EJ and Sami are going to leave happily. Some things are suggesting otherwise, but who knows.

  6. I think they wanted to keep his leaving under wraps for as long as possible. With both EJ a Sami leaving it kind of spoils how they’re going to leave, happily.

  7. I’m new to Days only started watching on 11/2011 he was with Nicole, but like most of America I fell in love with E/Sami and of course the most beautiful lady on earth Nicole Walker I hope James change his mind and stay on Days, but mostly I want him to happy my girl she’s in love with EJ, but she’s said she loves me more I’m NOT sure,but I’m so glad James and Alison are friends I don’t know where God will take Tara Days News, but I’ll always remember EJ DiMera and Sami Brady Tara Days News

  8. Tara Cummings became Tara Days News on 11/2011 for hours everyday I enjoy blogging about the characters EJ, Sami and the tall blond Queen of Days Nicole Walker I fell in love with Days moved form long island New York on 2/2013 to North Hollywood live there for 8 months, and on 10/15/2013 my dream came true I moved to Burbank a few blocks from NBC I’m very lucky I can blog all day having a father who’s a pastor makes my life very easy not having to worry about money I hope to introduce all of America to NBC/Days in the last few months Tara Days News started to get notice in a few weeks I’m going on camera talking about Days, but also maybe the others soaps. I hope to visit Australia soon I’ll be blogging about Days everywhere I go. I love swimming in New York everyday I went swimming in a 20 feet pool I wish I could blog about Days in the pool, Tara Days News will miss James Scott, but when James hit the big screen or what whatever he does I’ll be blogging about James Scott. I’m sure I’ll meet him one day, it’s amazing I wish James could read all these emails from his fans I don’t know if he really knows how much fans loves him. I’ll probably be up most of the night reading emails I’m sure I’ll not get to bed until 5:am, but in the meantime I’d love to be invited to the daytime Emmys Tara Days News loves Days EJ/Sami

  9. WOW they look so beautiful together. Those eight years flu by. I remember he’s first day on the show. Sami ran next door to ask for help from the new neighbor and he open the door half naked, WOW my heart stop at the sight of him!!!

  10. Something definitely happen oh God this is such awful news the thought of James leaving is much too painful for fans I really hope it wasn’t someone comments if so we’re so sorry. Days needs EJ I wish he’d think about what this mean for the other actors his leaving will end lots of jobs because it’d be too painful for American women to watch Days without EJ this actor has so much power I pray he rest and than return to Days, but if that not possible than I hope God give him his dream job, lots of luck EJ/James. Tara Days News

  11. I believe if James stay they’ll surly give him anything he wants fans was upset with EJ and Abby storyline, but this awful news of EJ leaving is far worse, he’s far more than the best actor James Scott lowly became Days. Tara Days News loves Days, but James leaving is the same as Days ending. This English guy James Scott he is Days of our lives. For lack of better words I’m so heartbroken for losing this extraordinary actor James Scott. Tara Days News

  12. Don’t know what happen at NBC today, but leaving a job suddenly with NO warning spell a very upset James Scott. I don’t believe Ken Corday knows just how powerful this character EJ really is, women across America for 8 years raced home to see this tall handsome England born James Scott even my very beautiful girl, I often asks God the question why did you only make one of James, in the 8 years this handsome English man James Scott he became Days of our lives. here in America we love God and we love James Scott. America women cries today sadden by the news, we pray for James hoping he’ll change his mind, lots of tears for James, and lots tears for DAYS, emails from fans saying they’ll stop watching Days.Tara News Days and fans thanks James you’re a piece of heaven on earth. God please bless James Scott be happy James we love you so much. Tara Days News

  13. *does

  14. I wonder why and how this was all kept so quiet. It kind of rubs me the wrong way. Why doe he get preferential treatment on keeping his departure completely secret and then have it dropped like a bomb the day he tapes his last shows? Something seems way off. Has he left ahead of Allison? Will there be a re-cast? Oh well, Days will survive. The show has survived much more beloved characters departing.

  15. I will be sad not to see him on my screen anymore as Ej and with Sami..But after all the awful writing they made his character suffered (the last one being this awful out of character cheating story…puke) he really deserves better. Now i hope to see him on my PRIME time screen or BIG screen..where his charisma and talent belongs. That is all.

  16. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON’T GO!!!!!!! We love you so much Mr Scott !!!! You and Alison Sweeney our the reason I watch Days to began with. Please let there be a WEDDING !

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