‘Sons of Anarchy’ Review: ‘Suits of Woe’


How are there only two episodes left of this fabulous television show? I have to say at least Kurt Sutter is going out with some of his best material, as this episode was pure excellence just as last week’s episode had been. Jax finally learns the truth behind his wife’s death, and his world is completely shattered. As always lets take a look at the best (there’s a ton!) and the worst (fucking Unser) of tonight’s episode:

Just, Fucking Unser!: In case you live under a rock, my hatred of this old fool knows no bounds. Now, I am even more fucking irritated with this piece of shit old son of a bitch motherfucking big mouth. Now do you get my hatred? First Jax goes to him for information, and he gives him a total attitude. Here is what I have to say about dear Wayne. Did he go out of his way to help the club over the years? Yes he did. Is he butt hurt he isn’t in the damn club? Absofuckinglutely! He wants to be the tough guy, he wants to be with Gemma, he wants the friendships, and guess what? He has none of it. His jealousy is causing him to lash out, not some notion of morality he has gotten all of a sudden.

Why else do I hate him? He tells Gemma every fucking detail ever in the history of the world. Jax tells him not to say anything, so he immediately tells Gemma everything. Everything being Jax going to talk to Juice about Tara and how the man she identified as Tara’s killer had an alibi. Why doesn’t he just fill up her gas tank for her and give her his life savings? I get this creep will never die, but at least someone give him a kick in the balls, if he even has any left.  Jax at least got a shot, but then annoying Unser continued to annoy by pressing charges. You are just winning fans everywhere Wayne. Big mouth, insulting a man’s dead wife, pressing charges after taunting someone and instigating a fight…it’s no wonder no one in Charming wants you around except Gemma…the criminal you are helping get away with murder. Keep up the good work!

RoboRat: Robocop is the rat! When he wasn’t talking or watching his docks he made time to call the Chinese and tell them everything. Thankfully Barowsky did not appear in tonight’s episode. Clearly he was at those docks again. So small problem here: Jury was not the rat. Jax is going to have to face the music and will ultimately pay the price for killing another brother. Yikes.

Jax Squeezes Juice: These might be signs of the Apocalypse but Juice did multiple things tonight and they were all the right things. He did everything correctly. It’s like the twilight zone. Juice kills Lin, and gets the information about the rat. After Wendy tells Jax that Juice had been hiding at her apartment because of Gemma, Jax visits Juice in prison. Juice proceeds to tell him the truth about Tara’s death after Jax explains that Abel believes his grandmother has killed his mother. He admits he killed Roosevelt and that it was his idea to pin it on the Chinese. Jax tells Juice that Bobby has died and reveals the horrific details. Juice is apologetic but Jax quickly wants him to shut up, and lets him know his death will be quick since he told him the truth.

This was arguably one of the best scenes of the night. On one side of the table you have Jax, helpless and just wanting to know the truth. On the other side you have hopeless Juice, knowing all the answers, but not realizing the ramifications of what he has done until it’s too late. Both men are genuinely emotional, and it’s truly sad that they ended up here. Juice just wants to be forgiven, but he never really will be. He cannot make anything right, and he finally gets that. In typical Juice fashion while he did the right things….he fucking screws up and calls Gemma to warn her! It’s like Juice and Unser are part of some secret Help Gemma society. I cannot handle it.

Big Boys Don’t Cry:  Seeing men crying kind of makes me emotional, and tonight Nero and Jax both made me emotional. Gemma is pretty much done and caught, and now she’s running scared. Nero wants to know what the hell is going on and he learns the truth on a phone call to Jax. We don’t hear the conversation, but we just watch Nero break down as he stares at Gemma. He realizes what she has done but needs to hear her say it. His life with her is pretty much over, and he is angry she has screwed up their life together.

Then there is Jax. What would you do if you find out your mother has killed your wife? Do you kill her? Do you just cut her out of your life entirely? This is pretty much running through Jax’s head this entire episode and he is lost. He’s about to be arrested for hitting Unser, and he steals a car and a police chase ensues. He gets away, but his reckless behavior is perfectly reflecting his state of mind right now. Jax calls a club meeting and tells the men the truth. All of his decisions have been based on a lie since Gemma had really killed Tara. He takes full responsibility for everything that has happened, and will be coming clean about murdering Jury. Cue SAMCRO being stunned and emotional. It’s like a freaking motorcycle club Hallmark movie up in here.

Then Jax and Nero have a heart to heart. Just break out the Kleenex because JFC the emotions! Emoticons EVERYWHERE! Nero is trying to comfort Jax, but also protect Gemma in the process. He doesn’t think Jax can kill his own mother. Jax says what hurts the most is that even though she is a no good dirty bitch, he still loves his mother. Then he cries wondering how she could kill Tara, and Nero gives him a daddy bear hug. WHYYYYY? Gemma, WHYYY???

Speaking of the Devil: The Grand Dame lady in leather is exiting stage left and running out of town. She said bye to Abel, and gave him John’s ring, because obviously he will be a club member one day!! THIS IS WHY CHILD SERVICES IS WATCHING YOU! If she’s going to the cabin she dumb because that’s the first place they all look and go on this show. Also, when she talks to Nero she is adamant that above all else she was a good mom. ….. Um….. so….. Ok…..Good mom…. Well?…..You see… She must be think…..WHAT?!  I’m just going to leave that there so you can all just let that marinate in your brains…before someone takes a fork to them.

I cannot even start with the questions because I am so sad this is almost done! Will Jax find and confront Gemma? Will Juice die? Will Jax suffer the consequences for Jury’s death? Will Gemma stop fucking singing? Find out next week with only two episodes left of Sons of Anarchy!

Amanda Drago
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