2014 Daytime Emmy Predictions

TVSource Magazine Daytime Emmy Predictions
Outstanding Lead Actor Nominees
Pictured: Peter Bergman, Christian LeBlanc, Billy Miller, Jason Thompson and Doug Davidson


JB: As with the supporting actor category, I only liked two of the submissions – Peter Bergman and Jason Thompson. Both actors not only showed great range in their scenes but they made me feel for their characters. I was wowed by their reels. I can’t say this about the other three. Davidson, LeBlanc, and Miller are all great actors but I didn’t like the reels they picked. Davidson’s reel shows him as a supporting actor. LeBlanc’s reel was over the top. Miller’s reel was plucked from the dead baby storyline and he seemed uncomfortable with some of the more dramatic moments.

After some going back and forth, I picked Bergman’s reel. Bergman’s reel showed why he is a soap icon. It was very powerful and performances like his are why I watch soaps. I cannot see this caliber of acting in movies or primetime. His scenes are not only dramatic but heartfelt. He’s emotional yet still oozes charm.

RWN: Peter Bergman. Nothing else really needs to be said. His reel was Masterpiece Theater. There is no one in the business that can tackle emotional material the way Bergman can. Peter Bergman delivers his material like he’s running in a marathon – he starts off at a slow and steady pace, gradually increasing in emotional projection as the material builds before finally taking off during the final stretch.

For my dark horse pick, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason Thompson and Billy Miller tie. Look at their reels and judge for yourself.

MT: I went with Jason Thompson.


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