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‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Premiere Review: Girls Just Wanna Start Over

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Welcome back to my summer soapy pleasure! Just when I start to wonder what I’m going to watch during summer hiatus, Mistresses sashays back into my life with its second season premiere. Seeing as I had so many questions left unanswered after the season finale, I welcomed Savannah, Josslyn, April and Karen back with open arms and margaritas.

The season two premiere “Rebuild” picks up eight months after the finale and that is exactly what we see these four women start to do. Some have a lot to rebuild, while others just simply need to build. So, what exactly are they up to these days? While the opening sequence was chock full of misdirection, we did finally get some answers.


When we last saw Savi, she was fighting for her life. In the premiere, we see that not only did she survive, but she has taken on a ‘carpe diem’ approach to life. Completely understandable, given that she almost died. We were left wondering who Savi would choose; her husband, Harry or the father of her child, Dominic? We find out who when she shows up at Dom’s door for a little lovin’ (It’s no wonder things are tense between she and Harry). We later learn that she lost their baby in the midst of her crisis. Personally, I was not surprised by this turn of events, but I did feel bad for her. Having wrestled with whether or not to return to work at her law firm yet, by the end of the episode, Savi has decided to return. Dom shows her to her office that she will be sharing with the associate, Toni, that he’s been working lots of long hours with lately. Will the fact that Toni just happens to be a smoking hot woman cause problems between Savi and Dom?


Last season, Joss was very much the party girl, finding herself in one predicament after another. This season, we are starting off with a Joss who is intent on growing up and finally doing something with her life. That something is starting up her own party planning business. When she’s turned down by Punky Brewster…wait…Soleil Moon Frye (Sorry. She will always be Punky to me)…it opens her eyes to what she’s doing wrong. After putting together a plan and enduring many failed attempts at finding a new caterer, Joss turns to Harry. Whom, in an effort to avoid conflict, she originally turned down when he offered his services seeing as he has the time now that his restaurant, Savannah’s Place, is no longer in business. Will this bring tension between the sisters?


When April’s GBF arrives in town, he does not waste any time critiquing her and doling out advice on what she should be doing with her life. One of those things being her artistic “mojo”. He then invites her to a pop-up art show where she encounters a very fine specimen named, Daniel. Being the ever present voice of reason within this group, it’s a shock to see her flustered and drinking liquid courage in an attempt to try to help her form coherent sentences when talking to this man, only to end up babbling. When she arrives at Daniel’s studio the next day and after a short conversation, ends up having mojo-inducing sex with him, I am once again shocked. However, you all saw him, too. Can you blame the woman? Next thing we see, she’s sanding and smashing away, creating art. I mean. I believe that man has that kind of power so, it makes sense. Important question here: Will Daniel be sticking around for awhile?


Dr. Karen Kim has to be the worst psychiatrist…ever. Seriously. When we last saw her in the finale, Samuel Grey, the son of the married patient she had an affair with, whom she was now sleeping with and his mom Elizabeth, the wife of the now dead patient, (got all that?) were both reaching for a gun. We heard a gunshot, but did not see who was shot. That mystery was solved in the beginning of the premiere when we see Karen visiting Sam’s grave. She is seeing her own shrink (you know there’s a problem when…) and insisting that she does not want to restart her private practice (hallelujah!). That is, until she meets a troubled young girl in the ER during her shift. Nothing like a good old head case to make a licensed one want to open her practice back up so she could treat her, taking her further into her troubled life. What could possibly go wrong?

All in all, a fun start to the season. The four women are all embarking on new journeys in life and there’s a lot that can go wrong. I look forward to watch it all play out. Hit the comment box and let me know your thoughts on the premiere!

Chrissie Ortiz
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