General Hospital Recap: Unstable family units and PC’s Legion of Doom run rampant

Helena has a fetish for chaos

We get to see that sick smile when Helena comes across Liesl Obrecht at the pier, distraught and all one her own. Not only was Faison captured as Fluke (she is unaware that this is all a part of the Legion of Doom’s plan) but Madeline has also blackmailed her, threatening to tell Nathan West his true father’s name if Liesl doesn’t testify on her behalf in court. She reaches for her handkerchief but Helena is there to hand it to her. Her arrival startles Liesl who seems to know all about this woman. Helena goes on about Victor Cassadine, her brother-in-law that Liesl murdered back at the clinic. Liesl clearly is in fear for her life but Helena reassures her that she’s not out for revenge for someone she barely cared about. The discussion turns to Cesar Faison whom Helena promises won’t be held captive for long as she’s the one taking care of it all. She’ll come up with a way for Liesl to thank her later.

At this time, Jake Doe is eating breakfast with Elizabeth Webber when he comes across a picture of Helena in the newspaper. He’s shocked that this is the woman that he just saw on Thanksgiving to which Elizabeth initially isn’t sure about, but Jake insists. Elizabeth rightfully goes on about how Helena is evil and ultimately omnipotent. They wonder what exactly Helena was doing at the house on Thanksgiving. An unnerved Elizabeth calls Anna to alert her after Jake leaves the house for a supposed job interview. It’s on his way to said job interview that he bumps into Helena.

gh-helena-jason-120114Immediately, Jake’s guard goes up around Helena, who so kitten-ishly toys around with him. He states that he knows who she is and the evil things she’s done but she doesn’t seem to care as there are more important matters for them to handle. It’s evident that Helena loves every minute of teasing defenseless Jake; every time he comes close to maybe putting a hand on her, she seizes up with a smirk. She says she knew him before the accident and even spent time with him between that life and this life but this just further confuses Jake. Like a crack over the head, Helena tells him that he’s the Jason Morgan everyone’s been mourning which sends Jake into disbelief. She tells him a little bit about Jason which gets Jake more agitated, worrying that she’s flinging these false accusations around when there are people sensitive to his loss that could be hurt by this. He wants to run and go tell Sam but Helena stops him by telling him that he’s been conditioned to work for her. Helena explains to a more and more confused Jake that she visited him a second time on Thanksgiving, giving him this exact location for their rendezvous but ordered him to forget the meeting itself, she instructs Jake to forget again after telling him she has a job for him.

Later, a fired up Anna questions Cesar Faison about Helena’s involvement at the PCPD. Faison is extremely coy, a huge reversal for him and Anna, only teasing her with anecdotes about mind control operations he did in the past. This brings up bad memories for Anna who snaps again, telling Faison that his mind control never worked on her, that she could never love him. Cesar insists that “the spell is broken”, that he no longer loves her before he’s off to be transported. On their way through PCPD, Anna sees the distraught Sam McCall and ensures her that Faison will pay for everything but just as soon as she leaves, Sam is grabbed up from behind by someone in a mask.

Helena Cassadine is an old piece of nasty work wrapped up in mink and pearls… and I love it all! We got to see her magically teleport about town all week, appearing in plain sight at one place then ducking behind corners on the other side of town all while wreaking havoc. It’s clear from the smile she always wears that causing trouble excites her, and probably in the baddest of ways too. Her chemistry in the scenes with Jake this week was so inappropriate but it got literally everyone on my Twitter timeline in a tizzy. How could someone who cannot possibly have any working organs after being resurrected so many times, let alone sexual organs, have so much passion with her brainwashed puppet? Then again, Billy Miller is a bit like lightning on screen no matter who his scene partner is (not that Constance Towers is any less electric). I would wholeheartedly support Helena turning her brainwashed hitman into her brainwashed boy toy because honestly, she deserves it. Helena was a block of ice at one point last year! She deserves it!

Once again, these recaps are not blow for blow recaps and contain my own feelings toward a choice few storylines of the week. Use my points to kick off a conversation! Comment or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun! See you next week!