‘Sons of Anarchy’ Review: ‘What a Piece of Work is Man’

SONS OF ANARCHY -- "What a Piece of Work Is Man" -- Episode 709 -- Airs Tuesday, November 4, 10:00 pm e/p) -- Pictured: (front) Theo Rossi as Juice Ortiz. CR: Byron Cohen/FX

I was not shocked by anything that happened in last night’s episode. Okay, maybe there was one thing: where the hell was the long ass musical montage? I know that’s a heavy duty spoiler to start off with but really? I was waiting and waiting and then BAM utter silence to end the episode. Of all episodes to end on a silent note, this would probably have to be the one, with the loss of a SAMCRO member this evening.  As always lets take a look at the highs and lows of tonight’s episode:

Smell a Rat: I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but since it’s my article I get to say what I want (yes!), but let’s just throw this one out there fist to get it out of the way….Does anyone else not care about Rat? I’m not saying his scenes with Tig are not enjoyable, but enough to warrant a love story?  Why should I care about a character that is normally a background person?  So I won’t be reviewing Rat’s story, you know why? I checked out because I don’t need to hear about some bipolar love affair on a show I have been dedicated to for seven seasons.

Cutest Moment of the Night: Abel sleeping in Jax’s bed. In an episode full of negative energy, this was one bright moment. I miss the days when Jax was invested in his kids. While his children supposedly motivated his actions, Jax seems to have pulled away completely from them since Tara’s death. Everyone kind of skirts the issue, but isn’t it strange those boys see Rat more than their own father? It’s sad that SAMCRO is first in Jax’s life before his own children. Hopefully Abel’s downward spiral gets his attention, but it may be too late.

(Unser)tain: Oh. My. God. Figure it out you decrepit old moron. A + B = GEMMA KILLER HER YOU MORON! Althea discovers that the man Juice and Gemma both identified as Tara’s killer was arrested out of state during the time Tara was killed. Go figure that they pick the one guy in that entire gang that has an alibi. We then see him gawking at the evidence and he still hasn’t figured it out. I think he might need two whole episodes. The real question is will he cover up Gemma’s crimes or actually see the light and let her take the fall?

Althea Gets Her Freak On: At first I was going to criticize the dumb cop for letting Gemma slap her around and get away with it. However, even though Gemma called her out on being Chibs’ fuck buddy, Althea retaliated by getting her freak on the hood of her police car. AWWW Phillip likes her! AWWWW this is going to be nothing but trouble right? P.S. don’t those cop cars have cameras in them nowadays? Chibs sex tape!  The Chibs butt cameo was also a surprise…notice I didn’t say pleasant. I feel like I just saw my dad’s butt…

SOA_709_0488_hires2Dear Juice: Take the knife and stab yourself. I am tired of seeing him move back and forth and do absolutely nothing. He’s nuts, the end, let’s move on to something fun and new!

Indian Hills: I smell a spinoff. They also plan on taking up Jax’s actions with other charter’s so a decision can be made. I’m not exactly sure what these other charters will decide, but Jax’s in some deep shit since he killed another member.  But again, if Jury was not the rat, who is?

What about Bobby?: Jax wants Bobby back, and is willing to give Marks what he wants. He will deliver a body, and the incriminating video of the pastor with young boys. Marks is unhappy that Jax went against him, and doesn’t really take Jax’s explanations very well.  During the exchange, Marks had hidden a weapon on Bobby, and uses it against Jax. He then shoots Bobby in the head in front of Jax, and tells him to never lie to him again. So…….yeah. Anyone else find this predictable? Way to drag out a goodbye Bobby for three whole episodes. Jax makes dumb decisions and it was pretty clear Bobby was going to have to die.

The men take Bobby’s death very badly, with most crying. Gemma is also hit hard, because really THIS IS ALL HER FAULT! Blaming the Chinese caused all of this, and she’s officially gone too far. Jax does get his revenge on Marks, by calling in a tip at the location of the pastor’s body. Jax only gave Marks the pastor’s head, not the whole body. Way to think with your head! Marks is arrested, and Moses looks on as Jax and Chibs drive by. Something tells me they made a new enemy…

Will Juice get out of solitary and kill Lin? Will Unser figure everything out? Will Jax find out that the man he thought killed his wife, didn’t actually kill his wife? Will another SAMCRO member die? Will Abel push Gemma into an open grave since there are so many lately? Find out next week on an all new Sons of Anarchy.

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