2014 Daytime Emmy Predictions

TVSource Magazine Daytime Emmy Predictions
Outstanding Supporting Actress Nominees
Pictured: Amelia Heinle, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Jane Elliot, Kelly Sullivan and Melissa Claire Egan


JB: Loved all the reels in this category but narrowed down my picks to Kelly Sullivan and Jane Elliot.  Elliot is the sentimental favorite and with good reason. She is an amazing actress. The scenes where she tells Luke she wants more and will not settle are very powerful and relatable. Elliot made me feel for her character and want her to realize her dreams of true love. Elliot is able to show both great strength and vulnerability in scenes.

Sullivan’s portrayal of the now deceased Connie on General Hospital evoked a love it or loath it response from viewers. Some may have found her nomination surprising but her reel showcases why she was. Sullivan does a great job conveying the frayed nerves of her character after a tragic event. She also did a great job picking a reel that had a great scene partner but still focused on her.

RWN: This category showcased various ranges of emotion, but the highlights were Kelly Sullivan, Jane Elliot, Amelia Heinle and Elizabeth Hendrickson. I’d love to see Jane Elliot take home the win, as her reel built to a beautiful climax of emotion between Tracy and Luke. Her performance was full of nuances, and it made for a very different kind of romantic quarrel between the former lovers.

Ultimately, I think Liz Hendrickson will come out with the win. Her reel evoked a visceral, soul crushing reaction from me. How can you not award the Emmy to a woman playing a grieving mother?

Amelia Heinle is my dark horse pick to win. It’s her first Emmy nomination after nearly two decades in the business and her submission was fantastic as well. I hope the overlapping scenes in Billy Miller’s reel doesn’t come back to haunt her. Heinle wasn’t afraid to go all in for her performance. After the death of her stepdaughter, Victoria blamed herself for what happened. “If only” runs through her mind, believing if only she hadn’t suggested they stop for ice cream, maybe Delia would still be alive. As emotional and devastated as she was, she also had to contend with the grief of her husband, who also blamed himself for what happened. Her performance was measured, building when necessary and being reserved when the scene called for it.

MT: I chose Jane Elliot.


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