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‘Once Upon a Time’ Preview: What Brings Will Scarlet Back to Storybrooke?


Between snow monsters, ice walls and mysterious ice cream shop owners, there hasn’t been a dull moment or a lack of new characters since Once Upon a Time kicked off its fourth season. Another new face pops up in Storybrooke in the next episode, but some may find him more recognizable than others.

Rocky Road” (re)introduces Will Scarlet (Michael Socha) to the Storybrooke fold. Fans who watched last year’s short-lived Once Upon a Time in Wonderland have an advantage of knowing a thing or two about the character. Mainly that he’s been a thief, a drunk, the Knave of Hearts, one of the Merry Men and the White King of Wonderland (not too shabby for 13 episodes of television).

But why has Will returned to Storybrooke? He’s been there before – he was brought over by the first curse and then jumped down a rabbit hole to get to Wonderland. The episode stills released by ABC show him rummaging around Robin’s campsite until Emma and David pull a gun on him. We can’t wait to see Will try and talk himself out of that particular situation.

Elsewhere, the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) frames Elsa for casting an icy spell on Marian – one that could potentially kill her and Robin asks Regina to help save her. We’re going to go ahead and prepare ourselves for a bumpy ride on that front. What’s going on with the Snow Queen and why does she want to set up Elsa? Could it have something to do with the past and what looks like a showdown between Hans, Kristoff and Elsa? Also, is this what led to Elsa being trapped in the urn?

Also in this episode, Hook suspects that Rumple is in control of his dagger. We definitely expect that to blow up in everyone’s face given how much these two already hate one another. The preview pictures also have Hook doing some investigating with Elsa in the forest and if you caught the preview after last week’s episode, it seems like that puts him directly in the path of the Snow Queen.

Check out the photo galleries and then hit the comments below and share your thoughts and theories with us. Are you looking forward to the episode? Which story are you most excited for?

Once Upon A Time airs Sunday, Oct. 12 at 8/7c on ABC.


Mandy Treccia
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  1. So looking forward to the Knave being introduced to Once.
    But I will go on and say that if anything were to happen to Killian Jones, I will not bear it. Now I know he will be alright because otherwise the world might just fall apart (my world for sure) but still; reading that he’ll get in the crossfire between the Snow Queen and Elsa is making me very very nervous. Hope Emma will be there to help her Captain out…

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