2014 Daytime Emmy Predictions

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Outstanding Younger Actor Nominees
Pictured: Bryan Craig, Daniel Polo, Max Ehrich, Chad Duell and Chandler Massey. Photo Credits: ABC, CBS, NBC


Jenn Bishop: Before I watched the reels for Younger Actor, there was someone else I was rooting for. If I had to select a reel based on a year’s performance, I would have chosen Bryan Craig. I felt Craig consistently provided viewers with great performances as the black sheep of General Hospital’s Corinthos family. That said, I didn’t like his reel. There were too many other people in it and it was hard to tell whose reel it was.

I felt Chandler Massey’s overall performance for the year was lacking, especially towards the end of his time at Days of Our Lives. So I was surprised when I ended up liking Massey’s Emmy submission the best. His performance was subtly emotional, portraying a new father’s fears in a way that felt very natural and genuine. This is where acting choices come in, because in the hands of a lessor actor it could have been over the top, but Massey knew just how far to go. I do want to note though that Massey’s submission was very short. It was a little over three minutes long. Maybe a little goes a long way. Where many of the other reels submitted have a lot of other actors involved, his submission focused on just some good moments he had.

Ryan White-Nobles: When the Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Younger Actor was revealed, I knew my top two choices to win would be Bryan Craig and Chandler Massey. Both actors had numerous strong performances in 2013, but we all know Emmys aren’t awarded on a collective body a work, but rather what you were able to cull together for your submission reel.

Chandler Massey is my pick to win Outstanding Younger Actor. He was the star of his reel, with scene partners Galen Gering (Rafe) and Freddie Smith (Sonny), taking a back seat and allowing him to lead the scenes. Will tearing himself up over the fate of his unborn child, wondering if the situation she was in was some kind of karmic payback for him nearly walking out of her life. Though the reel was short (clocking in at 3:30), it was very effective at putting his talents front and center. The first half of the reel plays his fear and anguish, the latter plays his hopes and dreams for what he’ll do with his child. It was a sample of Massey at his best and proving why his two prior Emmy wins were well deserved.

Bryan Craig’s performance was excellent throughout, but he wasn’t the focus of the reel until midway through. For the first seven minutes, his reel came across more like one for Maurice Benard or Chad Duell. I feel like a reel should be about the actor going for the nomination, not his or her co-stars. This was a trend that was present throughout the reels for the nominees as well. In Max Ehrich’s reel, Tracey Bregman was the highlight; in Chad Duell’s too much focus was on Maurice Benard.

Possible Upset: Daniel Polo. His reel is understated and low key, but boy was I moved by his performance.

Mandy Treccia: Chandler Massey. I so wanted to give this to Bryan Craig, but I didn’t like the scene he chose.


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