‘Pride: The Series’ Battles Evil In The Name Of Love


“Welcome to the new pride. You are now at mercy to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Sit back and observe. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Pride: The Series is a genre and gender bending series that depicts characters who are connected by blood, friendship, sex and love. Taking place across a 10 month period, the show documents the emotional lives of a cast of characters, some of whom are based on the creators’ real life friends, in front of a seedy city life backdrop.

The series is written by Brandon Polanco, Dorell Anthony, & Jennifer Sara Wilmeth. 

The show showcases a classic battle between good and evil, much in the like of Twin Peaks but with the rawness of the HBO hit Girls. Created by Anthony, (who recently was featured as one of Hunter’s bully buddies in Prospect Park’s All My Children) and directed by Polanco (the director of the top itunes short film Writer’s Block starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston).

Pride is a series for fans of independent and art house film. Story is not always told linearly and there are a lot of moments that leave one questioning. The title immediately brings to mind the topic of  sexual orientation yet there is a duel meaning. The series tag line “It was pride that changed angels into devils” is suggestive of one of the seven deadly sins. The title fits both the examination of sexuality and relationships as well as the moments of dark violence. Pride is the cause of it all.

Pride follows the adventures of a circle of friends as they cry, scream, laugh, make love and party. Amongst all the angst, something sinister exists. This isn’t just a a study of young singles in New York City. The series hosts a talented cast that not only looks good but has the easy chemistry that one wants in an ensemble.

Screenshot 2014-11-16 14.57.36Kai (Anthony) isn’t having the best of luck. His hot actor boyfriend Chad (Clayton Berger) also has a girlfriend and is sleeping with other guys. He lost his teacher’s assistant job and all his friends are in the pot business. He’s not a fan of high drama but he attracts it. “You can only trust your heart and with full conviction believe in the choice you make and know that sometimes to make it through the drama you got to be one hell of a bitch.”

Meanwhile, Kai’s artist roommate Travis (Braden Bradley) is in the closet with his family, something which causes him torment. Travis and Kai have been best friends ever since they caught each other ogling the same guy in gym class.

Their pal Sheneeda (Adam Rios) puts forth a fun loving vibe but is actually fairly troubled underneath it all. He has been through rehab but still seems to have dependancy issues. Sheneeda is close to his rebellious cousin Luis (Polanco).

Trina (Ashley Mitchell) is Kai’s sassy sister. She is in business with the rest of friends (“We’re not drug dealers. We sell herbs.”) and has a close relationship with Kai though at times it seems a bit strained.

Screenshot 2014-11-16 16.21.33

One of the business partners and one of Chad’s lovers, Garrett (Aaron Mathias) is sexy but aggressive. There is something dark about him and he has a tendency to frighten his friends and lovers.

Lana (Whitney Hoy) is the business savvy brains behind the friends’ business. She carries business cards that say “DON’T THINK, DO.”

The series also stars Scott Michael SalamePenelope Wendtlandt and Corey Camperchioli as well as soap veterans Ilene Kristen (General Hospital, One Life to Live, Ryan’s Hope) & Lauren B. Martin (All My Children, As The World Turns, Guiding Light) in groundbreaking supporting roles. The show is produced by 3 of a Kind Productions, LLC. which was founded by Anthony, Polanco, and Wilmeth. You can watch the entire first season on . Please ‘like’ the show via facebook at as you can check updates regarding the next season. Follow the series on Twitter and Instagram at @PRIDETheSeries.

Jenn Bishop
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