2014 Daytime Emmy Predictions

TVSource Magazine Daytime Emmy Predictions
Outstanding Lead Actress Nominees
Pictured: Heather Tom, Eileen Davidson, Arianne Zucker and Katherine Kelly Lang


JB: All the lead actresses had great reels, and I didn’t want to pick Heather Tom’s, but I did. Tom won the category last year, and won supporting actress the year before. I’m a kind of tired of her winning when there are so many talented actresses in the genre. I want to see others win too! But that’s a testament to just how great she as. Not only does she know how to pick an Emmy reel, but she’s flawless in all of her scenes. She is very real in her portrayal of a woman spurned by her husband’s affair with her sister. She’s not just angry. She’s numb from her anger…until she erupts. She acts the way I think a real woman with self-respect would act in the same situation.

RWN: “I am not responsible for your actions. I am not responsible for your choice.” The delivery of that line of dialogue from Heather Tom permeated through me like a bolt of lightning. Just reading the sentence resurrects the feelings I had when that episode aired. Heather Tom is probably the best, all-around actress in daytime in the last 10 years. Everything she does, everything she says, has meaning. No line of dialogue is left to flounder; she elevates her material and her co-stars whenever she’s in scenes with them. This is the mark of a great actress and this Emmy belongs to her.

MT: Who other than Eileen Davidson?!


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