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‘General Hospital’ Recap: Franco’s sinister plan; When Carly met Jakeson (It’s like old times)


gh-carly-jason-102014Jason makes his rounds/When Carly met Jakeson

After riding shot gun with mouthy Robin for a week, poor Jakeson (Jason) Morgan was bedridden for much longer because of his unfortunate meeting with Ava Jerome. Thanks to super nurse Elizabeth Webber, he was finally able to get out of that hospital bed with his new wheels, familiarizing himself with General Hospital and the people who come through it. Or perhaps he wanted to stay on the move so Liesl Obrecht couldn’t hound him about having no insurance again. Via Liz, “Jake” gets to learn more about this Jason and his unfortunate end. A body was never recovered so there was no proper burial for him, she goes on then to mention his rocky history with his Quartermaine family and even his prior brain injury. This makes  “Jake” think there may be a connection though Liz shuts any of those thoughts down, letting him know he’s not Jason. Because he just got a whole new head, there’s no way he’s Jason, right?

However try as she might, Elizabeth can’t stop Jason from feeling something after he’s wheeled into the art therapy room. The name Franco sounds familiar to him but he’s not quite sure why. Elizabeth then gets a page alerting her that yes, she actually has other patients and leaves Jason there In the art therapy room. Sometime later Carly shows up, looking for Franco only to find her old best friend with a new face. Almost instantly the two connect for reasons unknown to them. I’m sure “Jake” would have talked a little more had he some memories to share but the car accident robbed him of all that, so instead we have Carly doing most of the talking… a lot of talking. Even after checking to see if they knew each other (both agreed that they didn’t), Carly spilled literally everything about her personal life right down to an affair that should be shameful to tell to strangers. As viewers we’d seen Carly struggling for weeks with her true feelings for Franco and Sonny but in my opinion, her unknowingly talking to her best friend about it almost made me feel sorry for her. It’s clear that it is guidance she’s in search for but she laments about not having her level-headed Jason around. Since “Jake” is there, he offers his own bit of knowledge: Marry Franco if she loves him, if she doesn’t then don’t marry him. Carly mulls that simple advice over in her head before she asks “Jake” to swear to secrecy just as Franco appears.

Nina spirals

With the promise of a fat lump sum, Nina Clay has her mother Madeline West wrapped around her finger. The plan is to snatch up Ava’s baby because she’s undeserving of a child, let alone two of them. Through the scenes we really begin to understand more about Nina’s mental disturbance as she practically admits to feeling like everyone owes her for ruining her life and taking her baby. Wreaking that same havoc on others will satisfy her. Poor Madeline looks ready to jump out of her skin whenever her own daughter is near, but due to her penniless state, is forced to go along with the heinous plan. Madeline even lies to Nathan when he shows up at the apartment, sending him off of Nina’s trail.

While Nathan is looking for the Nina, who knocked out her own husband, he bumps into Rosalie who had just finished warning someone about Nina’s plot to expose them. Rosalie lets him know that she has no clue about Nina’s whereabouts just before her phone rings and thinking it might be Nina, Nathan takes over the call only to find it’s Madeline who says she’s wondering where Nina might be. This is, of course, a lie because Nina informs Madeline of Rosalie’s dark secret and the blackmail plot she has running against her in hopes of turning the nurse back to her side.

In the meantime, Madeline and Nina go hide out in Liesl Obrecht’s office at General Hospital only they’re interrupted by Franco. Madeline voices her disgust with everything Franco before leaving to find Rosalie at Kelly’s with Michael, it’s there that she threatens her into getting the information on Ava’s location. While that’s happening, we get some of the best scenes of the week in my opinion between Nina and Franco. Still in her aunt’s office, Nina is literally giddy running through her revenge plan with him. The calm and collected Franco bent on revenge breaks a little too, showing his own excitement over his own upcoming disaster and both promise to compare stories later. Nina has to turn down the offered invitation to the wedding however as her life’s much too busy for that at the moment. Both actors shone immensely in these scenes filled with not just crazy buddy humor but also some underlying sexual tension. Watching these two grow closer has not been boring whatsoever. Will they go there or won’t they? Those questions run through my head whenever I see Franco and Nina on screen together and I’m really hoping we get the prior option!

Armed with all of her new information, Madeline barges back into the office which then ejects Franco, letting Nina know that she knows where Ava is. Meanwhile across town, Ava whose premature labor has been quelled by a quick thinking Dr. Silas Clay, is hiding when there’s a sudden visitor. Kiki is the one to answer the door only to find Rosalie on her front steps.

gh-lulu-hadley-tracy-ned-102014Elsa takes hold of ELQ shares

As long as I’ve watched General Hospital, there hasn’t been a business related storyline that really struck me as captivating including this side story. Jerry Jacks threatened Tracy Quartermaine with the death of her husband Luke Spencer (whom he presumably has held captive) if she does not give him control of ELQ. Unfortunately for Jerry, Tracy’s lost the majority share count at the company and has to resort to begging around for a percent here and there to try and save potentially evil Luke. Though she understandably has no clue, it’s painful watching Tracy be so blind, giving up her family’s company to a criminal to save another criminal who is definitely not the man she thinks she’s married. It doesn’t help that she’s mostly screaming at others when she does it either. Somehow Tracy manages to sweet talk Alice into giving her shares over, bonding on their worry about Luke’s safety. Then to complete the deal, Ned is forced to hand his over when Jerry threatens his daughter Brook Lynn.

Now for the best part! I was really prepared to walk away from the screen when a woman entered the Quartermaine mansion, decked out in a dusty looking black dress (it was charcoal, I’m just being a hater) and the prototype wig from Once Upon a Time’s Elsa. As per Jerry’s orders, they all hand over their stock certificates to this cartoon of a woman that he calls Hadley. Though she mostly stands there looking blankly ahead we’re lead to believe that she can verify stock certificates. Jerry soon calls Tracy back, letting her know that the certificates were authentic and he’s delivered his end of the deal. Tracy, Lulu and Ned all rush out to the terrace where Jerry’s promised Luke has been deposited only to gasp in shock.

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain my own feelings toward the storylines this week! Use my points to kick off a conversation! Comment or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me. I want to know what the readers have to say! Your input is what makes this all the most fun! Thanks again!

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  1. I love your recap too. I hope Jarly will reunite tired of fans “still” fighting over Lisaon/Lake and Jasam; Elizabeth needs to be Nik and Sam needs to be with Silas.

  2. I Loved your recap, and I look forward to reading your thoughts in the future! I am especially tickled with Franco’s revenge & his budding friendship with Nina. I don’t think there could be a better match of crazies. Roger and Michelle are amazing together, I just love them.

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