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The Sleepy Hollow episode “Heartless” is all about desire. To help complete the process of bringing Moloch to life, Henry summons a succubus to take the life force of humans and feed it to the aborted Moloch. The succubus is able to draw people to her “like a moth to the flame” but showing them what they lust for.

Monster of Love

This particular type of succubus is called Incordata and can look into one’s heart, becoming their deepest desire, then feed off their live force after reeling them in. For the hipster at the club, she morphs into the cute girl with glasses and so forth.

For Hawley, she becomes Abbie and for Ichabod she becomes Katrina. She isn’t a doppelganger, but she adopts the same mannerisms, speech, and style. Actress Caroline Ford did a good job of playing the different parts assigned to the role while being both alluring and very frightening.

What makes the Incordata unique from other succubi is that she’s quite literally heartless. Her heart is separated from her body and she can not be destroy unless her heart is destroyed first.


The character of Nick Hawley was obviously brought on as a romantic interest for Abbie (and obstacle for the oft teased Ichabod and Abbie potential romance). Unlike the other characters that Sleepy Hollow has introduced in the past, I’ve been 208SH_Ep208HeartlessScn13_5247_f_hires1finding it hard to connect to Nick. He’s very nice eye-candy and I dig his accent but he’s sort of “just there.” If I compare his introduction into the canvas to for example Irvings, I’m left feeling disappointed. He hasn’t gone through the normal “is he good or is he evil” mystery that others have because he seems to be neither. He’s just a dude. I neither love nor hate him.

This episode made it clear that Nick’s deepest desire is Abbie. Abbie is both sweet girl next door and confident badass. These qualities seem to be appealing to Nick but it’s the vulnerability that the succubus’ faux Abbie displaces that really draws him in.

Abbie is a hottie but Nick’s draw to her goes beyond that. This attraction has me intrigued. Now I just need to see him shed some of his macho and show us what’s below the surface. Please be more than just a pretty face!

Who can you trust?

I suspect Katrina has been a witchy spy girl for so long that she just doesn’t know what’s real and what not. She’s the Mata Hari in the war against good and evil. So much of her relationship with Ichabod has been based on lies that Ichabod, Abbie, and even Katrina herself have questioned her true feelings. At the end of this week’s episode, Katrina made another bold yet questionable move.

Katrina made the decision to (again) leave Ichabod and become a spy. She tells Abbie that she can convince Abraham a.k.a The Headless Horseman to take her back and then she can get close enough to kill Moloch. “You’re betting a lot on Abraham’s love for you and Crane’s,” Abbie warns her. “Perhaps but I’ve learned that love can be a very dangerous weapon.”

When Abbie breaks the news to Ichabod, he’s surprisingly calm about it. “Katrina’s heart has always been deep and mysterious. A fact she has used to her advantage. I must trust in her skill and experience but more than that I must trust her.” Let’s hope that doesn’t come back to bite him!

We’re left with Henry introducing Katrina to baby Moloch, who looks like an innocent human baby thanks to the enchanted necklace around Katrina’s neck. Katrina’s eyes light up at the sight of the baby. I think Katrina’s deepest desire isn’t for Ichabod but for the child that she lost.

Some other notable moments:

  • Ichabod and Katrina are fascinated by reality dating shows.
  • Ichabod uses the term “macing” to describe Nick’s flirting at a bar.
  • To Nick’s surprise Ichabod knows he’s way around a firearm.
  • Katrina has a psychic connection to Henry and Moloch.
  • Abbie has a fear of maggots and Katrina has a fear of rats.

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments to share your thoughts!

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