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The title of this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow “Root of All Evil” of course refers to money but not the type that is hoarded by the greedy. It refers to the 30 cursed coins that Judas Iscariot was given in exchange for his betrayal. Henry intends to use one of the coins to bring out the darkness in people and create an army. Luckily Ichabod and Abbie are able to thwart his plans.

Nick Hawley

Ichabod may have some competition for hunkiest steampunk enthusiast with the introduction of Nick Hawley (Matt Barr). Hawley is an acquaintance of Jenny’s, a shady dealer of ancient artifacts. He’s a cocky Indiana Jones type with a dash of cowboy.

While Abbie notes that they will be able to count on Hawley when in a bind, Ichabod is less convinced. I suspect that Ichabod may not like the competition for Abbie attention more than anything. But with Katrina cohabitating with the Headless Horseman and Irving in a mental ward, they need all the help they can get.

Hawley is certainly nice to look at. I suspect what he will add to the group is another obstacle in to Ichabod and Abbie relationship. Hopefully there is a little bit more to him than just that. Sleepy Hollow has done a great job fleshing out its characters so I think Hawley will eventually be given layers, making him more than just a pretty face.

Sibling Rivalry

Jenny and Abbie bicker just like all sisters do. While Abbie falls into the role of the chosen one a.k.a. the good girl, Jenny is the rebellious one. The series has made several hints that the clash between them could reach a boiling point in the future. I have always been suspicious that Jenny might turn on Abbie at some point. That the anger and jealousy she feels would one day become too much for her to ward off.

Last week, Jenny ended up taking the fall for her sister when she was caught sneaking weapons. This week she was sentence to community service. She also learned that Sheriff Reyes knew their mother and that Abbie had not told her about this fact. When Jenny was given the Judas coin, it seemed she would finally turn on Abbie.

But she didn’t try to kill her sister. I found this to be very important to not only to character development but to the over all story arc of the series. We now know that, no matter how angry Jenny gets at Abbie, she will not harm her sister. This debunks any possibility that Jenny could be one of the Horsemen or fight on the side of evil against Abbie. We can trust Jenny.

Mommy Dearest

Jenny may not go after Abbie but she does try to kill Sheriff Reyes. In turns out that Sheriff Reyes was the one who had their mother committed in an asylum where she had later committed suicide. As Sheriff Reyes explains to Abbie “I thought she could get some help.”

Sheriff Reyes intentions seemed to be well meaning. She really thought she was doing the right thing. She didn’t understand what was making Abbie and Jenny’s mother crazy.

Sheriff Reyes gives Abbie the file on her mother. After reading the file, Abbie realizes that her mother was driven mad trying to protect her daughters for Moloch. The woman was being tormented by demons. Though Abbie now understands what happened she can’t help but wish her mother wouldn’t have left them.

Some other notable moments:

  • Ichabod was once pals with Benedict Arnold before a Judas coin turned him into a traitor.
  • Hawley makes Ichabod a fake ID.
  • Ichabod’s hilarious confession to a priest. “My son appalls me. My wife is living with another man.”
  • Ichabod watches Glee.
  • The mental patient that keeps saying “hi.”
  • Henry has chosen to live in the home where he was born.
  • Abbie is concerned that Katrina may chose to protect Henry instead of help Ichabod.

What did you think of the episode? What are your first impressions of Nick Hawley? Hit the comments to share your thoughts!

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