2014 Daytime Emmy Predictions

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Outstanding Younger Actress Nominees
Pictured: Kristen Alderson, Linsey Godfrey, Kelley Missal, Hunter King and Kim Matula


JB: This was a tough category to judge because I loved every nominee’s reel, but ultimately I had to go with Kristen Alderson. She reminded me a lot of Alison Sweeney in her reel. She submitted scenes from early 2013 when she was still playing Starr Manning. Some found that to be a little controversial, but given the strength of her performance, it’s no surprise she submitted what she did. Her scenes were ones of anger, betrayal, and mourning and she evoke all the emotions perfectly.

Kelley Missal is getting a lot of much deserved buzz for her work on the Prospect Park version of One Life to Live. She was who I was originally rooting for and I did like her reel. The reason I ended up not picking her though was because while overall I liked her reel there were a few moments that I didn’t care for. The part where Dani starts screaming at Victor (Trevor St. John) felt over the top when watched out of context. I think it would have been better for her to cut the episode down to Dani’s confrontation with Todd (Roger Howarth).

RWN: One of the toughest categories to choose. Each reel had their moments, but I chose the one that stood out tonally when compared to the others. Four of the five reels involved some kind of hysterical crying, screaming and/or shouting. The one I did chose did not – Linsey Godfrey’s. It was a risky decision for her to not go with typical Emmy bait of crying and screaming, but hopefully it pays off for her in the end. Godfrey’s reel showcases her humorous side, with Caroline masterfully role playing how Carter and Maya’s on-screen romance on their web series could translate into a ‘real’ one with just the right push. I was emotionally drained while watching the other reels, so coming to Godfrey’s was like a breath of fresh air. Sometimes less is more, in her case, it’s everything.

I believe Kristen Alderson will take home the statuette again this year though. Her tape has everything voters usually look for in a submission. And like Chandler Massey’s reel, she’s allowed to be the star. Alderson perfected Starr’s disbelief, pain and anger towards Johnny Zacchara after learning he was responsible for the deaths of her daughter and boyfriend. It was a powerful reel.

MT: Kelly Missal all the way.


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