‘The Bay’ Chapter 13 Part 1 and 2 – Heavy In Your Arms


Chapter 13 of The Bay hit the ground running with revenge, secrets, forbidden love, hidden agendas, and plenty of mayhem a.k.a #bayhem. It picked up were it left off, answering some questions while adding more mystery.

All This Bad Blood

Sara is fantasizing about the heroic Lex but unfortunately her nightmare marriage to Steve gets in the way. At the end of Chapter 12, Lex had discovered that Steve is blackmailing Sara with evidence that she has murdered someone. Obviously whatever happened is bad enough that Sara would rather play the part of Steve’s wife than have it exposed.

Sara isn’t an evil person. Though she has made plenty of mistakes, her behavior is a result trauma rather than a desire to harm anyone. A flashback showed her late husband Lee (Eric Marsolf) trying to calm her as she cried with blood on her hands. I’m inclined to believe she killed out of self defense and I suspect the victim was her grandfather. Whatever happened, Lex wants to help her instead of arrest her.

House Guests

Two new Garretts were introduced, Daniel Garrett (Eric Nelson) and Avery Garrett (Alicia Leigh Willis). Sara settles her guests into the family estate but it’s not clear why they showed up on her doorstep. They tell Sara that they are there for Marley and it’s seems that there is something Sara does’t know about her own daughter. Sara assumes that Marley is just going through a tough time because of her divorce. Realizing Sara is clueless to the real situation, Daniel and Avery don’t correct her.

Steve comments on Avery’s resemblance to young Sara but Avery isn’t as taken with him. “Why in the world did you marry that creepshow Steve Jenson?” she asks Sara. “I fell in love with him,” Sara responds with a lie.

I’m intrigued by the real reason for Daniel and Avery’s visit and how it’s connected to Marley. What is it that Marley doesn’t want Sara to know?

Cruise Control

Mayor Jack continues to be under Orchid’s spell. After she caused a rift in his marriage to Sophia, Jack initial wants nothing to do with his mistress when she slips into the passenger side of his car. But they trade nasty threats, she stabs him in the hand and then the two get busy. They’re twisted relationship is part sex and part need for control.

Meanwhile Sophia and her daughter Tandi Jo, try to avoid reporters and hide from the scandal. Tandi Jo doesn’t understand why her mother doesn’t just give the public the dirt on Jack. I suspect Sophia is trying to decide whether she wants to hold onto her status as the mayor’s wife or not. I think she is heartbroken that Jack cheated but for her there is a lot more at stake than just her husband’s love.

Some other key moments:

  • Frustrated by that the police have not been able to keep Steve locked up, John pays him a visit and punches him in the face.
  • Nathan has started an online newspaper titled Bay City Uncensored.
  • Zoey is at the police station after her attack. She refuses medical attention and doesn’t provide much information about what happened.
  • Peter and Janice spend a hot afternoon together. She’s still uneasy about their controversial relationship.
  • Will and Lianna spent the night together but Will regrets it when his father finds out.

The episodes can be viewed here. Hit the comments to share your thoughts!

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