Billy Miller’s first ‘General Hospital’ Promo as Jason Morgan (Video)

Billy Miller

That didn’t take long! ABC’s General Hospital premiered the first official promo featuring new cast addition and three-time Daytime Emmy winner Billy Miller as Jason Morgan!

It’s a whole new side of Jason Morgan touts the promo. “What if your missing husband, father, enforcer suddenly came back? Would you care what he looked like,” asks the voiceover. Billy Miller is featured in standard Jason attire — jeans and a t-shirt, but it’s not exactly the same. Instead of a black t-shirt, it’s a white one! A whole new side of Jason, and I for one can’t wait to see it! You know, a Jason that emotes with more than just blinking and the occasional smile.

Miller’s only had a handful of episodes air, but he has a captivating on-screen presence. Even wrapped in bandages, he managed to convey the pain, fear and confusion of a man who has no idea who he is. It can only get better from here!



  1. I don’t know about Billy Miller, but he’s just not the “Jason” we-all-know-and-love. I’d rather they had not recast him at all. Those are truly big shoes to fill. He’d have to go all warm and cuddley, indeed, to make many of us forget the “real” Jason Morgan”. Good Luck, Billy Miller!

  2. I agree w/ you Katie w/ Monica dating now with a judge who give a crap about Maxie not seeing her daughter; Monica needs Jason and I would love to see Alan come back to reunite w/ Monica and Jason for a while too.

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